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Christmas Day

Since I’ve been extremely busy the past week with the holidays in full force, I didn’t want to rush my Christmas post, so yes, it’s just a few days fashionably late.

Christmas morning Ry, Chels & I decided on waking up at 9 to start opening our stockings in my room.


When I woke up, I looked outside and had a white Christmas before my eyes! Even though it was a dusting, it was better than nothing. Since I woke up at 8, I decided to head to the basement to squeeze in a quick 2 mile run so that I could get in the entire workout I wanted to in the afternoon.


After my 2 miler, I showered and waited several minutes before Ryan and Chels came into my room to kick-off Christmas morning.


After opening our stockings while A Christmas Story played in the background, we headed downstairs to the main event.


When we open our gifts, we don’t create piles of everyone’s gifts, instead, we all take turns opening a gift. My Dad and Ryan both took turns handing out gifts to everyone before each round started.


I got the most intense foam roller I’ve ever seen, and even though it was almost perfect, Ryan and I both agreed that it was way too firm.


My Dad said that luckily there is a foam roller that’s not as rock solid, so I’ll be exchanging it for that!


One of the funniest parts of our morning was after Jake had a little too much fun with the catnip and stole all of Kip’s new Christmas gifts.


Kip was a great sport and never once lost his perfect smile.


I came out big in the gift department. I received a lot of work out gear, including an Oakley gym bag, Reebok running shorts, Nike Eclipse casual shoes, Yurbuds, cold weather running gloves, a Gap athletic shirt that I’m obsessed with, a Champion 3/4 zip throw over from Target, and a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch!


I also received 2 pretty scarves, cute red flats, several pieces of jewelry, CDs, a supply of chia seeds and PB2, and a lot of other great items!

After we finished opening, we all went our respective ways and while some of us tidied up and got ready, Ryan and I hit the gym in our basement to work out. I completed 3 additional miles before tackling a tiring strength session.


When we were all cleaned up and looking pretty, we hit the road to drive 30 minutes north to my aunt and uncles house where we enjoyed great food, Secret Santa, Yankee Swap and Godparents/Godchildren gift swaps.



My little mini-me!


My cousin Jay got stuck with last year’s Yankee Swap winning gift, and had the time of his life modeling his new get-up.


Ladies, he’s single and looking! 😉


And if you want to know what I looked like as a baby, just take a look at my cousin Heather’s daughter, Zoey, who’s pictured with my Dad. She’s always attached to my Dad’s hip, and it’s so crazy to see him with my mini-me. I know he’s really wanting grandchildren so he loves when he gets to play with Zoe.

I had such determination in being good around the dessert table, but I lost it when I saw my Aunt’s famous mix.


By the end of the night I was extremely happy and blessed, but also in a food coma, just like Jakey. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas just like my family did.


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Christmas Office Party

In all honesty, I had been dreading yesterday’s holiday office party ever since it was announced. I didn’t know what to expect, especially with an office full of awkward men, but in the end, I had one of the best evenings in a long time.

Before heading over to Fratello’s, the marketing girls and I exchanged our Secret Santa gifts. I was a little worried as to what I’d get, and most Secret Santa exchanges always worry me. I always hope that I can pull off the “ohh thanks this is awesome!” face. Luckily this year I didn’t have to worry about that.


How amazing is the authentic Coach wristlet my boss picked out for me?! I was floored when I opened my box and this pretty baby was looking up at me. I had a Coach clutch that Mike bought for me several Christmas’ ago but it was stolen last March and I’ve been missing it ever since, so this gift was perfect! We had a $20 limit, but knowing my boss, I’m sure she got it for a couple bucks. She’s a couponing queen, and with a Coach outlet a few towns over, I know she scored an amazing deal on it!


I also received a Panera gift card and 5 scratchy tickets from Chris, the Business Development Manager, who could easily fit in as one of my Dad’s brothers. He’s awesome, and he picked me 2 winning tickets too!


After our exchange, it was then time for us to head next door to set up the prize tables at Fratello’s before our firm came over.


We set up in miraculous timing and ended up just sitting around a table and shooting the shit for an hour or so.


Once everyone arrived, we played a 45 minute round of White Elephant, which consists of picking a wrapped gift and switching with your coworkers for the alloted time. When time is called, whichever gift you’re holding is yours to open and keep.


