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Overcoming Fears

This morning when I turned the light on in my bedroom I found a bloody tissue chilling on the floor. I never have bloody noses so I was a little worried, especially because the tissue appeared to be soaked in blood. My pillow cases or clothing weren’t stained either and there were no blood stains on my face.

Turns out, every damn time I blow my nose, blood comes out. Seriously. Every. Damn. Time. Rumor has it, it’s due to the dry air, but it’s getting old, especially since yesterday I woke up with an awful headache from blowing my nose.

All I know is that this cold better find the exit door as soon as possible. This sucker has drained me for the past week!

I managed to squeak out a 3.5 mile run, in between having to stop and blow my bloody nose roughly every half mile. Talk about annoying! I wasn’t feeling an extreme core workout either. I more so did what I felt like doing and what I had time to do. I blame it on Jake and Kip for distracting me. Sometimes you just want to smoosh your dog’s face in and shower your kitty with kisses. I’m not sorry.

Morning Workout

• 3.5 bloody miles
• 2 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 50 heel touchers
• 30 toe touches
• 50 side crunches, each side
• 1 minute plank hold
• 2 sets of 20 plank knee tucks
• Stretching

In my quest to consume more calories (the horror!), I found it to be a good sign that I was hungry an hour earlier than usual, and I went for my Raspberry Mango Overnight Oats. To be honest, late last night I was contemplating not bring my oats in for breakfast today because of the high calorie content that I shockingly became aware of on Friday.

Needless to say, I ate it anyways, mainly because since I have my first session with my personal trainer tonight, I wanted to make sure I was properly fueled. What better way than to enjoy a big breakfast. As I’m typing this at 3 pm, I’m already at 1,127, with my goal being between 1,200 and 1,550. I’m nervous and truly hoping I don’t go over that. Honestly, how the hell have I consumed that much already?!

Before hitting the gym, I snacked on a Fuji apple and trail mix that I made with almonds and raisins.

Raisins, yum! I’m that weirdo who picks all the raisins out of trail mix to eat first because they are so damn addicting. If someone bought me a big tub of raisins for Christmas I’d probably give it the best present award. All seriousness. They’re that good. In fact, give me YOUR raisins.

My main goal for my lunch time workout was to get a sweat without getting intense. With my uptake in calories, I wanted to make sure I got a chunk of cardio in while not overdoing it for training tonight.

Mission accomplished. I warmed up for a quarter of a mile, ran a mile and a half, and walked at an increased speed at my fat burning heart rate for another quarter of a mile. I attempted the elliptical, but my burning legs told me I was harming them, so I jumped back on the treadmill to finish my workout with a quarter of a mile walk.

Felt amazing and I worked up an appetite. AGAIN. This time, I went for leftover grilled chicken from Saturday; sugar snap peas that I forget I picked up at Trader Joe’s 2 weekends ago, and roasted sweet potato chunks that I prepared last night.

So good! I saved about half of the chicken and one sweet potato chunk (yes 1) to eat before training tonight.

In regards to my first session of personal training tonight, I’m nervous! My appointment is at 5:30, which is one of THE busiest times at my gym. I’m more nervous to do exercises that I’m not used to in front of everyone. Now, I know that most people are zeroed in on their workout and won’t be watching me, but come on; we all know the gym is a great spot for people watching. I’ve been that girl who watches people workout while running or as a means to pass time on the elliptical.

What I’m telling myself to build my confidence is that months ago I was terrified of joining this gym because everyone is so intensely dedicated to being fit there, but I sucked it up and fell in love. The 2nd and 3rd thing is, I only have to do this with a trainer once a week, AND I’m bound to get in the best shape of my life.

Sometimes, you just have to suck it up, put on your big girl sports bra, and get out of your comfort zone to earn the results you crave.

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Go Away Hurricane Sandy

While I love visiting Ryan & Chelsey in Harrisburg, it’s always nice to be back home, falling asleep in my big, fluffy bed with my little Jake-a-bean snuggled by my feet. If they didn’t live 7-8 hours away I would try and get down there once a month, but it’s really only doable with a long weekend. While they’ve hinted at me taking their spare room, Harrisburg is very much so on my list of potential relocation areas that I’m consider in a handful of months.


They live one block from the river front, which means daily runs by the river. Yes please! The downtown is cute and not overwhelming, and they have awesome friends who I’ve been able to meet every time I visit. It’d also make it a lot easier helping the bride-to-be plan her wedding!

The downside is that they still get snow and cold weather. Talk about a total con!

