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Date Night & Chobani Addiction

If my body was hurting yesterday, then this morning is death for my body. Along with being tired, my body is seriously feeling Heather’s almost-puke workout from Thursday.

Yesterday I was able to enjoy another half relaxing day. After leaving work at 1 for a half day, I went to the gym for a light cardio workout which included 25 minutes on the elliptical and a 1-mile speed walk, and then the best part, 25 minutes in the sauna. Talk about relaxing.

My night got even better as Mark the Prospect and I celebrated him being a smarty pants and passing the CBIM test, aka the Certified Business Intelligence Professional test. We had planned on going on out to eat, but we were so tired and comfy on the couch watching a movie that we just decided to stay in. I didn’t mind at all. It was cold and windy outside, and I really didn’t want to go out to eat again.


The Prospect requested a picture of us and I was happy to oblige, even if it did turn out dark and blurry. Damn that earring earned the center of attention in the picture!

I got home around 11:30 and was out cold, before waking this morning around 9 am. I could have stayed in bed a lot longer but I have several things I want to get done before we head to my Mom’s brother’s house for Christmas with her family.

I do plan on getting some type of workout in this morning, but I’ll have to see what my body tells me it’s okay with. I just finished up my newest addiction, thanks to Lisha. Vanilla greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter, holy heavens is this baby good.


I one uped her and went for Chobani Vanilla Chocolate Chunk.


Mixed with Teddie’s Peanut Butter and this baby is a slam dunk and perfect for pre-workout fuel.

Alright, time to go tackle my to-do list before heading to my Uncle’s. Luckily the desserts there rarely tempt me. I’m tackling this holiday party with a clean-eating mind!

And before I sign out, a seriously special shout-out to my girls that left comments on yesterday’s post and encourage me to not give up and beat myself up for my holiday weight gain. You girls and all of my readers mean the world to me. So thankful for you guys every single day! xo

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Banned from Teddie’s PB… How Rude!

Today has gotten off to a much better start then yesterday’s episode of backing my Lexus into my basketball hoop. On second thought, I did leave my Chobani in the fridge at home, so the world is definitely ending today and not tomorrow.

I slept like a rock last night, although I did have several dreams about the Teddie’s All Natural Peanut Butter that has been sitting in our cupboard since Sunday. It’s Ryan’s favorite kind and I have been officially banned from opening it until he arrives on Christmas Eve. Probably one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard!

This morning I was able to get in a decent workout, although my body is feeling pretty tired from the past several days of strength training, so I’m psyched that today is my cardio only day!

Morning Workout

• 3.8 mile run
• 2 sets of 13 deadlifts – my lower back was feeling tight during my run so I did these to loosen it up
• 1 minute plank
• 50 crunches
• 1 minute plank hold
• :30 second side plank holds with last 10 seconds with a leg lift
• 100s Abs
• 50 heel touchers
• 2 sets of 20 plank tucks


Last night I picked up a bag of frozen strawberries and was able to FINALLY make my latest favorite on the protein shake front, my strawberry banana shake! I went green to avoid an extra cup to wash and just chugged it from the blender. There’s no such thing as being classy before 11 am.

Last Night

Last night I had fun decorating Christmas cookies, but I accidentally bought decorative icing that doesn’t harden, and it’s just sticky and gooey, which is going to make it difficult to box these treats up. 😦

I think I might have to think of something else to do and find a new home for these guys.

Oh well, it was still fun and I did get to enjoy 2 sugar cookies. Hey, I burned over 1,000 calories from working out alone yesterday so those babies were hard earned. 😉

Dinner had to have been one of the most amazing creations I’ve thrown together in a matter of minutes. After yesterday afternoons strength session, I was pretty hungry, so I threw together a cheesy double veggie burger sandwich.

All I needed were these 4 ingredients and a microwave safe dish.

I combined the veggie burger, veggies and shredded cheese in the bowl and microwaved it for a minute, before crumbing the burger into bite sized pieces, and microwaving for an additional minute. I sprinkled a little cheese in the bottom of the pita, dumped in the veggie mix and topped it with more cheese.

I misjudged the size of the pita and ended up eating some of the excess burger before stuffing my face with the good stuff.

Not only was this meal easy and only took minutes to assemble, but I felt good about eating a messy pita burger that tasted so decadent!

That’s all she wrote, catch ya later tonight!

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