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Stuffed Up Monday

I’m a self-professed cat lover and am obsessed with my Jakey poo, but whenever he wants to sleep with me, which is every night, I have trouble sleeping. You see, Jakey doesn’t choose a side of the bed, he chooses the middle. I hate waking up him so instead of pushing him over to the right side, I literally go spread eagle with my legs. Ladylike.

Reason #124 why I’m single. When I have a stuffy nose I stick a rolled up piece of tissue up the clogged nostril so that I can sleep without constantly sniffing and don’t have to worry about a runny nose.


So there I was, with my tissue stuffed up my nose and my legs wide open, struggling for sleep. I’m positive I woke up at least 4 times last night and finally gave up and kicked Jake out. I give him treats so he still loves me. Unconditional love.

I actually got a great workout in this morning and also on my lunch break. I was signed up for the 4:30 spin class but I wasn’t sure how I’d do leaning over handle bars with a runny nose.

Morning Workout

· 3.3 mile run
· 15 stair push-ups
· 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
· 50 crunches & 50 side-to-side crunches
· 90 second plank hold
· 2 sets of 13 skiing dumbbell squats
· 2 sets of 13 standing side-to-side dumbbell crunches
· 3 sets of 13 chest flies, lying down
· Stretching

While at work I also managed to throw in several air squats in the corner of my office, and completed 2 sets of 20. I absolutely dred squats but it’s so easy to get out of my chair, bust out several squats and sit back down and get right back to work.

Breakfast this morning was a kicked up version of my Chobani strawberry banana yogurt. Last night I microwaved a bag of instant brown rice and mixed about 1/3 cup of it into my yogurt. It was heavenly and extra filling!


I’ll definitely be making this again, but I’m going to try a little less rice so I can taste more of the yogurt. I highly recommend this though!

Afternoon Workout

· 2 mile HIIT run
· 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
· 13 medicine ball lumberjack squats, each side
· 13 medicine ball lumberjack chops, each side
· 10 minutes elliptical, alternating between forwards and backwards pedaling

The ladies gym felt like a sauna so my run wasn’t too fun, but the interval running felt great and I actually am feeling lighter and more energetic than I have the past few days!

Lunch was a hodgepodge of a meal. It consisted of a pumpkin muffin, a sliced up Fuji apple, carrots and a protein bar.


The protein bar I ate roughly half an hour after everything else since I was still hungry and didn’t plan accordingly. Well, I take that back. I did, but I just wasn’t craving my Chicken & Stars soup and knew it wouldn’t fill me up so I’m saving it for tomorrow. Yes, I’m 5 again.

My nose is running again. Excuse my while I go stick a tissue up it.

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Rainy Day Won’t Get Me Down!

Last night’s little “feel bad for myself” episode is long over, thank the lord! Actually, it’s more like “thanks to my best friends Lindsay and Allie, my coworker Jen, and bloggers Alaine and Amanda. You girls gave me great encouragement and made me snap out of my “I’m done with love funk.”

My girls Allie and Lindsay are seriously ALWAYS there for me when I need them, and I cannot imagine living a life without them by my side. I love how all my relationships with my closest friends are so different but so fulfilling.

Allie and I take each other to York Beach in Maine or to Livingston Park and go for long walks to talk and clear our heads. Long drives are also one of our “things” we do when the other needs advice or a shoulder to lean on. It’s how we get each other through the hardships we face in life.

Lindsay and I have a slightly different approach to helping each other through bad days. We have two go-to choices. Numero uno is go to Shorty’s, get beer and feast on the free chips & salsa. BEST chips & salsa we’ve found. We  I typically go through 2 baskets of the greasy chips while we bitch about men and how they constantly fail us in relationships. Yup, it’s always the man’s fault.  Option two is to jam our break-up tunes which consist of Aly & AJ and Keri Hilson (a tradition we’ve held since being college roommates sophomore year), and also shopping, preferably at Marshall’s. Whoever said retail therapy was the cure for everything deserves a wet smooch from me, but only if he’s a sexy man.

Do you and your girlfriends have a go-to plan when one of you guys are hurting or having a rough day?

Needless to say, I didn’t get the best quality of sleep last night so when my alarm went off at 5:34, I had no problem snoozing twice. My run suffered from the lack of sleep, less time and difficulty breathing, so I was content when I managed to make it 3 miles before the clock struck “strength” time.