I was SO happy to be reunited with my bowl of overnight oats this morning. I went TWO days without the oatty goodness. TWO days. Cold turkey. I was going crazy without my precious oats, and demolished the bowl in seconds flat.

Such a good way to start my Monday off. Oh speaking of having a good Monday, we are officially in a State of Emergency as Hurricane Sandy makes her way up state. That’s cool, really cool. New Jersey and New York are currently getting hit extremely hard. Check out the pictures courtesy of the Today Show.



I hope everyone is staying safe! You never know if a storm like this will actually play out to its full potential. I certainly hope it’s a fluke and we don’t flood or lose power!

I’ve run in a Tsunami warning before, so this little Sandy girl can’t stop me.

Morning Workout

• 4 mile run
• 1:21 plank hold
• 50 mountain climbers
• 4 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 50 crunches & 50 side-to-side crunches
• 50 scissors
• Stretching

Today was the time trial day of Tina’s 4-Week Plank Challenge, and if you recall, Friday’s time was 1:17, which means I held it for an additional 4 seconds. 4 seconds is 4 seconds.

The Governor has urged all companies to send workers home early and to be off of the roads by 3pm at the latest. I’m hoping that my boss lets us out early, so I’m about to take my lunch around 12:30 instead of 1:30. After a weekend of unhealthy eating and minimal cardio, I’m craving a sweaty cardio session.

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Sweet Ending to my Sunday

After an afternoon of running errands, I hit the gym for an afternoon cardio session. I decided to do a decreasing interval workout.

Afternoon Workout

  • 20 minutes elliptical
  • 15 minutes arc trainer
  • 10 minutes stairs, 33 flights
  • 5 minutes cool down walk
  • Stretching

While I didn’t get any strength training in today like I had wanted, I was still able to leave the gym feeling like I accomplished a lot. The fact that I was dripping in sweat says something too.

After the gym I enjoyed a bowl of overnight oats which consisted of orange marmalade, blueberries, raspberries and silvered almonds for taste.

The orange marmalade was a tad overpowering and I could only stomach roughly half of the oats before it became too much for me to handle.

Lisha texted me the easiest recipe this morning for pumpkin muffins. I’m all about the two-ingredient recipes today! A box of spice mix and a can of pumpkin, bake it at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes and you have low-calorie and low-fat pumpkin muffins.

I was craving a chocolate pumpkin muffin so I cut up a Bliss Chocolate piece and sprinkled it on top. I wish I had chocolate chips to put in all of the muffins. Next time!

Now I’m just relaxing and watching one of my favorite movies, Sweet Home Alabama. It’s actually funny, because I always root for Josh Lucas in this movie, and at the time this movie came out, I HATED Patrick Dempsey in it. Now, Patrick is my favorite actor, and while I find him more tolerable in the movie (since I’m obsessed with him) than when it first came out, I’m still Team Josh. Foreva!

Alright, time to head up to bed and drool over Josh and Patrick. PERFECT ending to my Sunday.

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A Slow Friday

Today has DRAGGED. I cannot stop watching the clock, but that’s because I have 2 special guests that will be at my house when I get home from work. Ryan and Chelsey (my brother and his gf of 6 years)! I’m so excited to see them, even though I just saw them at Viss & Kate’s wedding on the 10th. They’ll be here only for the night as they are attending Chelsey’s childhood best friend’s wedding in Burlington, VT.

Vacationing in Napa Valley

Since today has dragged, again, I had no appetite but wanted to eat something. Again, I had a small handful of raisins and a few sunflower seeds before having my protein packed yogurt.

This just might be my new favorite yogurt concoction. Before, I have been insanely obsessed with Chobani, but after trying to grow accustomed to plain greek yogurt, I finally found the winning combo.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Yogurt ❤

Fage 2% plain greek yogurt, with a spoonful of my chocolate peanut butter protein powder, and a little trail mix. This is SO SO good.

Since my pants were feeling a little snug today, I knew I wanted a cardio focused workout this afternoon. Before heading out the door, I created my game plan.

Afternoon Workout

  • 1.5 mile run
  • 10 minutes stair climber, 36 flights
  • 10 minutes nordic trainer
  • 2 sets of 13 lat pull-down, 55 lbs.
  • Stretching
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups

Feeling gooooood! Post gym I wasn’t extremely hungry when I got back to work, but decided to nosh on a banana that was soon to go bad per my standards, a Starkist 100 calorie tuna packet and about 1/3 of a sweet potato.

90 more minutes than it’s the weekend and I’m a free girl! Hope you all have a great Friday evening! 🙂

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