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Gotta Love Deliveries.. Herbalife Came!

Today was a busy day! I switched up my normal lunch time routine and opted to head home to check out my Herbalife delivery. I’ve been patiently waiting for my products to arrive all week so I eagerly took lunch an hour and a half early to check out my new swag. 🙂

This box was heavy, weighing in at 36 pounds. It was a workout just carrying it inside and upstairs. Afternoon workout complete.

After playing around with my new Herbalife products and taking several vitamins, I headed over to the DMV to renew my duplicate license. Back in March, my car was broken into and gone went my license. Since I was residing in Los Angeles at the time, the DMV overnighted me a duplicate license, and since tomorrow is my half birthday (woo celebration!) the 6-month dup was due to expire. I was surprised and relieved when I left the DMV with a valid license after only an hour. Since I went around 1:30, I figured, along with my coworker, that I would be there for several hours.

The rest of the afternoon flew by at work, although I was extremely antsy to get to the gym and get a cardio workout in. I snacked on a Herbalife protein bar at the DMV to keep myself from passing out from hunger. I had made a protein shake for a lunch on the go while I headed to the DMV but it tasted like a dirty butt hole, so I nixed that sucker. Luckily I had a wrap at work that I had my mind-set on while having hunger hallucinations at the DMV.

Look at the extremely doughy corner. HEAVEN!

Turkey, ham, spinach and mustard wrap.

I had a great 1.6 mile run in the women’s gym while a Maksim Chmerkovskiy look-a-like trainer worked a lady in front of me. Talk about watching a GREAT show at the gym. I turned my iPod off just so I could hear his training tips to the lady. I told you I like getting a good deal, and I’m pretty sure watching and eavesdropping on a training session is one of the best deals you can snag. Side note, I did catch Maksim checking himself out in the mirror while the lady was lifting. Andddd I’m no longer attracted to you.

And the main act of today…. my Herbalife products!

  • Herbal Aloe Concentrate (Not Pictured): Soothes the stomach, relieves occasional indigestion and improves nutrient absorption
  • Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars: 12 g of soy and whey protein blend, 23 vitamins and minerals, excellent source of fiber and controls appetite and sustains hunger
  • Peanut Butter Protein Bars: 12 g of soy and whey protein blend, 23 vitamins and minerals, excellent source of fiber and controls appetite and sustains hunger
  • Vanilla Almond Protein Bars: Helps build and maintain lean muscle, essential vitamins and 10 g of healthy protein, no artificial sweeteners and 140 cals
  • Personalized Protein Powder: Helps build and maintain lean muscled mass, fat-free protein supplement for hunger control, & 5 g of soy and whey protein per scoop, and all 9 essential amino acids
  • Dutch Chocolate Protein Powder: 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 g of soy protein, 5 g of carbs
  • French Vanilla Protein Powder: 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 g of soy protein, 5 g of carbs
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Instant Protein Powder: 20 g of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals, and calcium 
  • Radiant C Skin Booster Gel: Antioxidant-enriched gel-cream seals in skin’s natural moisture and enhances texture and tone
  • Sleep Now Aid: Promotes relaxation for better sleep without drowsiness, helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle
  • 21 Day Herbal Cleansing Program: Helps promote the body’s natural elimination of toxins and supports healthy elimination
  • Florafiber: Helps promote intestinal health with fiber and friendly bacteria
  • Multivitamin: Over 20 essential nutrients and antioxidants, includes folic acid, calcium and iron, supports your immune system and promotes healthy bones, skin & hair
  • Thermo-Bond: Helps you feel fuller longer, supports weight loss 
  • Cell-U-Loss: Supports the appearance of healthy skin, healthy elimination of water, maintains electrolyte balance & a healthy pH level
  • Total Control: Boost metabolism, builds energy & alertness
  • Cell Activator: Contains aloe vera which supports the body’s absorption of micronutrients and cellular energy production
  • Herbal Tea Concentrate: Supports energy & metabolism
  • Aminogen: Helps break down proteins into amino acids, reduces bloating caused by incomplete protein digestion, and promotes lean muscle mass
  • Snack Defense: Helps support blood sugar level
  • Schizandra Plus: Supports immunity and cellular health

I’m so very excited to try all these products and see amazing results! And if anyone is interested I can link you to my page so you can order for yourself. 🙂

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Hitting Balls Solves Everything

The afternoon was about 10 times better than the first half of my day. There’s no surprise that a quick workout and spending time at the driving range with my best friend instantly flipped my mood.

A grasshopper protein shake (pistachio and mint chocolate), courtesy of Herbalife, put a pretty ginormous smile on my face.

Grasshopper Shake = Big Smiles

I followed it up with my veggies. Mom would be proud.

After a quick afternoon at work, I hit the gym quickly for a brief workout before meeting up with my best friend, Allie, at the driving range.

Evening Workout

  • 1 mile run
  • 6 minutes rowing, level 4.5 – I was going to only do 5 minutes, but this lady wouldn’t STOP staring me down every 30 seconds so I kept going just to annoy her.. mature I know
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 20 side-to-side medicine ball sit-ups
  • Stretching

I quickly made it to the driving range where we saw our former high school teammate, Ashley, and scored 2 for 1 buckets! Pays having connections. 😉

Going Deep

Gotta love the pink club Ashley lent me!

Tiger Who?!

Golfing was extremely fun and I would love to get to the ranges a lot more before they close for the season. After hitting balls, I whipped up chocolate peanut butter yogurt in my favorite glass.

Fage 2% plain greek yogurt + chocolate peanut butter protein= Yum!

Favorite Yogurt in my Favorite Glass

Tim, an ex of mine from when I lived in Los Angeles, gave me a set of 4 of these glasses when he was packing up his house. The story behind the glass is unique. Tony’s On the Pier is a bar in Manhattan Beach and when you order a fire shot, it’s served in this glass, which you get to keep. Tim did a lot of shots in his days!

Alright, off to pack. This girl decided to follow through with her PA plans!

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