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I Have a Crush on Kevin Jonas. Oh Lord

Last night was a nice relaxing night in. Since it was beautiful fall like weather outside, I wanted to get sun and a little exercise in without having to go to the gym again. After running several errands, I invited my parents and pup for a walk, and we ended up going anywhere between 1.7 and 2 miles. It felt great to get moving and enjoy a nice summer night. I can’t believe the fall is almost here. It makes me so sad that summers always fly by and I feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished I think that what bothers me the most about this summer is that my ex and I had made so many plans for the summer, including kayaking, hiking, swimming at the river, softball, going up North, and so on and so forth. Haven’t done a single one of those things since we parted ways, and that saddens me.

Last night I watched Married to Jonas, and absolutely loved it, and I have no shame at all admitting that. My only recommendation is that they make this show an hour and not half an hour. I’m such a dork.

Jonas Crush

Kevin has always been my favorite Jonas brother, and I hate to admit it, but my roommate and I used to be obsessed with them in college. Yes I know, very mature.

I also finished The Snowman by Jo Nesbo, which was such a page turner and a thriller. I was completely shocked by the ending, but also confused by the last paragraph. It was past my bedtime when I finished, and since the ending confused me so much, I went downstairs to google it and the verdict is that EVERYONE who read the book is confused as well. No one could find an answer to the last paragraph, which really bothers me. Nothing worse than not knowing what something means. It’s one of those things that will continually bother me. You know, when you can’t think of something but it’s on the tip of your tongue.

This morning I woke up and truly didn’t want to run. I stood at the kitchen island for a few minutes debating on whether to run outside or on the treadmill. Last night I planned a 4 mile run outside, since I run faster outside than on the treadmill, but just didn’t know what to do. I settled on running outside, and was met with a light sprinkle, which worried me as I noticed dark clouds above. Eventually it cleared up and I AMAZED myself with my run. Normally, because of my exercise enduced asthma, aka runners’ enduced asthma, since I only get when running and not during other forms cardio, I typically have to stop for a quick walk to catch my breath, but this morning, I was on fire! I hustled through my run and only had to stop about 3 times for a quick minute when I had no breath left in my bod.

So proud of myself for this morning’s run. Upon getting home, I did as much as I could squeeze in.

Morning Workout

  • 4 mile run
  • 50 crunches, 50 side-to-side crunches
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
  • 2 sets of 30 seconds plank holds
  • Stretching

My planks this morning were quite entertaining and furry, as Jake, my kitty decided he wanted to stand under my stomach while planking. How did he know I wanted him to rub his furry body against my sweaty body? I couldn’t stop laughing at how cute he was being and how furry I was post plank.

I whipped this bad boy up for breakfast and finished it way before my typical breakfast time. Normally I eat breakfast between 9:30 and 10, but today it disappeared before 9. Girls gotta refuel!

Country Girl Shake it for Me

3 things in regards to the above picture:

  1. I just bought that shaker last night for $6.88 at Walmart – the guy at GNC told me they were a few dollars cheaper there.. Also in my favorite color, Duke Blue- I love a good bargain 😉
  2. I did not use that spoon after it was placed on my germ infested library book
  3. Yes my dog has 2 tennis balls on the tables
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Dorks Unite at the Library

No tennis tonight! As much as I wanted to catch up and see Jenny, I was beyond ecstatic when she said she was exhausted, and we both happily agreed to reschedule tennis, as I’ve been walking around all evening like an old granny.

Since I couldn’t get into Seating Arrangements, the book I was attempting to read, I swung over to my favorite place in my town, the library. No joke either, I’m such a dork and I absolutely embrace it.

My Favorite Place in Hooksett. Dorks Unite!


New Hampshire really does have some amazing views, even from a small town library! It’s so easy to take things for granted that I love when I’m reminded of the beauty in things that some people just pass by.

Look at That View from the Library Gorgeous!


I came out big at the library. I’ve been on a FRIENDS kick lately, and since On Demand only had one episode, which I HAD to watch last night, I checked out the library’s DVD section and was pumped when I found Season 5. You betchya I snapped that sucker off the shelf! I then became intrigued by the cover and title off the thriller kiosk in the middle of the library. Can’t wait to read The Snowman, by Jo Nesbo. In fear of not being able to get into that book, I did what I typically do, and went in search for a 2nd book. Is it really nerdy that I have a game plan when I go to the library? Nahhh, I didn’t think so either. Girl is on a mission! I was so pumped when I came across The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger, a book that was recommended for “romance lovers” in my magazine.

Win, Win & Win


I can’t decide which book to read first. I might have to “eenie meenie miney mo” this debate.


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