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Christmas with my Mom’s Family

Yesterday afternoon my Mom’s side of the family put a wrap to the Christmas celebrations. We headed over to my Uncle’s around 2 and immediately jumped at the appetizers as we all had hungry appetites.


My Aunt’s bruschetta was my absolute favorite! I’ve never been too interested in trying bruschetta, but one bite of hers and I was in a new kind of heaven.


The middle bites were my favorite, as they were extra soft and sweet. Perfect! After appetizers, everyone that was 21+ went to begin our Yankee Swap while my high school cousins opened their gifts. Unfortunately they’re at the age where they only want gift cards so it’s no fun to watch them open.


I picked #3 out of 9 and I was pretty worried but luckily I went home with what I picked and what I wanted the most. A mini brownie maker with the BEST brownie mix! Okay, so this doesn’t really correlate with my desire to eat clean, buttttt this is awesome.

After the gifts and Yankee Swap were complete, I hung out on the couch with my cousins before we sat down for dinner.


My Aunt prepared every dish, and yes, I took a little of everything, but my favorite was actually the mac ‘n cheese. I’m a mac ‘n cheese snob in the sense that I only like Kraft shells or characters, but her homemade mac ‘n cheese was out of this world.


It was extra cheesy, just the way I like it! My other favorite was her chicken wrapped in tomato and cheese stuffing. Holy crap. And that crusted ball you see, that’s actually a potato covered in planko. I wasn’t a fan of the potato but I did eat the shell!

If you want to see big dogs, just take a look at one of my Uncle’s Newfoundland dogs weighing in at 125 pounds.



Izzy is such a fluff ball and all I wanted to do was cuddle her all day and night. Such a cute baby!

I didn’t snap a picture of the desserts, but I did enjoy a handful or two of my Mom’s addicting mix before we hit the road to brave the snow storm we were stuck in. When we arrived home, my parents, Ryan and I cuddled in our family room and enjoyed Ryan’s last night by watching Trouble with the Curve. I didn’t pay attention the entire time as I was busy with a little work, but from what I saw I enjoyed the movie!


Today has been a pretty busy and tiring day. I woke up around 9 (not enough sleep), and ran a decent 4 miles before saying goodbye to Ryan and attacking my list of errands. I failed pretty much with everything I wanted to accomplish (finding a new foam roller and a going out top), but I did score some pretty sweet deals at Yankee Candle and GNC.


After my errands I enjoyed a bowl of Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal before I hit the gym for a strength workout and to relax and unwind in the sauna. On my way home from the gym I shoveled a good 60% of my neighbor’s driveway, and was supposed to be at Allie’s house for the evening to watch the football game, but I’m completely wiped out from the shoveling.

I’m just about to crawl into my bed and watch a chick flick on my new Blu-Ray dvd player I got for Christmas.


It has some really kick ass features that I wasn’t expecting. Actually, on my Christmas list I asked for “a basic DVD player that plays DVDs” and received a Blu-Ray DVD player from my Dad. He seriously spoils me. 🙂

I’m really craving a little Gerard Butler in my life so I have a night of drooling ahead of me. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Oh Hey Holiday Weight Gain

If there was a day that I could sleep until it was time for bed, today would be the day. Yesterday drained every ounce of energy and spunk I had from my body.


I left work at 12:30 for my 6th training session with Heather, and right when I found her in the gym she told me that she made her last client puke. I’m not sure if that was Heather’s goal for me, but if it was, she almost succeeded. Holy crap I’ve never been worked so hard in such a long time. It hurt so good! (If I wrote this post last night there would not have been any exclamation points after that last sentence, and based on how my body is NOT moving today, I think that exclamation point is solely for effect).

Heather had me doing my dreaded burpee dumbbell combo from hell, sumo squats with weight plates, pulse squats on steps, jump squats on steps, chest flies, rows, and core work from hell. There were only 2 small spots on my shirt that weren’t covered in sweat; otherwise, I looked like I had been thrown into a pool. In 57 minutes, Heather had me burn 456 calories, and was in the fat burning zone for 36 of those 57 minutes.

