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Two Gym Memberships?!

Happy hump day everyone! It’s one of my favorite days of the (work)week. Halfway through the week and 1 day away from payday.. Cha-ching!

This morning my alarm woke me up at 5:40 just like every morning, telling me it was time to head out on my 3 mile pre-work run. I was confused at first, but then realized I had a brand new pair of running shoes waiting for their first run, and jumped out of bed.

I have been running religiously for the past few years and have not strayed from my Nike Lunarflys. I started with the Lunarfly, then went through 3 pairs of the Lunarfly 2’s (all different colors), and my Lunarfly 3’s arrived last night. Talk about brand loyalty 🙂

Look at my pretty babies!

It was one of the easiest runs I’ve had this week, and ended up being able to fit in 3.25 miles before heading to work and solving all the worlds’ problems. Well, at least just the marketing problems. Today I learned how to run a report on employees and hundreds and hundreds of their projects.

After work, I walked into Gold’s Gym (I have to park in their parking lot for work), and talked to a hunk about activating a free months membership courtesy of my coworker. 5 minutes later, I knocked off the $199 start-up fee and left with a membership! I’m so excited to have access to more than a treadmill, elliptical, and machines. I’m most looking forward to the spinning, kickboxing, yoga and body pump classes I know have access to. Now I have two gym memberships for a little bit. Part of me really doesn’t want to give up Planet Fitness, as I’ve built so many great friendships over the past 7 years there.

When I got home I was so famished, but couldn’t help but to brag about my new membership. My first free moment I had, I made this AH-mazing egg and cheese sandwich. I made an egg over easy and an egg white, with a tablespoon of shredded cheese in the middle, sandwiched between an “Everything” Thomas Bagel Thin. It was a little plain, so I ended up pouring salsa on it. Genius!

Cheesy, salsa-y goodness!

Alright, time to bust out my inner diva and watch last week’s episode of Drop Dead Diva. Love me some Grayson!

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Back to the Blogging World!

Ahhhhh, it feels so good to be blogging again! During the Spring semester of my senior year in college (2+ years ago, ugh!) I passionately blogged about the music industry and then stopped a few months after I graduated. I’m so excited to be back! This time around I’ll be rambling on about my sweet, sweet addiction to running and peanut butter, living a balanced life of heavenly food and exercising… Oh, and about my crazy life!

I went to Bryant University for my undergraduate degree and focused my studies on Communication and Marketing, but focused my Communication studies on writing and journalism, which is why I’m SO excited to be blogging again. My dream job, which I’m working towards getting to, is to work on the creative side of a firm, where I can write, write, write (fun stuff of course) and lend a hand to social media needs. Currently I work in the Marketing department at a Civil Engineering firm, so I’m on my way of chasing my dreams!


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