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Cat Puke in My Shoes

Happy Monday!


Exactly how I feel. If you haven’t heard this saying before, you HAVE to watch this great video. Mike is obsessed with it and got me hooked on it. Apparently it’s a pretty popular saying in Boston!

Last night wasn’t a great sleeping night. I felt like I kept waking up every several hours, and I even woke up to my cat heaving and getting ready to puke. I panicked and darted out of bed to try to get him out before he puked, but it was too late and he found a nice spot for his dinner in my old pair of running shoes that I wear all the time. Let me tell ya, cleaning your shoe at 3 am is pretty damn fun, I highly recommend it!

Morning Workout

A few short hours later my alarm went off a little too loud for my tired ears, but I was able to drag my butt to the treadmill for a surprisingly amazing run. Taking yesterday afternoon off from weights and letting my body rest did wonders for today’s workout.


I was so excited that I was able to run a little farther today, even if it was only an extra .3 miles. Progress has to start somewhere and I’m pleased with it so far!

After my run, I was a hungry hungry girl, so I polished off a strawberry banana protein shake before starting my work week.

Mid-morning I snacked on a Honeycrisp apple (my newest addiction), 24 almonds, and a clementine. My appetite is in full force today because an hour later I was more than ready for lunch.

Lately I’ve been enjoying an Amy’s veggie burger with veggies for lunch, but today I wanted carbs so I threw the burger on a slice of Ezekiel bread and enjoyed an open-faced burger.


This is easily my new jam! The firm but doughy bread took this lunch to an entirely new level, and will definitely be a staple in my work week lunches. It’s easy to prepare, healthy and satisfying. A 1-2-3 punch.. straight to the baby maker.


The veggies were leftovers from last night’s BBQ, which looked a lot like this plate of heaven:


Maybe dinner was what fueled my run this morning!

I skipped my lunch time workout today with plans of taking the Monday evening spinning class that I used to take back in the day before training. I’m pretty exhausted and am contemplating not going, but I know the workout will be great and I really want to test out my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch and see what I burn during the ride.

Also of noteworthy blog mentions, I have a killer headache and an uncontrollable bladder.

Let me hear your Monday horror stories.

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