Chris, my boss and I were discussing when to call time, and when we saw that Shawna had the Justin Bieber wrapped gift, Chris ran to the front to call time. Shawna walked away with a poster of the Biebs and scratchy tickets. Also, just look at her ugly sweater that claimed 1st prize! I did pretty good myself and left with a Target gift card!

It was then time to eat, and if you remember my previous post, there was some amazing food on the menu. Before sitting down, I enjoyed one mini stuffed mushroom, a shrimp dunked in sauce, and a marinated chicken skewer.


When it was time for lunch, I chose a broiled salmon, a potato half, green beans and salad. The meal was pretty good but something didn’t sit well, which I think must have been a butter they sautéed in.

The dessert came out quickly after, and my boss, knowing how I am with cake and cupcakes nudged me and teased me that the cake was out. I knew she wanted me to have a piece, and although I originally was going to stand strong, I went up to check out the slices with Jen. My heart stopped when I spotted carrot cake and had to grab it.


I had several bites of the cake/frosting together, but honestly, the frosting was where it was at, so I went to town eating all of the frosting. Now keep in mind sitting with us were Chris and the President of our company. Chris, noticed what I was doing, started teasing me about my frosting obsession. Well, they couldn’t stop laughing when they saw my finished plate.


It’s a good thing when you can make the President, V.P, a handful of engineers and your boss laugh, but not so sure if it’s a good thing when your new nickname is “Frosting.” It’s okay, I’ll take it. 😉

P.S, that frosting was AMAZING!

After our dessert, we listened to several speeches, got teary eyed over a surprise retirement dedicated to Woody, and then the raffle for gifts began!


I was worried I was going to get stuck going home with a bottle of booze, but I lucked out with an early raffle drawing and walked away with a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble! Yay, can’t wait to have fun at B&N, and am hoping to find a great book on nutrition and clean eating.


All in all I’d say I walked away from our Friday party pretty damn well off! I’m so blessed to work for a firm that values their employees and enjoys spoiling them and taking care of them!

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Bloating Like a Mofo

Last night I went to Target to pick up several items on my list when I was mesmerized and pulled-in by all of the Christmas decorations and items.


I freakin’ LOVE Christmas. I start watching Christmas movies in the summer. What’s wrong with that?

There were so many cute dinner and salad plates, serving bowls, tumblers and SO MUCH MORE. Sorry for the caps, just so stinkin’ excited! I’ll be picking up some cute Christmas items this weekend for sure! Good thing I get payed on Thursday. 😉

While browsing I also came across a set of A Christmas Story themed glass drink ware.

A Christmas Story is my all-time favorite Christmas movie, so I seriously need someone to buy me these for Christmas. At $19.99 I cannot justify them, unless of course they go on sale. Eh watch me post this weekend about buying them. Oops!

While at Target, I also picked up Acai & Pomegranate (that’s a weird spelling word) Coconut water that tasted like ass cheeks. 1 sip and I dumped it. After a cute gagging session of course. I can’t be pretty and classy all the time now guys.

My 2 favorite purchases included Schuff Digestive Advantage Probiotic Soft Chews and Rimmel London Stay Glossy lip gloss.

Ladies, your lips must always appear kissable, and of course because if you’re going to bloat after eating anything (healthy or non-healthy), you may as well take a probiotic that tastes like candy! 😉

In all seriousness, I truly hope these probiotics help. I haven’t touched upon this on my blog, but it seems that no matter how much I workout and how healthy I eat, my stomach can balloon and become bloated with the flick of a switch. It’s extremely discouraging to see my hard work and efforts be short-lived because of an inbalance in my colon. I plan on giving these bad boys a trial run for about a month, and if there’s no change, I’ll have to be in talks with my doctor.

Do you guys have digestive issues relating to bloating after eating even the healthiest meal?

Ok, Target’s Christmas section is calling my name. Maybeeeeee a Christmas shopping spree is necessary this evening.


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Peanut Butter Crackhead

I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like I’ve done too many things since my last post this morning to function properly.

I got my flu shot today, chose the right arm since that’s my pimp arm. Figured it’d recover quicker, you know, with all that muscle.

Worked out in what felt like a sauna of a ladies gym. I think I might have sweated more in the gym than I do when I actually go in the sauna. I also made the mistake of wearing a workout shirt that should have been worn when I workout in the main gym and not the ladies gym.

My coworker got a kick out of it when I walked into her office wearing it. My Dad, on the other hand, wasn’t pleased when he saw me wearing it for the first time.