I actually didn’t do much strength, it more so consisted of me lying on the floor looking like I was murdered.

Morning Workout

  • 3 mile run
  • 15 stair push-ups
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 1 minute plank hold
  • Stretching

Breakfast was the highlight of my day, as I was FINALLY able to find chia seeds for overnight oats! I made the Raspberry Vanilla Overnight Oats from The Yummy Life, and boy were they yummy! Not only did the overnight oats keep me full for the first half of my day, but I also was able to eat half in the early morning and then the rest in the late morning. It was nice to not rush myself through a meal and enjoy it over several hours.

Do you guys enjoy overnight oats? If so, do you have a favorite recipe?

It’s been raining buckets and buckets of rain all day so I opted not to make the 3 minute walk to the gym on my lunch hour. I didn’t have a spare pair of shoes so I really wasn’t in the mood to workout in sopping shoes.

Have you guys tried this cottage cheese/fruit blend? Jen raved about it the other day so I picked a blueberry and apple cinnamon package up the other night. Sadly, I was disappointed in the blueberry. I think if I dipped the cottage cheese into the blueberries it would have been better, but by mixing the two, the taste of sweet blueberries wasn’t even noticeable. Talk about a complete fail!

My coworker Jen and I hit the gym after work and took a kickboxing class at 5:30. Before the class we had 10 minutes to kill so I ran a quick mile and chatted with her while she walked. We then hit the class, which started with 15 minutes of abs and then our kickboxing boot camp class started. The class was nonstop. Literally, nonstop. The instructor was an adorable little firecracker of an ex-Army man.

I ate a bunch of leftovers for dinner and am just about to put the season premiere of CSI:NY on.  Hope you all had a great Friday!

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A Good Monday and Ready to Take Charge!

Happy Monday, and yes I mean happy! Due to promptly falling asleep at 9:20 last night, after reading a whopping 2 pages in my new book, yes I said 2, I woke up on the right side of the bed, which technically was the left. Have you ever noticed that you prefer to sleep on one side of the bed, whether it’s the bed at your place, your boyfriends or on a guest bed? I always chose the left side of the bed with my ex-boyfriends, even when that meant I was stuck against the wall and had no arm dangling room. Men are just awful at setting up a room. Really.. a bed against the wall? Maybe that’s why those relationships didn’t last… Let’s just go with that. 😉

My upper body is still recovering from the ridiculousness I put it through this weekend (Wii boxing, golfing, rowing, picking up nachos loaded with 20 lbs. of bbq chicken and cheese), that it was still sore when I swung my arms around this morning before working out. I ended up getting a nice run in, although my strength workout was limited post-run. Instead, I focused more on stretching and trying to loosen up my old bones.

Morning Workout

  • 3.5 mile run
  • 1 minute plank hold
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers – the second set was awful! I think it’s due to a “fun” weekend
  • 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 100 jump rope
  • Stretching

Yesterday during brunch with Mike, he commented on how tiny my stomach looked. Uhhhhh, he CLEARLY hasn’t seen me in a while as I’ve actually put roughly 4.5 pounds onto my frame. Being my gay best friend, he is doubly honest and blunt. A gay man will tell you how it is, but a gay best friend, will tell you also tell you he can see your split ends. Thanks captain obvious. Since making my pact with you guys about holding myself accountable if I snack during the middle of the night, I have yet to do that!

It’s time for me to suck it up and get on the “Before and After” band wagon. Doing that will only motivate me more to stick to healthy choices in the kitchen, and since I don’t want to embark on this journey and not have any progress to show for it, it’s time to get dirty!

I’m going to take pictures tomorrow and will most likely cut my morning workout short so I have enough time to take pictures. You lovelies will get my “clothed” before pictures, while I’ll keep a set of the bra and shorts pictures for my eyes only, at least until I’m comfortable to show what down undah looks like. Warning: war zone. Okay, okay, it’s not bad, but it’s not “hot damn” status either.

Before the gym I enjoyed a Chobani Strawberry Banana yogurt for the first time in at least a week and a half, and holy moly was it an amazing reunion!