Once I got home, I showered and ate a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and apple butter, which actually wasn’t satisfying at all. Such a bummer! Once Ryan got home from the gym (yes he got to watch me go through hell!) and he showered and ate, we tore Chelsey away from her work and headed out to the Merrimack Outlets with my Mom to browse the sales and return several Christmas items.

I ended up leaving with quite the appetite and also a new pair of dark wash jeans and clearance earrings from American Eagle.

By the time we got back into town, it was 7 pm, and Ry, Chels and my parents had dinner plans with Ry’s best friend, Tim, his wife and his parents. Unfortunately I had to pass on the dinner since my body was physically and mentally exhausted, and the thought of being out until about 10 was just not appealing to me at all.

So instead, I pretty much ate everything in the fridge, blogged about Christmas, and put away clean gym clothes with the help of Kip and his new stuffed alligator.


This morning I woke up feeling like a football team trampled over me. My inner thighs burn, my arms hurt to lift, and my core is sore, but I know this is a great thing to be suffering through.

Morning Workout

• 4 mile run
• 50 crunches
• 50 heel touchers
• 1 minute plank hold
• 40 plank tucks
• Stretching

I wasn’t sure how a morning run would pan out, but I surprised myself by covering 4 miles pretty quickly!


I have a confession to make that I think most of us can also admit to. I went overboard with holiday treats. Having Christmas cookies and chocolate around the house has definitely not been friendly on my waist. Coupled with Ryan being home, that means our pantry is packed with chips and other unhealthy temptations that I’ve given in to. I’ve put off weighing myself for a solid week and a half and when I woke up this morning I felt like complete shit. I knew I wasn’t going to like the number on the scale but I had to step on it to face the truth and tackle my weight loss starting this morning. I wasn’t pleased with the number, and even though it wasn’t as high as I was expecting, I easily gained 2 pounds since the 19th.

So, starting today, I am on a god damn mission to tone up, lose weight, and be at a healthy weight. After seeing myself from several bad angles in Christmas pictures, I knew that was the last straw. This morning, I opened excel and created a weight tracker. Having specific dates to track my weight make it mandatory. I’m starting off weighing myself every 2 days, which will add up to 3 times a week. I know there are many opinions on how often one should weigh themselves, but I need the accountability and this is what works for me (for now).

My next weigh in is scheduled for Sunday, and I am determined to weigh a little less than I do today.

Did you guys slip up during the Holidays and paying for the weight gain now? If so, how do you plan on conquering the weight gain? I love hearing new and different ways!

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Christmas Day

Since I’ve been extremely busy the past week with the holidays in full force, I didn’t want to rush my Christmas post, so yes, it’s just a few days fashionably late.

Christmas morning Ry, Chels & I decided on waking up at 9 to start opening our stockings in my room.


When I woke up, I looked outside and had a white Christmas before my eyes! Even though it was a dusting, it was better than nothing. Since I woke up at 8, I decided to head to the basement to squeeze in a quick 2 mile run so that I could get in the entire workout I wanted to in the afternoon.


After my 2 miler, I showered and waited several minutes before Ryan and Chels came into my room to kick-off Christmas morning.


After opening our stockings while A Christmas Story played in the background, we headed downstairs to the main event.


When we open our gifts, we don’t create piles of everyone’s gifts, instead, we all take turns opening a gift. My Dad and Ryan both took turns handing out gifts to everyone before each round started.


I got the most intense foam roller I’ve ever seen, and even though it was almost perfect, Ryan and I both agreed that it was way too firm.


My Dad said that luckily there is a foam roller that’s not as rock solid, so I’ll be exchanging it for that!


One of the funniest parts of our morning was after Jake had a little too much fun with the catnip and stole all of Kip’s new Christmas gifts.


Kip was a great sport and never once lost his perfect smile.


I came out big in the gift department. I received a lot of work out gear, including an Oakley gym bag, Reebok running shorts, Nike Eclipse casual shoes, Yurbuds, cold weather running gloves, a Gap athletic shirt that I’m obsessed with, a Champion 3/4 zip throw over from Target, and a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch!


