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Achy Breaky Body

This morning I woke up with THE achiest body known to man-kind. Apparently my TRX workout from yesterday decided to make an appearance during the middle of the night, because when I woke up around 4 am, I could barely move my legs or arms.

A sore body, coupled with waking up every hour on the hour to blow my nose, left me with a burning headache and a tired body when I woke around quarter of 9.

I headed downstairs, grabbed half of a grapefruit, and enjoyed a Chobani powerbowl while I watched last weeks’ episode of Parks & Rec.

Into my powerbowl went a bowl of Chobani strawberry, old-fashioned oats, PB2, chia seeds and finely diced walnuts. The peanut butter added a nice twist to the bowl, and seriously reminded me of pb & j. This hit the spot and fueled me through my 4 mile run at Gold’s Gym this morning.

I didn’t have an appetite at all after my run but I knew I needed to properly fuel my body so I went for dippy eggs!

Dippy eggs with a clementine. Sweet sweet breakfast!

After showering up, I cleaned the house and then had a movie date with my momma to see the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2. I’m not going to give anything away, but the surprise ending was AMAZING. Yes, shouty capitals are tremendously necessary. During the credits 2 groups of ladies almost got into a brawl right next to me. There was a, “did you just kick me, bitch?” thrown, followed by a, “the lady who smells of beer.” Ohhhh gotta love older woman causing drama. These ladies were honestly in their 30’s and also late 60’s.

I was just thankful that there wasn’t a cat fight on top of me!

The rest of my evening consisted of grocery shopping (joy!) and doing today’s P90X strength workout, Chest/Shoulder/Tri, followed by core work while I watched The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, another one of my top Christmas movies.

Core Work

  • 2 sets of 50 regular crunches
  • 50 side crunches, each side
  • 50 heel touchers
  • 50 scissors
  • 2 sets of 13 dead-lifts
  • 2 sets of 13 standing dumbbell side crunches

The movie started at 6 on Hallmark and I couldn’t NOT watch it, so what better way to triple-task while I blog, work my core and watch Christmas movies.

Now it’s time to watch Christmas movies the rest of the night and brainstorm meals for tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

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Sexiest Man Alive and a Broccoli Overload

Mark this as VERY IMPORTANT:

People Magazine announced the Sexiest Man Alive late this morning and I am not pleased.

Okay, fine. Channing Tatum does look MARVELOUS in that beater, and tweed pants and freckled shoulders ensemble he’s rocking. I’ll give him that. I like Channing when he’s trim, but beefy Channing is not a sexy Channing. Sure, sure he stole my heart in The Vow, well by the end of the movie he did, but, Sexiest Man Alive? Nope. Not even close.

Oh hey, baby. Now THAT’S more like it. Gimme a piece of McDreamy! 😉 Sexiest Man Alive right there ladies and gentlemen. Don’t argue, you won’t win.

In all seriousness, who do you think should have taken the Sexiest Man Alive title?

Ever year I petition for Patrick Dempsey and every year I lose. That’s okay, he holds the title in my heart. Seriously though, hands off, he’s mine.


Last night my appetite magically disappeared. By disappeared, I mean that after work, dinner consisted of a handful of Special K crackers and 1 White Choco-Chip Butternut Square. Yes, only 1. That’s all I ate from 5:30 pm until 10:30 am. No rumbling belly, no junk food craving. A spoonful of peanut butter wasn’t even appealing to me.

I typically get cravings for an entire jar of peanut butter when I’m full and still go after it anyways because I’m a fatty I treat myself. 😉


Woke up once during the middle of the night, had to go downstairs for something, walked by the kitchen and cabinets and the plate full of squares, and didn’t even have the slightest craving for anything.

The world MUST be ending. I’m telling you there are some weird things going on!

My workout was kick ass and I loved the burn I got from my core workout. That was easily the All-Star of today’s workout.

Wednesday’s Workout

  • 5 mile run
  • 4 sets of 15 stair push-ups
  • 1 minute plank and 30 second side plank holds
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
  • 2 sets of 50 heel touchers
  • 50  vertical toe touches
  • 150 crunches: 50 regular, left and right
  • 100’s Abs
  • 20 minutes interval on vertical elliptical
  • Stretching

I call this one my 50’s workout. 🙂

Kip even helped me with my stretching and foam rolling. That boy does NOT look amused. That or he’s just sad that he knows I’ll be leaving for work soon. 😦

Breakfast included a little twist on my usual Raspberry Mango Overnight Oats. This morning, I opened my snack drawer to see if I could throw more in the bowl and was pleased when my PB2 and flax-seed were looking right at me.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. This was pure heaven in my mouth. I wasn’t even that hungry but I still demolished this sucker in minutes. I just love my Chobani powerbowls!

After my afternoon workout, I still wasn’t hungry at all, but I knew that I had to eat something otherwise my workout would have been a waste if I didn’t properly nourish it. I’ve been neglecting my vegetables lately (shush I know) so I redeemed myself and enjoyed a plate full of veggies and several turkey roll-ups.

3/4 of my plate is broccoli. Holy Moses, I’m gonna be seeing green later, and I don’t mean the dollar bills either!

Tonight after work I have to make a pit-stop at my favorite store ever, Target for glitter nail polish a few beauty essentials, and then I’ll be tearing it up with my man, Tony Horton!

Laters baby. 😉

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