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Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Boston

The snow is falling and it’s truly starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Yesterday after a quick run and lift, I headed down to Boston to spend the day with Mike. We started off the afternoon by heading to the Museum of Fine Arts. What really drew me in was the Royal Family exhibit, and I was extremely excited when Prince William’s face was plastered on a banner outside.


Sadly I was told I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the Royal Family exhibit, but I made Mike take a picture of me with the exhibit behind me.


I know it’s a little blurry, but you can see my future hubby, Prince William behind my head. God he’s so delish!! How excited are we that he’s having a baby? Really hoping it’s a little baby boy.

Speaking of husbands, can we please enjoy the view of my future boyfriend.


Really not sure why this was my favorite piece in the museum, but I was really loving it. It reminds me of something you’d see in CSI:NY!


Mike had fun posing like a fancy man in the room that reminded us of “tea and crumpets.” The next room we wandered in he silently screamed with his twin.


In between taking pictures when not allowed, getting in trouble for touching a piece (oops) and Mike playing around, I’m honestly surprised we weren’t thrown out. If there was an award for the most immature museum goers, we would’ve won the award without any competition.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it through the entire museum before it closed, but we made the best out of what we saw. Mike gets free tickets to the museums and other acts in Boston through his company so we can always go back in the future!


Once we left at 5, we hopped back onto the T and headed towards Faneuil Hall to enjoy the Christmas decorations.


I was so excited to see the first Christmas tree all lit up in the center of Faneuil Hall and even got a picture in front of it!


Mike was famished so we headed inside the Quincy Market to browse the food selections, and stumbled upon some of the BEST looking cookies, brownies, cupcakes and cookie sandwiches ever.


We decided to share a peanut butter chocolate cookie, and devoured it in 45 seconds or less.


All I wanna do is go back and get the cookie loaded with M&Ms. Oh my gosh, SO good and worth every bite. Sometimes you just have to treat yo’self and live a little. 😉 In the past I would’ve refused a bite and would’ve felt guilty for the rest of the night, but I even coughed up several bucks to buy it and gladly welcomed sharing half of it with Mike.


We continued walking through the market browsing the food selections and the yummy men, before venturing back outside to the cold. When we made it outside, everyone was gathered around the main Christmas tree to watch the Blink! show that had just started.


Blink! is a show that uses the lights on the Christmas trees and every lighted tree that is scattered throughout Faneuil Hall and the lights on the trees blink and light up in accordance with holiday music. A new song is played every half hour, from 4:30pm until 10:00pm. Everyone was in awe, just look at the girls face in the photo above. Easily my favorite part of the night.


I had a great day and evening with my best friend and I love him dearly!


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