I also received 2 pretty scarves, cute red flats, several pieces of jewelry, CDs, a supply of chia seeds and PB2, and a lot of other great items!

After we finished opening, we all went our respective ways and while some of us tidied up and got ready, Ryan and I hit the gym in our basement to work out. I completed 3 additional miles before tackling a tiring strength session.


When we were all cleaned up and looking pretty, we hit the road to drive 30 minutes north to my aunt and uncles house where we enjoyed great food, Secret Santa, Yankee Swap and Godparents/Godchildren gift swaps.



My little mini-me!


My cousin Jay got stuck with last year’s Yankee Swap winning gift, and had the time of his life modeling his new get-up.


Ladies, he’s single and looking! 😉


And if you want to know what I looked like as a baby, just take a look at my cousin Heather’s daughter, Zoey, who’s pictured with my Dad. She’s always attached to my Dad’s hip, and it’s so crazy to see him with my mini-me. I know he’s really wanting grandchildren so he loves when he gets to play with Zoe.

I had such determination in being good around the dessert table, but I lost it when I saw my Aunt’s famous mix.


By the end of the night I was extremely happy and blessed, but also in a food coma, just like Jakey. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas just like my family did.


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A Happy Heart

I’ve been a very bad bloggy girl the past few days. With the holidays, Ryan and Chelsey being home, and a new surprise in my life, I took several days to step away from blogging to focus on several more important things in my life.

I’ll work on my Christmas recap post a little later this evening, but I do have a little catching up to do for Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.

Christmas Eve started with a sweaty and craptastic 3 mile run, and several back exercises on the cable machine. I originally had a workout that I really wanted to do, but the gym was a mad house and too many men were hogging all of the machines I wanted to use, so I stayed in the women’s gym and worked with what I could.

If you remember a previous post, I went out Saturday night and Sunday day with Mark, a new prospect in my life. Since we’re hitting it off ridiculously well, we couldn’t wait until yesterday to see each other, so we decided to spend the free time we had on Christmas Eve together. Since Ryan and Chelsey weren’t arriving into town until 3ish, I knew I had several free hours before our family festivities started. I headed over to Marks around noon and we spent the next 4 ½ hours watching movies and just talking. You can bet I left his apartment with the biggest smile on my face! 🙂

When I got home, my brother was excited to show off his new toy helicopter that Chelsey’s parents gave to him as part of a Christmas gift. We talked and ate my Mom’s famous pork pie for dinner before we got ready to go out for a drive to look at all of the Christmas lights around town.

Before we made it into the car, Ryan, my Dad and I had a fun time flying the helicopter in the dark.

When Chels and I started to get cold, we called everyone into the truck and took off on our annual Christmas light drive, which is my favorite part of Christmas Eve.

After watching several home videos that Chelsey took from her new video camera, we settled by the Christmas tree and fire and watched Christmas Vacation. Before we knew it, 11 o’clock rolled around and we headed up to bed before the big guy came down our chimney.

Day after Christmas

The day after Christmas started with a 4 mile run and a quick squat focused workout on the smith machine, before I hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes, completed 4 sets of 13 back extensions, and a few shitty core exercises.

I showered and got dolled up before heading over to Mark’s for an all-day date! We lounged on his coach and talked for a bit before brainstorming possible adventure ideas. After looking up flights to Chicago (yes we were that serious), we settled on driving up to Portsmouth for a fun day around the mini city.

We walked around the city for a good 40 minutes, bundled up and close together while we window shopped the open restaurants to find a winner for lunch. We settled on a pizza joint, which I honestly forget the name of. I had no desire to take pictures of any meals over the week with Mark, mainly because I wanted to focus on him and not for blogging material. We both ordered 2 amazing salads that kept us full for a great chunk of the day and afternoon.

