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Psychic Sessions

Last night I had my session with psychic Lauren Rainbow. Holy fn shitballs! The Rainbow hit so many topics on the head that I literally shit pots of gold. You don’t wanna taste that rainbow. I was contemplating sharing my session on the blog last night, but I wanted to take time to think it over and decide what I wanted to share.

When I sat down, the Rainbow asked the areas I wanted her to focus on; love, career, health, friends/family, etc. I had 2 topics in mind; love and my health. Before I could even finish the word “love,” she exclaimed, “I knew it!”

I recently ended a serious relationship with a man who I had every intention on marrying and possibly raising a family with if we decided down the road we wanted kids. However, near the end of June we decided to part ways and remain friends. During that time I placed a phone call to the Rainbow, as my bestie Lindsay, who has been my tarot card reading gypsy ever since we were in college, recommended her to me. We had been lying by her pool one Saturday in June when I mentioned how things were with my lover, and she recommended I see her for insight into the future. Apparently a lot of other people know the Rainbow is the bee’s knees and was booked until September 12th. Holy fn shit girl, I needed relationship answers ASAP! Fast forward to yesterday, or rewind to yesterday, depending on what time frame you’re in after reading this paragraph. During the past month I had a new reason to talk to the Rainbow. It still dealt with former lover boy, but in a different way. Out of respect and privacy for FLB (former lover boy), I will not discuss that part of the session, but let’s just say that he has something that I need, and the Rainbow out of the blue told me I would get it back within months. And no, I’m not being cliché; it’s not my heart I want back.

She then continued on with the theme of loveeeee and mentioned that during the late Fall/early winter new lover boy energy was coming my way. Rewind. She started off by asking if I was flirting with anyone and I said no. Pathetic. She felt the same way and was all up in my grill and said she found it hard to believe that at 24 I wasn’t flirting. Woah Rainbow, are you judging me? I thought again about if there were any guys. Flower boy from Sunday turned into a Stage 5 Clinger so he’s out the door, so I gave it to her how it is and shrugged and simply said there wasn’t anyone but that I’m doing online dating. Then she busted out about said force coming my way and that I won’t meet him online but to keep doing that. Rainbow is all for me dating. Geez woman, slow your roll!

More information on future lover boy. If you’ve seen him, please notify me:

  • He likes the outdoors so I’ll either meet him out doing something outdoorsy or when I’m out with friends
  • A Massachusetts connection was sensed; either he works there and lives in NH, or lives and works there
  • He’s a nerd (yum!)
  • Works in IT or a similar department
  • Close with his family, and the Rainbow sees a lake house or a camp that his family owns that the two of us will spend time at
  • He’s very established in his career, making 80-100K, older late 20s to early 30s.


She then asked if I liked music. Yes.

Then asked if I liked live music. Yo Rainbow, you’re a psychic, you already know the answer is yes. She followed this up by saying that he’s very artistic and plays guitar but isn’t in a band. That’s fine; I don’t need girls throwing their bras at him. That will be my job.

She also said we’d be taking vacations and that future lover boy likes traveling to old-time historical places such as Spain, Paris, etc., then said plenty of time would also be spent in Hawaii. Cha-Ching! Time to start planning all these wonderful vacations!… Too soon?

She said he’d be my equal, and while she wasn’t marrying me off yet, she said he could be a very long-term relationship, and be married with a kid around 28. Marriage, that I’m okay with, but Rainbow, I would have preferred if you said I’d be adopting or popping out a chicklet around 29/30.

She touched upon other things as well; including the fact that she saw didn’t see me settling down in New England, but maybe CT or NY. This threw me off a little bit, as all of my friends and family are in New England, except Ryan and Chelsey. New York City is a dream I still hold on to tightly and consider, so I played around and asked her to specify New England, and was intrigued when she did not include New York. I told her NYC was somewhere I want to live before I settle down and she said she could see me there for about 3 years but then would move out of the city. In fact, she said, “I see it very soon,” and continued by telling me that I’m not a west coast girl, “you’re too real and not plastic enough for California.” I started laughing because I actually tried living in Los Angeles two times. Failed two times and came back for my friends and family.

Those were basically the things that really stuck out to me. She talked about a few other things but nothing as big as those. The Rainbow saw nothing negative in my future and continually told me how successful I am at such a young age and am only going forward!

The Rainbow was worth every penny I spent on her, and I plan on meeting with her whenever I sense I need direction or a few times a year!

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