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The Queen Just Jumped From the Sky!

Last night, with 2 big bags of popcorn to share, Mike and I cuddled up on the couch and watched the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics. We watched and watched and watched, and after what felt like 5 hours, the first Olympians FINALLY started walking. While the Opening Ceremony was entertaining, I do feel that it was a little drawn out. 2 1/2 hours just feels like a little too long to wait. I almost felt like I was at Broadway, which is an amazing experience, but I was just expecting something entirely different.

Our reaction to the Queen’s entrance

Picture time!









Mike and I watched until Italy (his country!), and then we called it a night. He ran in the Color Me Run this morning and wanted to get some rest, as did I. Although I did end up staying to watch the US team walk out, and then promptly booked it up to bed. We did have a lot of fun checking out all the handsome and delicious men from all the different countries. We decided we want to visit Austria, Greece (oh vey!), Denmark and Italy. Our favorite men came from there, and as Mike said, “Guess we’ll have to start saving up for vacation now!” I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

After playing fetch with Kip for a bit upon waking up, I went out for a nice and muggy 4 mile run. It always baffles me how I run down a nice breezy street and then once I turn the corner I run into what feels like a wall of humidity. Sometimes on these runs I believe I’m competing in the Hunger Games. Sadly there never is a Peeta standing at a street corner to hand me a cold glass of water. I just love my Peeta. I heard from my friend that there is a Peeta look-a-like in New Hampshire, and being one of the best creepers around, I’m disappointed I haven’t found him yet.

Alright, off to my girl Lindsay’s to hang out for the day. We’re either going for a walk, shopping, hanging out, or getting food. Geesh, today feels like a grab bag type of day. I don’t know what’s going to happen!

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