We wandered in and out of the tiny souvenir shops, a funky blown glass store, and our favorite, a children’s store full of fun little trinkets. One of our last stops was a store that we were attracted to because of the shirts hanging up in the windows, but to our surprise, we found candy bins out back and went to town filling up a bag of our favorite candies to share on our drive home. After eating our way into a sugar coma, we spent another hour and a half on his couch chatting and watching TV. All in all, I had one of the best days in a long time and am extremely excited to see him tomorrow!


Phew, thank goodness I don’t have too much to recap yet. I woke up to a winter wonderland, as we got hit overnight with a big storm. So far we have roughly 8 inches of snow and expect a good amount more before the day ends.

It was so tough waking up again at 5:30, but I’m very happy to be back into my normal routine. Even though I got little sleep last night, I managed to squeeze in a decent 4 mile run before attacking the snowy unpaved roads.

Morning Workout

• 4 mile run
• 3 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 50 crunches
• 50 heel touchers
• 1 minute plank hold
• Stretching

The workout was pretty pathetic in terms of core work, but I’ll be getting my butt kicked this afternoon by my trainer, so it alllll works out!

My drive into work wasn’t too bad; I managed to stay on the road, and was one of the only brave souls to make the trek into work today. Talk about a total ghost town!

At least I only have a half day of work today, so I really can’t complain too much! Stay safe out there!

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Sunday Christmas Shopping with the Daddio

Yesterday I woke up earlier than I had wanted because I had a fun day planned. Fun is a loose term, but it’s been an annual special day that my Dad and I “enjoy” together every holiday season. It typically happens a lot closer to Christmas, but I’d say 8 shopping days was late enough.

Every year my Dad always needs help with Christmas shopping for my Mom, and since I’m the master shopper with an eye for the best deals, he always enlists my help. So after a quick 3 mile run, I showered, downed my new favorite strawberry banana protein shake, and hit the road for a little father/daughter Christmas shopping fun!

Our first stop was the mall, where we bee-bopped into a handful of stores and walked the mall twice before we left. My favorite and funnest part of our mall trip was when my Dad mentioned he wanted to check out Le Gourmet Chef. Well, you know me and my love for free samples, especially with the chocolatey and holiday dips. Well, we ended up hitting almost every free sample tray at least 3 times. We are definitely related, and laughed when we exited the store with full bellies. I just love my ol’ man. 🙂


Some of my favorite finds during our trip included this snuggly little Christmas guy, who I just want to cuddle all night long.


Then I came across my favorite scent on a man and felt it was necessary to spray it on me. If you know any single male who uses Acqua Di Gio, please send him my way. Thanks in advance! 😉

My Dad also came across a fun and cute wood sign shop with fun sayings, so we stopped in there for a few minutes. I came across this awesome quote about “stumbling” in life.


When you stumble, make it part of the dance. Those words are absolutely true, and I believe that every time we stumble and take a step back, we let it ruin our mood and our perception on our progress. This quote reminded me that we can’t do that. Life isn’t perfect, we aren’t perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe we say words we don’t mean, or we eat more than we should, or just make a poor decision. Instead of getting down on ourselves, we must acknowledge it and let it be part of our journey and learn from it.

Yesterday afternoon after getting home from Target with a bag of chocolate and candy for holiday baking, I might have enjoyed several handfuls of M&M’s. I didn’t feel healthy after it, but instead of getting down on myself, I headed to the gym because: I had the time, I wanted to get a good workout in yesterday, I knew it would make me feel better, and I really wanted to go in the sauna.


I didn’t look down on eating the M&M’s, I mean, please, they were holiday colored and so much fun! I had a blast with my Dad yesterday and learned a thing or two from a wooden sign in a small mall store. Sometimes lessons are found in the strangest places, but I believe those are the most memorable lessons learned.

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Cousin Love and Taco Bowls

Goooood morning everyone! Can you tell I’m well rested and finally feeling back to my chipper and happy self? It seems several nights of quality sleep were all I needed to recover from a hectic weekend!

I woke up feeling like an entirely different chick, and I knew while lacing up my running shoes that I was going to have a great run. My run was awesome, and my legs weren’t feeling too painful from yesterday afternoon’s legs and arms workout. I cut it back a little because I was pressed for time, but 75% of it is better than nothing. It’s always better to do what you can instead of doing nothing at all.

