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New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fun, crazy, and relaxing New Year’s Eve and day, I know I sure did.

New Year’s Eve

On NYE, I headed out of work early so that Mark and I could start celebrating as soon as possible. Our idea of celebrating was pretty lame but it worked for us and made us happy to be able to spend quality time together.

I went over at 4:30 and talked for 3 hours before we realized we had to start cooking dinner. This was our first home cooked meal together and it was so much fun to be able to cook as a team.

We went for a pork loin and roasted veggies.

Mark manned the meat while I took care of the veggies.

These were the best roasted veggies I’ve ever had! Into our roast went carrots, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, tomatoes and onions, so good!

The wino even got me to enjoy a glass as well with our meal. Our first home cooked meal together was a success and I’m so excited for many more in the future!

With stuffed bellies, we settled onto the couch and shared our goals for 2013. We started watching The Game, an intense movie starring Sean Penn and Michael Douglas, but had to pause it for the ball drop. We watched several after-party performances before calling it a night around 1 am.

New Year’s Day

We woke up around 10, which for me is sleeping in extremely late. I’m usually up at 8 on days off or 9 if I want to sleep in, so my body really loved the extra laziness.

I was hoping to start the New Year off with an awesome run, but honestly, it was probably one of the worst runs I’ve had in a long time. I forgot to use my inhaler, which played a big factor since I had a lot of difficulty breathing throughout the run. I didn’t think I’d last more than a mile, but I incorporated several minutes of walking into the run and finished with a 4 mile run. I was extremely drained and couldn’t even fathom doing any strength training. Not a great 1st workout of the year but at least I got my butt moving.

I tried to replenish my body with a Chobani yogurt and a bowl of Peanut Butter Banana oatmeal before officially starting the day with a handful of errands. Around 5 I went back to Mark’s for dinner and football. I’m not a big football fan but I actually had fun watching the Rose Bowl with him.

We ordered in and shared the Toscana salad from 900 Degrees. We licked our plates clean it was so good! The lighting was too dark so I had to steal that picture from their site but it was identical to ours.

All in all, I had a great New Years and was so happy that I got to end 2012 and start 2013 with Mark.

How was your New Years? Did you suffer the day with a nasty hangover or did you start the New Year with a feeling of greatness?

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A Date Filled Weekend!

When I say that this weekend has been busy, I mean it!


Yesterday started off with a nice and sweaty 3 mile run followed up by my least favorite strength exercise that the deamon lovely Heather incorporated into my weekly workouts. I always bitch my way through it, and even though I feel beat up and awesome after it, I hate every single second of it.


I followed up with my favorite strawberry banana ice cream protein shake, which received 2 thumbs up from both of my parents. A sure sign of a home-run.

After my mug of deliciousness, I met up with Allie, my best friend to help her pick out a pair of glasses.


While assisting Allie, I had a little fun trying on ridiculously ugly glasses on and then came across a pair of Ray-Bans that I fell in true love with. For only $129, I think I might have to buy them soon!

I then hit the gym for a little cardio and sauna session before showering and getting dolled up for a date. I spent from 7:30 until 12:30 talking the night away over a beer and sushi with Mark and had the time of my life. After getting kicked out of the sushi joint, we said goodnight and then proceeded to talk until 2 am. We had such a great time that we ended up going out for lunch today!


After 7 hours of sleep, I went for a great 4.5 mile run before grabbing the messiest burgers and fries with Mark at The Farm, a restaurant downtown and right across from his city apartment. We spent several hours together laughing and talking nonstop. I haven’t been this happy in such a long time, nor have I had such an instant connection with someone since my last serious relationship. When he kissed me goodbye today I instantly missed him when he walked back to his apartment, so I know this is a great feeling. In fact, we don’t want to wait until our all-day date on Wednesday to see each other again so we’re getting together on Christmas Eve during the early part of the day to just hang out before our family festivities begin.

After my lunch date with Mark, I had several hours to kill before an annual Christmas Eve Eve Panera dinner date with my girl friends from high school. This has been a tradition of ours since high school, a good 8 years ago, but unfortunately as we get older things get in the way. Some years there are 4 of us, other years 3, but this year it was just Lisha and I as Jaime was occupied with her sister and Jenny was in Maine with her boyfriend.

Lisha and I still had a blast talking about our Christmas plans, men, and the weirdos in the cafe. After our meals, we had a little photo session as we normally do, and had a little fun with it.


Hopefully next year all 4 of us girls can get together again on Christmas Eve Eve but I was just happy at least 2 of us were able to keep the tradition going!

I’m pretty exhausted so it’s time to curl up in bed and watch Christmas with the Kranks. I’m so excited to see Mark tomorrow, and then celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents, Ryan and Chelsey. Yay!! 🙂

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Sweating Out the Bad Stuff

Last night’s date was a success! Jay and I met at one of my favorite pool bars, sadly not the swim up kind. We ended up grabbing a drink and playing 4 games of pool while talking and getting to know one another.

Jay was really sweet and a good guy, definitely not the outgoing and flirty types I’m used to, I’d say he was more so of the shy kind, but at the end of the night, I’m glad I went out. I’ll put it this way. If he were to ask me out again I’d say yes, but I’m not staring at my phone hoping to hear from him.

It was almost like a high school reunion at Jillian’s last night because I saw so many familiar faces, not necessarily from my class, but that I knew throughout my high school years. I even saw one of my best friends crushes, who was at the table 3 down from us.