My afternoon workout almost included me eating shit on the treadmill. Mind you this all went down while I was sanitizing the treadmill. Yeah, wasn’t even working out. I was trying to clean my sweat off the very front of the treadmill so I was crouching down while holding onto the hand grip. I thought I was pushing all the treadmills forward, but in reality the belt was moving backwards with me on it! I quickly aborted the situation and got the hell out of the ladies gym before I made an even bigger fool out of myself. I went and did additional cardio in the regular gym before heading back to work and being productive.

Afternoon Workout

  • 2 mile run
  • 15 minutes elliptical
  • 2 minutes rowing – if you recall my bitching from the beginning of my post, you’ll realized why I stopped

My boss has had her daughter’s Yankee Candle Fundraising catalogue sitting in the work kitchen for the past few days and I finally stopped and flipped through it. I found about 8 pieces that I want to buy, only 1 item being a candle, the rest being the most adorable decorative holders!

How cute are these, especially the cookie jar candle holder! Is it too early to start decorating for Christmas yet? As much as I hate the cold and snow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the time from the middle of November until New Years when the holiday spirit is in full blast.

Time to go doodle Christmas trees and listen to my Christmas radio station on Pandora… and you think I’m kidding.

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Gotta Love Deliveries.. Herbalife Came!

Today was a busy day! I switched up my normal lunch time routine and opted to head home to check out my Herbalife delivery. I’ve been patiently waiting for my products to arrive all week so I eagerly took lunch an hour and a half early to check out my new swag. 🙂

This box was heavy, weighing in at 36 pounds. It was a workout just carrying it inside and upstairs. Afternoon workout complete.

After playing around with my new Herbalife products and taking several vitamins, I headed over to the DMV to renew my duplicate license. Back in March, my car was broken into and gone went my license. Since I was residing in Los Angeles at the time, the DMV overnighted me a duplicate license, and since tomorrow is my half birthday (woo celebration!) the 6-month dup was due to expire. I was surprised and relieved when I left the DMV with a valid license after only an hour. Since I went around 1:30, I figured, along with my coworker, that I would be there for several hours.

The rest of the afternoon flew by at work, although I was extremely antsy to get to the gym and get a cardio workout in. I snacked on a Herbalife protein bar at the DMV to keep myself from passing out from hunger. I had made a protein shake for a lunch on the go while I headed to the DMV but it tasted like a dirty butt hole, so I nixed that sucker. Luckily I had a wrap at work that I had my mind-set on while having hunger hallucinations at the DMV.

Look at the extremely doughy corner. HEAVEN!

Turkey, ham, spinach and mustard wrap.

I had a great 1.6 mile run in the women’s gym while a Maksim Chmerkovskiy look-a-like trainer worked a lady in front of me. Talk about watching a GREAT show at the gym. I turned my iPod off just so I could hear his training tips to the lady. I told you I like getting a good deal, and I’m pretty sure watching and eavesdropping on a training session is one of the best deals you can snag. Side note, I did catch Maksim checking himself out in the mirror while the lady was lifting. Andddd I’m no longer attracted to you.

And the main act of today…. my Herbalife products!

  • Herbal Aloe Concentrate (Not Pictured): Soothes the stomach, relieves occasional indigestion and improves nutrient absorption
  • Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars: 12 g of soy and whey protein blend, 23 vitamins and minerals, excellent source of fiber and controls appetite and sustains hunger
  • Peanut Butter Protein Bars: 12 g of soy and whey protein blend, 23 vitamins and minerals, excellent source of fiber and controls appetite and sustains hunger
  • Vanilla Almond Protein Bars: Helps build and maintain lean muscle, essential vitamins and 10 g of healthy protein, no artificial sweeteners and 140 cals
  • Personalized Protein Powder: Helps build and maintain lean muscled mass, fat-free protein supplement for hunger control, & 5 g of soy and whey protein per scoop, and all 9 essential amino acids
  • Dutch Chocolate Protein Powder: 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 g of soy protein, 5 g of carbs
  • French Vanilla Protein Powder: 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 g of soy protein, 5 g of carbs
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Instant Protein Powder: 20 g of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals, and calcium 
  • Radiant C Skin Booster Gel: Antioxidant-enriched gel-cream seals in skin’s natural moisture and enhances texture and tone
  • Sleep Now Aid: Promotes relaxation for better sleep without drowsiness, helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle
  • 21 Day Herbal Cleansing Program: Helps promote the body’s natural elimination of toxins and supports healthy elimination
  • Florafiber: Helps promote intestinal health with fiber and friendly bacteria
  • Multivitamin: Over 20 essential nutrients and antioxidants, includes folic acid, calcium and iron, supports your immune system and promotes healthy bones, skin & hair
  • Thermo-Bond: Helps you feel fuller longer, supports weight loss 
  • Cell-U-Loss: Supports the appearance of healthy skin, healthy elimination of water, maintains electrolyte balance & a healthy pH level
  • Total Control: Boost metabolism, builds energy & alertness
  • Cell Activator: Contains aloe vera which supports the body’s absorption of micronutrients and cellular energy production
  • Herbal Tea Concentrate: Supports energy & metabolism
  • Aminogen: Helps break down proteins into amino acids, reduces bloating caused by incomplete protein digestion, and promotes lean muscle mass
  • Snack Defense: Helps support blood sugar level
  • Schizandra Plus: Supports immunity and cellular health

