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I’m Still Alive!

Hihihihihi!! I’m still alive, my blog’s still alive and I’m just waiting for WordPress and Web Hosting Hub to complete the transfer of my domain.

By the time you’re reading this, the transfer will thankfully be complete and you can continue reading about my boring life.

It’s a weird feeling not being able to blog or have bloggers stop by, but I figured a quick recap of the past few days would be good!

I’m keeping this post short and sweet, mainly just so you can rest at ease and know I’m still alive and kicking.

Workouts have really been the same. Running 4 miles in the morning, strength workouts, oh and spinning on Monday, where I made a new friend! She even convinced me to go to Zumba with her on Thursday. Neva eva been to Zumba so I’m terrified but excited to try it!

Food has been off the walls over here. I still drool when looking at these meals.

Peanut butter banana & jam oats!

Hands down the best bowl I’ve ever made.

Strawberry banana protein shake with my new and best tasting protein powder, Syntha-6 Vanilla Ice Cream. Holy crap it tastes like strawberry ice cream. Nom nom!

Turkey, avocado, spinach and mustard sandwich on Ezekiel bread with raw veggies on the side. Anyone else fart like crazy after eating Ezekiel bread? No, only me? That’s awkward then.

And my new favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt.

With gooey PB2 in it – not just sprinkling the powder!

Random side rant, this guy always stumps me.

21 degrees out and he’s driving with the top down. Maybe he had Ezekiel bread for breakfast and doesn’t want to dutch oven himself?

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Bombarded with Trick-or-Treaters

Tonight I made a guess as to how many kids we’d get for Halloween. I guessed 25. After our first neighbors came by, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a tally. Since we are the 2nd house on the road entering the neighborhood we rarely get a large showing. I think one year we went through the ONE bag of candy we bought, freaked out, and went to get more. It doesn’t help that all the kids are growing up too.

So I guessed 25. We had a whopping FIFTEEN. 15 kids. What the heck, such a letdown!

I was finally able to meet our new neighbors, or at least the wife and daughter, as Lisa’s husband is on storm duty and working from 6 am-midnight until every house has power again. You want to know why I love Lisa?

She’s a runner! She also teaches Zumba on Monday and Wednesday nights, and invited us to come for a class. I’ve always wanted to try Zumba, and at $5 a class, I think I’ll try it! I can do it for free at Gold’s but I like the idea of taking Lisa’s class since she’s awesome, so I know it’d be a good time and I wouldn’t worry about looking like a jackass.

After talking with Lisa for about 10 minutes in the freezing cold about our previous races and future faces, I went back inside to finish my P90X Shoulders & Arms workout before making myself a “No Bake STUFT Protein Cookie,” aka a healthy peanut butter cookie that I snagged from Kristin.

Kristin’s recipe called for chocolate on top, but because I had already had a few pieces of Halloween candy earlier in the afternoon, I decided to skip the chocolate topping just this once.

This cookie was SO good and I’m excited to make it again and tweak it around a bit as it was a little too moist. I was impatient and didn’t let the peanut butter chill enough. I can’t contain myself around peanut butter. 😛

I grazed on my 2-ingredient crock pot chicken as well for a little extra protein, but the majority of the chicken will be used in tomorrows lunch.

To make this meal, all you have to do is place chicken breasts in chicken broth and let it cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours, shred it once it’s done and enjoy any way you prefer! This would be good mixed with BBQ sauce and put on sandwiches.

I cannot wait for lunch tomorrow!

Also, can we please just take a look at the decorations at Natural Market. I stopped in after work today to pick up another bag of chia seeds and got a good laugh at their mix of Fall and Christmas decorations.

I have to give them creative props though, they wrapped 2 poles in Christmas garland, the next 3 in fall decor and the next 2 in Christmas garland.

Here we go Christmas!

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Peanut Buttery Pumpkin Muffin Goodness

The lovely way my body works is that it doesn’t need a lot of food throughout the day, or it needs a shit ton. Yesterday, I made it until 6 with only my overnight oats and veggie burger scramble. Today, I ate all of my meals and also snacked on my coworkers. Jen’s fingers tasted the best, especially when dipped in salsa.

Ok, I’m kidding. Well, not about the never-ending appetite. By the time work was over, I was light-headed from hunger, even though I literally just ate everything in sight. I sucked it up and hit the gym with Jen, where she went to do Zumba and I hit the cardio. It felt amazing to run, and I think the fact that I let me legs rest all day factored in on that. I went for 2.2 miles, bringing my total mileage of the day to 5.5. I could have kept going but I wanted to get a little different cardio in, in the form of the elliptical.

I dred the elliptical, especially when I get stuck on one that’s not in front of a TV. I can only pass time on that without poking my eyeballs out if I’m watching a show I some-what enjoy. Tonight, I was screwed, and only stayed on it for 15 minutes. Plus, I saw a guy I’m supposed to go on a date with tomorrow night while I was on it and I really didn’t want him to notice me, especially since I took a nice chunk out of my forehead right above my eyebrow.

I hit the ladies’ gym after for 3 sets of 13 deadlifts before deeming myself too sweaty and stanky and leaving. Did I mention how ravenous I was all day? My stomach was speaking to me and saying awful things. When I got home there was nothing to eat, so I warmed up a 2-ingredient pumpkin muffin, squeezed a single serving of Barney’s Almond Butter on top, and devoured that sucker. WOW. WOOOOOOOOW! Go do that right now.

After the gym and a quick protein snack, I went to the library to return a book I couldn’t get into and to pick up the one that was just delivered, The Secret Holocaust Diaries.”

The Holocaust, as awful as it was, it’s one of my favorite events to read about and continually learn about. Whenever there is a history show on TV about it,  you can bet I’ll have it on my DVR. I took a Holocaust class in high school and it was hands down the best class I’ve ever taken. I’m excited to read this and am just about to go snuggle in bed and begin my new book!

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