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Too High Maintenance for Running Shoes

My alarm started singing at 5:40 am, and once again, it confused me. This week my brain keeps asking “Why are you getting up? It’s sleep time!” Once I realized it was still only Thursday, I took two puffs from my inhaler (yay to exercise induced asthma!), and hit snooze for 8 more minutes, just like every other morning. After the rude singing of my alarm, I rolled out of bed and threw on my running shoes and went for a 3.1 mile run.
Let me just tell you, this run was one word. Awful. Also referred to as brutal, painful, bitchin’. I’m not sure if my lil’ munchkin legs were a little tired, or if it can entirely be blamed on my shoes. I’ll say 20/80. The shoes, I hate to say it, aren’ going to cut it. They’re about .5 ounces heavier than what I’m used to, and I hate to sound high maintenance, but they won’t suffice. They also left the inside of my foot in a lot of pain. Nope. Not going to run 450 miles in those puppies. Sad sad day.But I think these are my next choice:

Saucony Progrid Kinvara 3

I tried them on last week at Dick’s Sporting Goods, my favorite store, and also a store I can never justify leaving without apparel or shoes, and loved them. I fell in love with them right away. Super light, but not too light, and extremely adorable, yet fierce. My only stuck-up was that they weren’t Nike, and like I said, I am very brand loyal to Nike and their Lunarfly shoe. I’ve check EVERY online store possible for the Lunarfly 2 and it looks like it was their time to stop being sold. Ugh. SOS. WTF. FML.

Breakfast consisted of my go-to workweek breakfast: Quaker’s Instant Banana Bread Oatmeal, with one Truvia packet and a spoonful of finely diced walnuts. You seriously can only use the finely diced walnuts in it. As much as I love eating whole walnuts (thanks for the addiction brother!), the finely diced are evenly incorporated into EVERY-SINGLE-BITE.
I haven’t had the biggest appetite today but wanted to get a little something something in me before hitting the gym on my lunch hour, so I grabbed my Mango Chobani yogurt, threw a few strawberries and half a blackberry (don’t ask), and whisked it together with a spoonful of uncooked oatmeal.

Hey mang-o, whatchya got there?

Now it’s off to my FIRST workout at Gold’s Gym. I’m extremely nervous, and told Jen, my coworker who got me into Gold’s, that I thought I was going to puke from nerves. After she drew me a cute little drawing of the gym (so I wouldn’t look like a lost girl on her first day of high school), I put on my big girl padded sports bra (hello fellllas!), and went for my workout. Let’s hope I make it out alive! ☺

I might be smiling, but I really want to puke!

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