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M&M Dispenser on my Mind

I came home to no P90X sitting in my mailbox. I was sad. I was happy. I was sad I wasn’t going to get a killer (literally) workout in since I slacked on my lunch and ran 1.5 miles and spent the rest of the time in the sauna, but happy I was going to live another day.

Tomorrow is the day. Or at least that’s what the man trying to kill me told me tonight.

Instead of working out, I ran errands, ate grapes dunked in peanut butter and caught up with my “up on the times” uncle. Seriously, the man is on Voxer. If you haven’t downloaded it for your iPhone, you have to! It’s a mix between a phone call and a text. A 21st century walkie talkie. The man is ADDICTED to it and is voxing me multiple times a minute. Slow down mister!

In fun news, Saturday is going to be spent in New York City with my college roommates. Linds and I are leaving NH around 6:30 and getting our girl Nicole in Boston, and then meeting up with CTers Kate and Michelle in the City.

Senior Year, Graduation Weekend. Such Babies!

Yes, that’s me on the far left with a bob! Such a diva.

Hopefully our friend AJ will also make an appearance. If you don’t remember, I ran into him in Times Square last month. So random!

I’m so excited to spend the day with my girls, but more excited to stick my head under the peanut butter M&M dispenser.

Get In My Mouth!!

It doesn’t even faze me that these are about 4 times more expensive than in Target. They taste 20 times richer coming from the dispensers, and if you’re like me, you’ll eat about half your bag before getting to the register. Fat ass what?

Alright, time to go check the job board out. Yay! Ugh!

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