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In Trouble with the IT Gods

What a day what a day! So many good things have already happen that it destroys my crappy morning. I hit snooze an extra time this morning, silencing that annoying alarm. I was exhausted and decided my body desired that extra 8 minutes of shut-eye. I woke with the return of yesterdays’ pain in my inner right thigh; really hoping it doesn’t turn into the sprained groin I suffered ran through last spring.

I wanted to take it easy on my run this morning, and knew I absolutely had to get cardio in since I enjoyed peanut butter smeared on grapes and saltines. Wow, healthy night. Oh, the health fest continued with Twizzlers and a Reese’s peanut butter cup. I’m sorry, I HAD to. Emphasis on caps and bold, you know I mean business.

I ended up finishing at 3 miles, which doesn’t include the short walk and stretch breaks I took randomly throughout my run. Last spring when I sprained my groin I was stubborn and ran through the pain. Big mistake, as it forced me to go to physical therapy and took about 5 months to heal, and it wasn’t even fully healed at that point. My stretching will be lengthened and the cardio I choose to do will be better examined. I have a race soon so I can’t let it sideline me!

Morning Workout

  • 3 mile run
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
  • 3 sets of 1 minute plank holds
  • 100 jumping jacks
  • Stretching

2 of those plank holds were done at work.. I’m almost at my daily goal of 5 minutes of daily planking. Only 2 more minutes to go and I have 12 hours to get it done in. Totally doable, right guys?

I enjoyed this mouth-watering strawberry banana breeze protein smoothie I picked up last night before my meeting at Primetime Wellness. So good, but apparently there wasn’t enough protein to satisfy me.

Yesterday I also scored a pretty kick ass deal from LivingSocial and claimed 2 offers from Starbucks, which was spend $5 and get a $10 gift card. So for $10 I now have $20 to drop at Starbucks. Boo-yah bitches!

I also received my cookies & cream protein from Herbalife last night. I’m looking forward to finding some smoothie recipes for that powder, as I’d believe it’d be too sweet on its own. If you have any recipes you recommend, throw them at me!

Today is also payday! I love when payday comes after a long weekend. Not only does the work week fly by (hello it’s seriously almost Friday?!), but it’s a nice surprise to get that check, whether big or small.

Check out my favorite new bracelet I was telling you guys about that I ordered on practically quadruple sale from J.Crew. I love love love it!


I had to include a diva-ish pose in the modeling of the new bracelet. Mandatory.

To break all the above good news, IT just called me and scolded me for hogging all the bandwidth. Why yes I have YouTube open, no I’m not watching videos, I’m listening to music sillies! Since Pandora is only available from noon until 1 pm, I have taken advantage of listening to music on YouTube for the past 4 months. Looks like no more David Nail today.

On that note, since I can now hear breathing from the opposite end of the office, I will find another way to rebel against the IT Gods.

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