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Flowers, Peanut Butter and Jackson Hurst. What a Sunday Funday!

Yesterday I had a nice date, which started with a surprise of flowers! It was the first time a guy has ever bought me flowers, so I was pretty blown away by that gesture. While I was waiting for Andrew to arrive, I was standing outside the parking garage, and this lady saw me and just smiled. At first I felt awkward, since I thought she was giving me a pity smile. “Oh look at that girl all alone, she probably got stood up.” I didn’t know what to do so I gave her a quarter nervous “why are you smiling at me” smile. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around, and there was Andrew with the flowers. So THAT’s why she was smiling!

They smelled sweet too! 🙂 Our date took place in downtown Portsmouth, which is one of my favorite areas in New Hampshire. There are so many cute shops, restaurants and cafes to pop in and out of, so we did that for about an hour before grabbing a late lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery. I opted for a Grilled Pear and Pumpkin Seed Salad, which was just alright. There was barely any pears, and they didn’t even taste like pears, and the dressing wasn’t up my alley. It was still a good light meal to tide me over for the date. After lunch, we watched a bike race that cut through downtown, and then headed over to the water and meandered throughout the garden.

When I made it home, I was rather hungry and I knew exactly what I wanted. Peanut butter!

I went a semi-healthy route and dipped carrots in the peanut butter.

Then things got VERY SERIOUS and I started double fisting with my beloved peanut butter.

For some odd reason, whenever I only have about a tablespoon or two left in a jar, I won’t finish the jar but will open a new jar, hence the two jars of peanut butter. I finally decided enough was enough and cleared out the pantry by finally putting an end to the old pb. Anyone else have the same problem? I cannot be in the minority here.

Last night was the season finale of my summer show Drop Dead Diva! I was a rebel and stayed up to watch it. Usually I record it and will watch it Monday night, but I JUST had to watch it and didn’t want Twitter to ruin the ending for me. Any Diva fans out there?! I LOVED the ending, it was such an unexpected ending, and for once, it was an ending I was thrilled about. I might have even screamed from excitement.


Right before this, Grayson planted a kiss on Jane!!

Way to go Grayson, it only took ya 4 long ass seasons to man up! Also, how stunning does he look in that light grey suit! Wowza, HUNK ALERT! ❤ Side note: My car is named after Grayson, played by Jackson Hurst, since Jackson and my car are incredibly sexy. Jackson’s Twitter handle is @JaxHurst, resulting in my car being named Jax. Perfect fit! One day the real Jax will tweet be back. It’s my dying wish.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my Monday. After 2 puffs from my inhaler and a fist pump, I owned my 4 mile run.

Morning Workout

  • 4 mile run
  • 3 sets of 45 second plank holds
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • 15 push-ups
  • 1 set of 13 side-to-side weight dumbbell standing crunches
  • 2 sets of 13 dumbbell skiing squats

The skiing squats is one of my favorite exercises, and I completely forgot about it until I stumbled upon the workout on a page ripped from Women’s Health that was buried under a pile on my desk. Who doesn’t love a great find, although finding money would have been a better surprise. 😉

Hope you all are having a great start to your Monday!

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