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Does Heartbreak Ever Go Away?

I had a great afternoon and evening and then it got awful with the click of a laptop key. I wasn’t even going to do a post, I’m that distraught, but it has to be done. So while this post might read all cheery, at least the beginning, I’m really sitting here with a straight face, a broken heart and nothing in me.

Before I get all wah wah, I should start by mentioning that I had an orgy in my mouth today after my workout. That’s right, remember those pancakes I made last night? Yup, I demolished two of those suckas after my lunchtime workout.

So amazing. SO amazing! After a 2 mile run, 15 minutes on the mystery cardio machine and medicine ball lumberjack chops and squats, these were earned!

After work I went with my best friend Allie and Kris to watch Allie’s 7-year-old cousin Jaime, play in her soccer game. It was chilly out but so much fun spending time with her extended family!

Then after getting home, I was bored and putting off blogging so I went on Facebook and goofed off. I ended up on my ex’s page and lost it. A new chick, mind you she’s not cute at all, posted shirtless pictures of him, followed up with a picture saying they loved each other, back from August. Give the fact that we broke up in July. Ugh. That one hurt. Badly. Deeply. Rob was what I thought my one true love, the man I planned to get a house with this winter and eventually marry. Maybe I’m just hurting because he moved on before I did. All I know right now is devastation. On the positive side of this, I no longer have an appetite which means no midnight snacking for me!

Luckily I have the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy in 20 minutes. Hopefully Patrick Dempsey can cheer me up a little.

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