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Pumpkinhead wit Da Sugah Rim

I believe I forgot to mention this during my morning post, but guess who forgot to bring their workout pants with them to work? Yup, this girl! I contemplated working out pant-less, but I figured the staff wouldn’t really appreciate that. Plus, my bottom looks better in pants than bare.

Instead, since I had plans to grab a beer with Lindsay after work at 5:30, I decided to take an extra 20 minutes on my lunch hour and just stay at work until 5:20. I was able to head home and get a quick 1.3 mile run in before showering off and reapplying my makeup, making a protein shake and heading back to work.  I would have loved to been able to get a longer workout in, but it was my fault for forgetting my workout pants. Linds and I email and shoot the shit every day, but I was looking forward to catching up in person, so there was no way I even considered pushing back our drink so I could workout after work. You do what you can given the situations you find yourself in.

After work, we met at Strange Brew, which has amazing popcorn that you can eat for free. Well, it’s not appetizing when you’re sober, but after a few beers on a Friday or Saturday night, it’s almost as delicious as a double fudge brownie. Yummm!

Linds and I had been craving Pumpkinhead wit da sugah rim since last week, so we were eagerly counting down the workday. And yes, that’s how I’ve been referring to the beer all week in our emails. I have no idea when I became so ghetto, but hopefully I stop soon.

Look at how romantic our night was! This picture actually reminds me of Hocus Pocus, and jump started my excitement for Halloween. I can’t wait until ABC Family starts playing all their Halloween movies! Dweeb alert. 🙂

The beer was a complete letdown! 😦 The Pumpkinhead itself was a little too heavy for me, as I prefer the light taste of Bud Light, and the sugar rim didn’t even have the slightest sweet taste to it. I felt like I was licking tasting plain cinnamon. I was saddened by my letdown, and for $5 to say the least! That could have been 2 bags of the new chocolate covered candy corn. Yup, THOSE exist!

I saw those at Target last night but was very hesitant about purchasing a bag. First of all, they were half the size of the normal bag of Brach’s candy corn for the same price, $2.37, so I opted against it. I might have to check back to see if they’re on sale this weekend. At $2 I’d try them, but that $.37 cents might come in handy soon.

I’m about to head up and hopefully fall asleep earlier tonight. Here’s to no midnight snacking. I can do it! 🙂

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