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Double Digits December

Happy double digits December!


I cannot believe that it is already December 10th. This month and year has flown by way too quickly. It seems like so much has happened so far this year:

Last night I cozied up by the fire with the tree in the background while I watched a holiday favorite, 12 Men of Christmas.


If you love Josh Hopkins from Cougar Town and are a fan of yearly calendars with half-naked men, then you’ll love this one. Just watch it with your girls and not your man. 😉


This morning I woke up and had an amazing run, despite last night’s workout which was full of squats on the Smith Machine and elevated lunges.

Morning Workout

  • 3.8 mile run
  • 4 sets of 15 stair push-ups
  • 1 minute plank hold
  • 50 heel touchers
  • 30 toe touches
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
  • 30 second wall sit
  • 50 twisted crunches
  • Stretching


Breakfast was a feast. Seriously not sure where my appetite came from since I stuffed face last night during movie time, but my stomach required a lot of nourishment.


Along with half of a grapefruit, I enjoyed a green mustache courtesy of the spinach in my chocolate protein shake.


Then I had one of my Momma’s mini Pumpkin muffins that she made yesterday, along with a Chobani Mango power bowl, which included chia seeds, flaxseeds and raw oats.


My Mom actually told me I couldn’t take credit, buttttttt I will say that these are the EXACT same pumpkin muffins I made, except she went for the minis. Now she’s trying to steal my thunder! 😉

I also enjoyed an undocumented banana dipped into PB2 before enjoying grilled chicken and half of a baked sweet potato.


This afternoon I have personal training session #4 with Heather so I’ll be skipping my lunch time workout like I typically do on Mondays. I’m thinking it’s going to be a killer leg day, but that’s just my intuition speaking.

Alright, time to get back to work and get psyched for tonight’s workout! Hope everyone’s having a great Monday.

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First Date Success. Corpsman Hopkins Passed the Test

Last night I really didn’t want to go on my date. I mean really really really didn’t want to. I always enjoy talking and getting to know a guy and get excited for our date, but then when the day of the date comes around I instantly don’t want to go.

Simply put, I’m tired of always going on first dates. It’s exhausting. There’s only so many times you can keep telling a new stranger the same exact things.

I sucked it up and went. Want to know a little secret? I had the time of my life. I was a little worried when he walked into the restaurant based on his mannerisms, but he turned out to be extremely funny, sweet and playful.

Jordan and I went to T-Bones, mainly because their menu left me drooling all day yesterday, and then we went to THE sketchiest pool hall ever. I even think there could have been a gang or drug fest hidden in a corner there.

It only made it more entertaining for us, but after an hour of pool (it costs $10 an hour, crazy!), we decided to call it a night.

Jordan is a corpsman in the Coast Guard so unfortunately he’ll be heading out to VA for 3 weeks on Monday, but luckily with the holidays coming in full force, I’ll be occupied so the 3 weeks to see him again will fly by. Oh that’s right, we both enjoyed each other’s time so much that we are dying to see each other again.

My girlfriends and I have always given guys nicknames. So one of my ex’s, the night we met him at the bar, he had a black shirt on, so instead of referring to him as Matt, we’d always call him Black Shirt with one another.

Jordan I’m still debating on the nickname. Corpsman is one option, but when ever I think of the name Jordan, I automatically think of Heidi Montag’s ex-boyfriend, Jordan, from The Hills.

Then again, Corpsman also looked like Josh Hopkins from one of my favorite shows, Cougar Town.

I could always call him Corpsman Hopkins? I’ll let the girls weigh in on this one.


This morning I woke up bright and early to get in a good workout before spending the day with my momma.

I completed a hodgepodge run and P90X workout which looked like this:

  • 2.3 mile run
  • 10 minutes P90X Chest/Shoulder/Tri
  • .7 mile run
  • 10 minutes Chest/Shoulder/Tri
  • .5 mile run
  • 5 minutes Chest/Shoulder/Tri
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
  • 1 minute plank hold
  • 30 toe touches

I wanted to mix the run and strength training up to confuse my muscles and get the maximum burn possible. It worked!

After my workout I was famished, so I whipped up 2 dippy eggs and placed them over a Pumpkin Spice Eggo.

Get in mah belly!

Breakfast was so good but it definitely didn’t hit the spot, so I’m going to have to grab a piece of fruit to tide me over for a little bit longer.

Now I’m off with my momma to head up to Nashua for her haircut and then we’re hitting up the Trader Joe’s and the Merrimack Outlets around there after for a lot of fun shopping! I haven’t been to a Trader Joe’s since living in Los Angeles so I’m extremely excited to spend hundred of dollars there and eat all their yummy food!

Hope you guys are having a great start to your weekend!

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