The front says, “Since you’re behind” and the lower bottom of the shirt in the back says, “How’s Mine?” Get it? Say it with me now. Since you’re behind, how’s mine? Totally not meant to be worn when working out in a women’s only area. Live and learn.

Afternoon Workout

  • 2 mile run
  • 15 minutes cardio
  • Stretching
  • 20 air squats

After my workout I scarfed down my garbage scramble which wasn’t as good as the first batch I made since I had to substitute spinach for broccoli.

Veggie Burger, 1 egg & 1 egg white, spinach. Scramble it up

After work I went  home quickly and whipped up a “Singles Only” version of pumpkin french toast with syrup and cool whip on top. I used a sandwich thin and soaked it in a mixture of 1 egg, cinnamon and a scoop of pumpkin. Some crazy put the cool whip in the freezer and I mistakenly nuked it for too long, creating the soupy look.

The french toast was to die for. God I need to domestic myself. These breakfast for dinner meals need to go. As good as they are, this woman was meant to cook meals for others.

After my win in the kitchen I went shopping in search of a new pair of jeans to rock with my new boots but came up empty-handed. I was actually pretty happy when the boy working at American Eagle told me he didn’t think I needed that size of jeans. He clearly didn’t check my ass out since I heard him greet another girl with a “hey girllll!”

I actually felt pretty stylish today. Usually my outfits don’t get compliments. I also work with 50+ year old civil engineers, who as my boss says, “aren’t used to a pretty little thing buzzing around the office.” Those men avoid my office like the plague, but it’s mainly because the company brought me in to tie up loose ends to make the proposal process quicker. Pretty sure whenever they get an email with my name on it they run and hide. Such a great effect to have on men. 🙂

After no luck with jeans, I swung by Target to pick up so many peanut butter treats. Sadly they’re not for me and I have a fun project for them. I did however snack on a little pb and pretzel action.

There’s no such thing as too much peanut butter

I was hungry, so I scooped.

Then I smooshed.

My college journalism professor would probably mark this up in red ink for how I’m ending this post but screw it. I’m tired. Time to go lay in my bed. Sweet dreams peanut butter crackheads.

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A Night of my Favorite Things

My Monday evening has been full of my favorite things.

Breakfast for dinner. Oh hell ya. Eggs and orange marmalade toast. BETTER.

Don’t judge my paper plate or lack of setup of my dinner. I was hungry and needed this food in my belly STAT.

Tonight I realized that the texture of the orange rinds in the marmalade is a little too much for me. My mom told me that they’re always in there, but maybe because I’m only used to the marmalade mini containers at diners don’t have long ass rinds as they do in the family sized jar.

Don’t worry about paper plates in the future. One of my other favorite things is Target. Finding cute clearance items? BETTER!

Don’t be deceived by the price on the clearance sticker. These were actually $.74 to my surprise! I was thinking towards the future and bought 2 for when I eventually get my own place. I figured it’d be nice if my guest could have a matching plate.

I also picked up a travel packet of tissues for $.18, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! I almost grabbed an avocado slicer for a little less than $3 but thanks to the Pinterest pin about clearance stickers, I knew it was going to go on clearance AGAIN!

Basically, if the clearance price ends in an 8, it will be marked down again, but if it ends in a 4, it’s the lowest it will ever be. Doesn’t really fit with the above plates as they were even lower than that, but let’s just call it a fluke. 😉

I cannot wait to use my new plate tomorrow night!

Last but not least, it’s almost time for Dancing with the Stars, one of my favorite shows. Louis Van Amstel is my favorite dancer and I just love how down to earth Sabrina Bryan is, so needless to say, I’m Team The Van Bryans! 🙂

Are you guys a fan of Dancing with the Stars? If so, who are you rooting for?

I also love Shawn Johnson and both Val & Maks. Brothers, yum! 🙂

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Once Again Target Took My Money

I love Target. I used to work there for 6+ years throughout high school, college, and post grad while looking through work. It’s safe to say that no one, and I don’t care if you’re a man or female, young or old, there’s no way of leaving Target without dropping serious cash.

I started off in the clothes section, where I found a cute blazer, trendy kicks, and an adorable bikini top that was on clearance for $4.98. I carried all the items around with me, and found even more items. After picking up my expensive deodorant, new workout pants and candy corn, I opted to put the blazer and kicks back. I’ll get them later this week when I print out coupons.

$4.98, what a steal!

I cannot wait to find a cute pair of bottoms that will match this top. Already looking forward to Summer 2013!

Yay for Fall!

