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A Date Filled Weekend!

When I say that this weekend has been busy, I mean it!


Yesterday started off with a nice and sweaty 3 mile run followed up by my least favorite strength exercise that the deamon lovely Heather incorporated into my weekly workouts. I always bitch my way through it, and even though I feel beat up and awesome after it, I hate every single second of it.


I followed up with my favorite strawberry banana ice cream protein shake, which received 2 thumbs up from both of my parents. A sure sign of a home-run.

After my mug of deliciousness, I met up with Allie, my best friend to help her pick out a pair of glasses.


While assisting Allie, I had a little fun trying on ridiculously ugly glasses on and then came across a pair of Ray-Bans that I fell in true love with. For only $129, I think I might have to buy them soon!

I then hit the gym for a little cardio and sauna session before showering and getting dolled up for a date. I spent from 7:30 until 12:30 talking the night away over a beer and sushi with Mark and had the time of my life. After getting kicked out of the sushi joint, we said goodnight and then proceeded to talk until 2 am. We had such a great time that we ended up going out for lunch today!


After 7 hours of sleep, I went for a great 4.5 mile run before grabbing the messiest burgers and fries with Mark at The Farm, a restaurant downtown and right across from his city apartment. We spent several hours together laughing and talking nonstop. I haven’t been this happy in such a long time, nor have I had such an instant connection with someone since my last serious relationship. When he kissed me goodbye today I instantly missed him when he walked back to his apartment, so I know this is a great feeling. In fact, we don’t want to wait until our all-day date on Wednesday to see each other again so we’re getting together on Christmas Eve during the early part of the day to just hang out before our family festivities begin.

After my lunch date with Mark, I had several hours to kill before an annual Christmas Eve Eve Panera dinner date with my girl friends from high school. This has been a tradition of ours since high school, a good 8 years ago, but unfortunately as we get older things get in the way. Some years there are 4 of us, other years 3, but this year it was just Lisha and I as Jaime was occupied with her sister and Jenny was in Maine with her boyfriend.

Lisha and I still had a blast talking about our Christmas plans, men, and the weirdos in the cafe. After our meals, we had a little photo session as we normally do, and had a little fun with it.


Hopefully next year all 4 of us girls can get together again on Christmas Eve Eve but I was just happy at least 2 of us were able to keep the tradition going!

I’m pretty exhausted so it’s time to curl up in bed and watch Christmas with the Kranks. I’m so excited to see Mark tomorrow, and then celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents, Ryan and Chelsey. Yay!! 🙂

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Best Friend Date & Thanksgiving Dinner #2

What a tiring past 24 hours!

Yesterday we left off with me relaxing for several minutes before I had to head to my neighbors to babysit my 3 favorite kiddos while their parents went out to celebrate their Dad’s birthday.

Bella, Markie and JJ were all doing their own thing, so I spent time playing and hanging out with each of them. Markie and I started out with watching some of his favorite shows, including Spongebob (okay I actually LOVE when he watches this, it’s SO good!), then I helped JJ brainstorm the book she’s working on to give to her former teacher.

Bella and I went into the basement to show each other workout exercises. Bella and I get along extremely well. She’s a former gymnast and a current track & field star, so it’s always fun to watch her show me her insanely disgusting flexibility moves. She even told me last night that she used to be able to take her glasses off with her feet. Ew!


One of my favorite parts of being with the kids last night was watching them choose their advent calendars and then opening day #1. We actually had a debate over which number you open first. I always opened #1 first, and #24 on Christmas Eve, but they did the opposite. They always opened #24 first since they were “counting down.” That’s Bella on the right in the above picture trying to “Google” which way was correct. We gave up and called it a truce when Markie decided to open #24 and eat a chocolate. Problem solved. 😉

With an advent calendar, do you typically open box #1 or #24 first?

I didn’t end up getting home last night or this morning until 2 am. Mr. & Mrs. Messina sure did have a great time celebrating Mark’s birthday, but it was torture on me. By the time I got home and was ready for bed, it was 3 am!

I only slept until 9:15 this morning, which means today has been a painful and tiring day!

I enjoyed a bowl of Chobani yogurt with Chia seeds while watching last week’s Parks & Rec episode before I went for a 3.5 mile run.

After my run, I met my best friend Lisha halfway, about 45 minutes for each of us, for a lunch date at Panera. I hadn’t been feeling well all morning so I only ordered the chicken noodle soup bowl.


$5.64 for that bowl of soup was a little outrageous, but I knew that my body needed the calories and protein so I forced myself to eat it. I pocketed that lil’ mini apple and plan to enjoy it tomorrow.


After talking about our workouts, Christmas and men, we called it a day, took our annual picture and said our goodbyes. I knew that I had my “Total Body Workout” to do this evening, and I was completely dreading it. With being tired and the weather, it was the last thing I wanted to do, but I relaxed for half an hour when I got home and then trekked on over to the gym.

I’m SO glad that I went, because it was an awesome workout that left me schweaty and hungry. By the time I got home, my 2nd Thanksgiving dinner with my parents was ready.


I’ll be completely honest with you guys when I say that I enjoyed 2 servings of stuffing and a LOT of crunchy skin. I never treat myself with the skin but it was there and I wanted it, so I ate some. All I can say is that I’m one stuffed turkey! 😉

Now it’s time to go find someone to rub my full belly and watch a Christmas movie and relax for the night. I hope you guys had a great weekend!

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