Morning Workout

• 3.4 mile run
• 3 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 1 minute plank hold
• 50 heel touchers
• 50 scissors
• 50 crunches
• 2 sets of 20 plank tucks
• Stretching


I was pretty hungry this morning so I enjoyed half of a grapefruit and my extreme chocolate milkshake protein shake mixed with almond milk, and dun dun dun, a Chobani yogurt bowl. Such a shocker, I know! I promise tomorrow it will be slightly different!

Last Night

Right from work last night I headed over to my cousin Lindze and her husband, Mike’s condo for dinner and a relaxing night. They weren’t able to attend Thanksgiving this year, as they chose to spend Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with ours this year, so it was awesome seeing them again. I hadn’t seen Lindze since my cousins Origami Owl party!

When I arrived they were working together in preparing our dinner. They were super cute, especially with Lindze’s little baby bump showing.

Dinner was an underrated and healthy meal.

Taco salad!

I always had the impression that tacos were extremely unhealthy, but if you choose the right toppings, it really is quite the healthy dish! Since I had eaten so well during the day, I really wanted a small scoop of sour cream on top of my taco salad, so I scooped away.

I topped my ground turkey with shredded lettuce, salsa, fresh tomatoes, shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

With full bellies, we cuddled their dog and cats like crazies.

Brady is such a fur ball and a total snuggle bug! I always want to shove him in my purse when it’s time to leave, but they are really attached to their boys.

I mean, just look at that death grip Mike has on Brady. He was also overheard saying, “I really want a baby,” so I think we have an impatient father-to-be on our hands. 😉

While Mike watched Storage Wars, Lindze and I enjoyed girl talk and playing around with photos on Instagram.

Judging by that look I think we were being too loud.

I had such an awesome night with those two and I can’t wait to see them on Christmas where they’ll reveal the gender of their baby!

Hope everyone’s having a great Wednesday, and I’ll be back with another post this evening.

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College Reunion and Invading Guy’s Night


After Ryan and I stopped playing house tag, we finally were able to have a little sibling bonding for his short, one evening stay.

His best friends were coming over that night to kick off their guy’s weekend, as Viss and his wife are moving to San Diego in several weeks. Since the guys were coming here for dinner so that I could say goodbye to Viss, Ryan and I went to Shaw’s to prepare.

Don’t worry, that jalapeno isn’t for some sick and twisted drinking game, it was for Ryan’s homemade burgers!

That’s one big burger! That’s something you’d expect to see eaten on Man vs. Food. While Ryan was in charge of making the burgers, I had veggie duty.

While the boys drank beer with my Dad while he grilled, my Mom and I were inside setting the table and getting everything ready. Such good teamwork. 🙂

Like always, my Dad outdid himself and prepared an amazing meal of steak, chicken and burgers. This meal put me into that food coma that I managed to avoid on Thanksgiving. Guess I didn’t luck out this year!

After cleaning up, the boys put their best shirts on and goofed off a bit before hitting the bars. Since it was a guy’s night and I was in a full on coma, I was more than happy to chauffeur the boys to the bar.

Squished in the back of my car were Cheddah, KZac and Viss… also known to non-friends as Tom, Ryan and Jay. Brother Ryan was quick and called shotgun, so he was laughing happily while the boys were cramped up.

By the time I got home it was roughly quarter of 11, so I changed into my pj’s and curled into bed and read The Happiness Project.


This morning I enjoyed a laughter filled breakfast with the boys, while they enjoyed their bagels and fruit, and I went for a Chobani power bowl.

On the side I also enjoyed half of my Aunt’s famous pumpkin bread that she gives out when we leave Thanksgiving night. This breakfast was light but filling and fueled me through my 4 mile run this morning.

Now, after cleaning the bathrooms (so glamorous), I’m all showered and ready to finish up my Christmas shopping!

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Black Friday Shopping & Working Out!

Are all of you Black Friday shoppers finally waking up from your afternoon naps?