I’m so very excited to try all these products and see amazing results! And if anyone is interested I can link you to my page so you can order for yourself. 🙂

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Clothes, Candles, Beef and Paul Rudd

Yesterday included a visit to one of my favorite stores, Marshalls, and Walmart, the only place where I could roll out of bed and still be the sexiest broad in the store.

My main reason for needing to hit up Marshalls was to see if they still had these adorable pair of black Nike casual sneakers in stock still. I came across them about 2 months ago, and since I’ll be doing a lot of walking in New York City next weekend, I wanted to have a cute pair of sneakers to go with my outfits. I found them on the clearance rack, but unfortunately, they weren’t comfy when I walked around in them. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Aldo this week!

I did however snag an adorable grey Nike sweatshirt for $19.99 and a cozy Fall-ish maroon long sleeve top for $17.99. What a steal!

There’s Jake modeling my new Nike sweatshirt. He looks all “Fired Up” to me!

My trip to Walmart was to check out mini portable blenders for my trip to New York. I didn’t leave with one but I’m positive I’ll be back to pick up the cheap one I found. I ended up leaving Walmart with 2 scent bar packs for my Scentsy at home. Candied Carmel Apple and Country Kettle Corn were the winners. I think the kettle corn scent will backfire and make me pig out like a fool when it burns. Ooops! It simply smelled too yummy to pass it up.

My Saturday evening consisted of hitting the gym, where I completed 20 minutes on the undetermined cardio machine, ab work, stretching and 15 minutes of spinning.

When I got home, my Dad had grilled up a storm and left us to feast on all this meat.

I went for 2 bites of steak, half a piece of chicken and a salad. One of the best meals I’ve had in a bit! I can only hope that my future husband, alright let’s not jump the gun, my future boyfriend is half as good of a grill master as my Dad is.

That night, we watched Wanderlust, which had me cracking up from beginning to end. Paul Rudd is such a talented actor, and my favorite scenes had to be when Paul and Jennifer Aniston were singing and driving to his brothers, and when he tried to talk himself into having sex with another woman in the movie.

This morning I hit the gym early, where I completed a 4.3 mile run and completed 7 minutes on the stair master. It was a very quick workout since I have a date in an hour!

Crossing my fingers that this date goes well! Ahhhhh! 🙂

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Day 2: Indian Echo Caverns


Sunday we slept in until 9, which felt AHHHH-mazing! Actually Chels and I were up at 9, and we let Henry attack wake Ryan around 10, and promptly asked him to make us protein shakes for breakfast… he’s the master!

After our shakes, Ryan and I headed to the gym while Chels got a little work done around the house. I had an hour at the gym so I focused a majority of my workout on cardio, namely running. I ran 4 miles and threw in a little core work and hit the weights for a few standing side crunches.

After the gym, we showered and headed to the Indian Echo Caverns, this beautiful site 20 minutes from where they live, and explored underground caves that were home to the local Indians in the 1800s.

Ry and Chels in the Caves

The Caves and a Pool of Water

Love my Brother 🙂

After exploring the caves for an hour, we hit the gift shop and had a little, okay, a LOT of fun! 🙂

Time to Mine!