Back in our early high school days, he used to have a crush on me and would run around their work yelling, “Alison Kendraaaa!” Really not sure how he ever found out my middle name, but I couldn’t help but to smile when that memory popped into my head. I had to text Jen right away and she wanted me to go up to him and say hi and that she said hi too. I had to pass, since I really didn’t want to look like a creep! Apparently she’s going to go up to him today and ask how pool was last night. Oh dear lord!


Breakfast this morning included a chocolate peanut butter protein shake and grapefruit.

The addition of REAL peanut butter and not my PB2 made this bad boy extra creamy and extra delicious! Tasted just like one of my brother’s famous protein shakes, which I’ll get to enjoy for an entire week starting on Christmas Eve! 🙂

Breakfast hit the spot after a sweaty morning run. I haven’t sweated that much on a run in I don’t even know how long. Maybe it was from the beer last night, or the bread with butter I ate when I got home. That’s a healthy dinner right? Just sweating out all the bad food I ate last night.

Today’s a new day and I’m actually very excited to have a free night so that I can have a proper dinner, get some blog work done (switch to a self-hosting site and contact a designer), and relax with a good book. Ahhhh is it 5 o’clock yet?!

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The Dreaded First Date

With all of this strength training and kick-ass workouts that Heather is putting me through, do you know what I have come to look forward to? Cardio days. It’s like Christmas morning to me, seriously. I used to get so bored of my cardio routines on my lunch breaks, but now with my strength workouts, the rare “cardio only” day is something that I have really begun to look forward to.

It felt good to plug away on the cardio machines today, but it also made me miss my strength workouts. Funny how things work, huh?

Afternoon Workout

  • 15 minute run
  • 15 minutes vertical elliptical
  • 1 set of 13 tricep press with 15 lb dumbbell
  • 13 lumberjack chops with 15 lb dumbbell, each side

Can you tell I was missing my weights today? I HAD to do something dumbbell related, and the last exercise also worked my core so it was a double whammy! 🙂



After my workout I enjoyed a bowl of brown rice, ground turkey, broccoli slaw, mushrooms and tomatoes. I LOVE this meal because it’s so easy to make and deliciously healthy too!

Tonight I have a date! <– That exclamation point is only there because I’m trying to sound excited. I’m tired of continually going on first dates, it gets tiring after a bit, but I know that if I want a relationship then I’m going to have to suck it up and go on those dreaded first dates.

He seems pretty normal and just bought Christmas scented Yankee Candles so he’s already good in my books. He’s coming up from Lowell, which is about 40 minutes away, and we’re going to get a drink and play pool at one of my favorite places in Manchester.

Hopefully this goes well, since he seems extremely cute in photos and sounds like a good guy so far. Let’s just hope I don’t end up on Catfish with this one!


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Puppies and Cupcakes

This afternoon has been quite exciting around the office in the marketing department.

First and most importantly, Nichole, a Marketing Coordinator in our department, who also dabbles on the side with her on cake business, Pampered Chef, and being a foster mom for the Animal Shelter (holy crap woman, take a breath!), brought in a batch of her famous Whoopee Pies and Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

Oh they smelled so delicious, absolutely delicious, but I didn’t cave in. Instead, I basked in their sweet and heavenly aroma, while managing not to gain 10 pounds.

Drooling like a Mofo

After the excitement of sweets, we got a little work done before preparing to meet our boss’ new puppy, Murphy!

Like previously mentioned, Nichole fosters puppies for the Animal Shelter, and is responsible for fostering Murphy for several days. After picking Murphy up, Nichole and Murphy drove over to the office to visit his new mommy, sisters, grandma, and his mommy’s coworkers.

Murph Man

Murphy is the CUTEST puppy.. after my Kipper Dudes of course 😉 Murph man loved rolling around in the wet bark mulch. He’s already so smart!

I was able to squeeze in a pretty decent workout on my lunch break. I started with a mile run, and while my goal was 1.5 miles, my legs felt beat, so instead of overdoing it, I listened to my body and switched up my cardio.

Afternoon Workout

  • 1 mile run
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 20 medicine ball side sit-ups
  • 2 sets of 13 medicine ball lumberjack chops (1 each side)
  • 2 sets of 13 medicine ball lumberjack chop squats <– HAHA (1 each side)
  • 15 minutes nordic trainer
  • 2 sets of 13 back extensions, 95 lbs.

Few more hours of work then it’s off to date night with Mike, my best friend. I believe we have a little shopping date planned. Gosh, gay best friends do make the BEST friends.

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First Date Jitters

Yesterday I simply didn’t have enough time to post a blog, so here’s a little recap.

Afternoon Workout

  • 2 mile run
  • 5 minutes rowing, level 6
  • 7 minutes stair climber, 24 floors
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • Stretching


After work, I flew home, fed the pup and let him play outside for a bit before I jumped in the shower and got ready for date night! First dates always terrify me. Whenever I don’t have a date or I’m not talking to someone, I instantly want a date, but whenever I have a date lined up, I don’t want to go. I think it’s just the first date jitters of hoping that person will like you.

The date was so much fun! We ended up going to Jillians, a really fun sports bar that has a deck overlooking the Merrimack River, with seating, a bar and billiards inside. We ended up playing two games of pool and had a few beers before I had to get home to the dog. So glad I went, plus he wore boat shoes, which just about makes me lose control.


Oh hello you tattooed sexy beast


Nothing sexier than a man in boat shoes!

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