I didn’t do any crazy shopping today, BUT I did wait until all the crazies finished up and went to grab a few items when the crowds died down. Before I get into that jazz, let me give you a Thanksgiving Day recap!


After my workout in the morning, I snuggled Kip quickly before heading up to my uncle’s.

Usually we have a group of 30 family members at Thanksgiving, but we basically had only half of that. 😦 My cousin and her husband were with his family, my lame brother was with his fiancée (his FIRST Thanksgiving he’s ditched us for!), and my cousin and her husband and 4 kiddos were up at his family. AND my other cousin was stuck working.

After that, we were down 10, and 4 other family members came after the meal so it was a very very quiet dinner, but it was intimate and full of laughs.

If you see those little poppers, that’s where those crowns came from. We’re not all freaks. 😉

Look at that turkey! My uncle is one serious turkey cooker. 🙂

I made sure to load my plate up with 2 slices of canned cranberry sauce (the only way to do it!), stuffing, turkey, carrots, olives and bread and butter pickles.

I didn’t have the biggest appetite but I made sure to demolish the cranberry sauce and stuffing. After eating and cleaning up, the boys threw a football around while a few of us started a fire.

And stayed out there for a handful of hours just shooting the shit. Actually, I stayed out for as long as possible to stay away from my aunt’s addicting dessert. I typically eat half of her batch at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s not even an exaggeration. I always end up lying on the floor in pain.

We eventually did come inside and enjoyed desserts.

While Jay went for the mile long piece of turkey skin. Ick!

We spent the remainder of the evening talking and watching the Patriots kick total butt! When my uncles called the house phone from the couch upstairs asking for pie, my other uncle decided to have a little fun and with the help of my aunt, got dressed in a waitress’ outfit.

I’m so proud of my uncle! My family is pretty crazy and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Around 10:30 I headed home, and since I drove by a Target, I decided to pop in to check the sales out. The parking lot was crazy, but I ended up leaving empty-handed.

This morning I woke up feeling light and great, unlike previous years where  I feel plump and gross. I set out for a painless and easy 5 mile HIIT run at the gym followed up with 15 minutes on the elliptical before hitting Target again and venturing off to the mall later in the afternoon to pick up some items for my Mom.

Now, I’m back home and my brother Ryan finally arrived, so it’s time to hang out with him for the rest of the evening before he leaves tomorrow!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have so much to be thankful for this year, including my family, friends, health, roof over my head, and a wonderful career… and of course my blogger friends! 🙂

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for several reasons, including:

  • Being able to celebrate with my extremely close extended family
  • Our annual cousin/uncle Lewis football game
  • My Aunt Mare’s highly addicting dessert
  • Being thankful for everything live has dealt my way
  • The Thanksgiving Day parade!

Okay, there are clearly other reasons, like the fake boxed stuffing and canned cranberry sauce. OH MY GOD, those 2 reasons are my REAL reasons why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! 😉

In preparation of all the yummy food coming my way, I woke up early to hit the gym for my run and my legs/arms workout.

This workout left me drenched, in fact, after my 4 mile run, I switched shirts since I wanted a dry shirt to do weights in.

By the end of my workout, I had 2 soaked tank tops and a soaked towel. Needless to say, I left in just my pants and zip-up hoodie, and then completed a little core work once I got home.

After my 4 mile run, I completed this workout that Heather, my trainer has me doing 3 days a week:

I followed it up with 10 minutes on the vertical elliptical and then completed the following core work while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

  • 1 minute plank hold and :30 seconds side planks each side
  • 2 sets of 50 heel touchers
  • 30 toe touchers
  • 50 crunches and 50 side crunches, each side (total 150)
  • Stretching

I followed up my workouts with my Chocolate Peanut Butter protein shake, and half  a bowl of Raspberry Mango overnight oats with half of a grapefruit.

Now it’s time to get dolled up and go stuff my face with stuffing and canned cranberry sauce with my cousins at my Aunt ‘n Uncles!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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Girls Day: Jewelry, Baby and Marriage Talk

What a busy little Saturday it’s turned out to be! It’s 7 pm and I’m just finally able to take a break from all of the running around I’ve done today.