How Can You Not Love Us?!

I can’t get over how much Chels and I look like bunnies with our headsets. 😦


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Oh Hello Gym Crush

Around noon I started feeling better and FINALLY had a miniscule appetite, so instead of finishing my shake that nearly killed me this morning, I opted for a bowl of oatmeal with a dash of diced walnuts on top. While I finally got my energy back, I walked over to the gym about an hour and a half later for my workout, which was desperately needed.

Pre-Gym.. What a Mess

I ran for 2 miles and had started to head to the women’s gym to do abs and hit the Nordic trainer, when I saw my crush walk in and instantly switched up my plan. I know gym crush from my previous gym and the other day he told me he saw me at Gold’s so I’ve been on the lookout since then. I finished my route to the women’s gym where I did a few core moves QUICKLY (oops, bad I know), and booked it to the main gym where I positioned myself on a stair master. Of course I wanted to be high up so everyone gym crush could see me!

Oh and did it work! He came over, waved and smiled as he walked by me and planted himself on the elliptical right behind me. Talk about pressure not to eat shit on the stair master! I came close, but managed to save myself mid digger. Good thing I have great calves and a nice butt. I’m pretty sure I put on a good show for him. After my 10 minutes on the elliptical of not trying to eat shit, I cleaned up and chatted gym crush up for a minute. We caught up on what we were up to workwise and then I told him I had to head back to work. I had the nervous shakes and didn’t want to mess up so I’m glad I had the “I have to go back to work” excuse. That’s the only time I’ll like using that one!

Okay, trying to come back to earth.

Afternoon Workout

  • 2 mile run
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 10 minutes stair master, 43 floors
  • Drooling over gym crush.. haha kidding kidding. Actually, not kidding


My appetite is back full force and I quickly devoured this amazing ham, turkey and spinach flat.

I LOVE the doughy ends the most

Yum in the tum.


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Mini Road Trip

After leaving work at 12, I knew I had a little extra time to spare, so after hiding my purse and work belongings in the trunk of my car, I walked into Gold’s for a quick workout.

Afternoon Workout

  • 1.7 mile run
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 20 medicine ball side-to-side sit-ups
  • 13 medicine ball lumberjack chops, each side
  • 10 minutes Nordic Trainer

I’m enjoying the last 1 ½ Almond Butter Pancakes for part of my lunch before showering and heading down to RI for the afternoon and evening.

“You’re coming to see me, say what, girl?!”

I have all my Paleo healthy meals and snacks packed, now it’s time for a mini road trip.. Catch ya tomorrow!

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I Went to Summer Camp!

Every summer, Child & Family Services sends underprivileged kids between the ages of 8 and 14 to Camp Spaulding, for 2 week sessions. There, the kids get to play on the ropes course, practice their archery skills, canoe and kayak along the river, swim, create arts & crafts, learn woodcraft, and various other summer camp activities. The best thing is that the families don’t have to pay for their kids to make life-long memories, and the kids also don’t know that this is an underprivileged summer camp.

For the past several years, my company has collected money from our employees, and purchased games, equipment, and necessities for the kids and camp. This year, we collected over $200 and bought the kids various kits, puzzles and games to create “Rainy Day Kits” for each cabin. Because of our donation, the camp invited us to come down for the day and get a feel for what Camp Spaulding is all about and get to meet and hang out with the campers.

The marketing department left the office around ten this morning and headed off to camp! Felt like I was a kid again. We received a tour of the camp, where we got to peek into the boys camp and the girls camp, and got a glimpse into all the different activity areas. After a tour and history of the camp, we went into the dining hall where we got to sit with the kids at lunch tables and enjoy the typical lunch routine. The kids all had responsibilities, whether bringing the food to the table, clearing the table and putting everything away. It was great to connect with the kids and see the happiness that they get from attending summer camp.

Upon getting back to the office, I was wiped out and ready for a nap. I powered through the work day with my strawberry banana Chobani yogurt with a dash of sunflower seeds and raisins, before calling it a day and hitting the gym.

Post Camp Fuel

Evening Workout

  • 1.7 mile run
  • 15 minutes Nordic Trainer
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups

I was WICKED hungry and had errands to run quickly after the gym so I didn’t want to overdo it.

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