Candy corn is one of my favorite candies, especially when Fall comes. This bag was ripped open before I made it to the parking lot. Halfway home I was suffering from a sugar overload. Pretty sure I OD’d on those suckers tonight. Ooopsies! 🙂


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17 Outfits and No Luck

Today after my run, I went out for a girls’ day with my Mom and went shopping. Our first stop was TJ Maxx, and we were in the mood to find some cute clothes and good deals. After browsing around for a bit, we took armfuls into the dressing room and had a little fashion show.

After trying on 11 items, I struck out. Not a single piece worked. I was so bummed! I have a wedding next weekend and I was really hoping to come across a pretty dress so that I didn’t have to wear my “go-to” dress.

After browsing the home goods section and coming up empty-handed we got in the suv and headed over to Target, our favorite store! Once again, we scoured through the clothing department and made our way to the dressing room. 6 pieces later and once again no luck. That made 17 articles of clothing that I didn’t like.

In between trips, I needed my energy, so I guzzled down this delicious cup of strawberry (protein) milk.

Good for the old Bones!

To top it off, the two buttons on my favorite pair of jeans popped off. And no, I didn’t get fat! Such bad luck today!

After coming home and grabbing a bite to eat, I headed next door to play around with G-dog in the sun before heading to Gold’s

I was feeling pretty full but still managed to get a GREAT workout in! I bounced from cardio machine to cardio machine and threw in a little core work in between all of that. I’m getting so antsy to take a class that I might just have to find one to take tomorrow. I won’t make it until Tuesday night’s boot camp. I need someone to kick my ass before then!

Afternoon Workout

  • .75 mile run
  • 10 minutes Stair Climber, 38 floors
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • Stretching
  • 10 minutes Nordic Machine
  • 5 minutes rowing, level 6
  • 10 minute cool down walk, incline 2.0

The workout felt great, but my stomach didn’t. I headed home, hoping to lay low, but upon entering the house, I was put on “carry a 52″ TV through the house and down the stairs” duty.

Time for a little relaxing with Friends Season 5. 🙂

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Muffin Monday

At 4 pm, the clock seemed to stop. I didn’t think 5 pm was ever going to come, and it’s not because of my job. Sometimes Mondays are just like that. Okay, they’re always like that. Luckily Jen and Nichole, my two marketing coworkers felt the same way, and decided to plant themselves in my office for the last 40 minutes, where we bonded, I mean talked business. If they want to come and talk, by all means, I’m all for it, I just wasn’t going to be the one to initiate it. 😉

When I got home, I took a phone call from Ryan, my long-lost brother. Well, not really, but he does live 8 hours away in Harrisburg, PA with his college sweetheart. We actually all went to college together. Ryan graduated in 2008, Chelsey in 2009, and myself in 2010. He was the Captain of our University’s Racquetball team, when they met his sophomore year and her freshman year. They’re my absolute favorite couple, although I am grumpy how easy their relationship has evolved. She’s his first serious relationship and I swear he’s had it so easy, never any heartbreak!

Love Birds. 6 Years Strong

After catching up with Ry, I headed out to Target to get some baking supplies for the healthy chocolate chip brownies I found on Pinterest. They were calling my name!

Healthy Chocolate Chip Muffins

  • 1 package Devil’s Food cake mix
  • 15 oz. can of Pumpkin Puree
  • 5 oz or 2/3 cup Chocolate Chips


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Mix together cake mix and pumpkin puree until fluffy
  • Add in a majority of the chocolate chips
  • Spray a muffin pan and liners with cooking spray as it will prevent the muffins from sticking
  • Spoon batter into pan.
  • Bake for 22-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean

All You Need for a Health(ier) Treat

Healthy Chocolate Chip Muffins… Yummm!

The batter is very thick and does not spread out in the muffin pan, so however you put it in, that’s how it will look when it comes out. They do rise JUST a little, so you can fill it to the top, as I did. These had to have been the best chocolate chip muffins I’ve ever had. It was incredibly moist, and when eaten right out of the oven, the chocolate chips were nice and gooey. After telling my Dad that I’d DEFINITELY make these again, he responded with, “Good, because I’ll definitely eat them again.”

Warm Gooey Goodness

After gobbling one up right away, I then proceeded to eat a good portion of this tub of juicy watermelon, a summer staple in my belly… I mean my house.

Perfect on a Hot Summer Night

Alright, I have to stop eating! Time to go relax with my new book.

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Single and Swiping

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