I had a freak out moment early, early this morning when I woke up and looked at my phone to see it read 6:00. I immediately jumped out of bed thinking that I slept past my alarm and missed my run, until I realized that it was the weekend!

I happily went back to sleep, and after waking around 9, I went for a 4 mile run before showering up and heading to my Aunt’s house with my Mom for a girls day.

Girls Day

My cousin Lindsay is an Independent Consultant for both Scentsy and the new custom jewelry company, Origami Owl. Her mom, or my Aunt Judy, wanted to throw a party for all of her girl friends so naturally Lindsay hosted the party since she’s the consultant.

The Setup

Origami Owl is a jewelry company that allows you to customize your own necklace. You can choose between glass lockets, charms, and also tags.

Inside each locket you can add charms that represent you, including paw prints, birth stones, initials, running shoes, guitars, flip-flops, and many other choices.

The Steps

Here is a brief description from the lovely founder of Origami Owl:

Living Lockets are an extension of YOU – because each and every piece is custom designed to tell a story of your life + of what’s important to you. 

Build your Living Locket in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Select the CHARMS that tell your story or represent things you love
Step 2: Choose a LOCKET
Step 3: Choose a CHAIN
Step 4: Add a hand-stamped metal PLATE
Step 5: Add a DANGLE (or two!)

Every locket tells a story…what’s yours?

In the end, my cousin and I chose to go the route of the tag, since it fit more of our personalities. We aren’t really the glass locket type of girls. 😉

This is the exact piece I created, although I chose a light pink bead. I Am Enough. I LOVED this piece and expression, as over the years I’ve stopped trying to change myself for a man to make him love me more.

I’m smart, funny, beautiful and have a great future ahead of me, so if one guy doesn’t like me enough to be with me, there is a guy out there who will love exactly who I am, mainly because, I am enough. 🙂

Girl power!

The party was a lot of fun, and I didn’t even choose what I was going to purchase until the tail end. I was so caught up with talking with my newly pregnant cousin, Lindze! 🙂

She’ll easily be one of those skinny pregnant mommas. In fact, at 15 weeks pregnant, she is barely even showing and kicked major ass in boot camp this morning. This girl will be working out and kicking butt until her baby boy comes out.

Or at least that’s what we think, based on the needle test my Aunt did.

Lindsay, Jenn, Myself and Lindze

My cousins, Aunts and I had a blast catching up on all things Paleo, work outs, and marriage. When they all mentioned how my brother was having a long engagement (May 2014), my cousin Lindsay declared that one of the single cousins would most likely be married before Ryan and Chelsey say I do in 2014.

The Aunts thought that was bologna, but Lindsay proved them wrong when she pointed out that Nikki and I are all about intuition, are fearless and spontaneous. Helllllo I’ve moved to Los Angeles twice already.

I even said that I would love nothing more than meeting a man, realizing he’s the one, and getting married within the year. To be honest, I said married in 8 months after meeting a guy. There could be a marriage soon for this little lady if I can snag a gentleman soon!

We were so caught up in baby and marriage talk that by the time we looked at the clock, it was a good hour and a half past the time the party was scheduled to end. Get the Lewis ladies talking and you’ll never get anywhere on time! 😉

Once we said our goodbyes, my Mom and I went shopping for iPhone accessories, food and a few Christmas decorations before we joined my Dad for an amazing BBQ of a sweet steak and juicy chicken.

I also enjoyed a surprisingly good salad on the side.

I used a Northern Italian dressing that had bits of cheese in it. No wonder the salad was so good! I’m almost positive the dressing can make or break a salad.

If my future boyfriend/fiance/husband can grill half as good as my Dad can, than I will be a happy little lady. Alright, it’s time for me to go find that fella. Catch you guys tomorrow!


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Single and Swiping

In the online dating world, Tinder is considered especially heinous. In Boston, the hopeful females who swipe through these profiles are members of an elite squad known as "Single and Swiping". These are their stories.


A bit about Fun, Life, and a dude name Kip.....



Muffin Topless

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