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12-12-12 What a Perfect Day

Phew, what a busy little Wednesday I’ve had so far, and it’s only 3 pm! It must be because it’s 12-12-12. While this rare date might be bringing some of you luck, it’s bringing me a lot of productivity, which is much welcomed.

I started my morning with a 4.1 mile run and core work. The run felt great, and I only had one moment of pain in my right knee about 1 mile in, but after a quick break to bust out a set of push-ups, I was perfectly fine for the rest of my run.

Morning Workout

• 4.1 mile run
• 4 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 1 minute plank hold
• 3 sets of 50 crunches: regular and both sides
• 50 heel touchers
• 30 to touches
• 30 Scissors
• Stretching


Sadly it was another morning with no grapefruit, tremendously heartbreaking.

Instead, I enjoyed a peanut butter protein shake on my drive and walk into work before feasting on a Mango Chobani power bowl several hours later.

Before tackling several adventures on my lunch hour, I enjoyed a bowl of grilled chicken and half of a baked sweet potato, along with undocumented cherry tomatoes.

Adventure Time

Since today is only a cardio day at the gym, I decided to forgo my lunchtime workout for several reasons, the biggest being that I really didn’t want to wash, dry and straighten my hair again. I have plans with Lindsay to grab fro-yo at 5:15 so I decided that I’d jet out of work around 4:40 and get a little cardio in before our fro-yo date, walk on the treadmill at home after our date and then shower and NOT have to do anything with my hair except condition it. Smart, I know. 😉

So what’d I do on my lunch hour?!

Went to the library of course! Nerd alert. 😉 I had 2 books that were due tomorrow and a book that was on hold until today so I had to get my lil’ big butt over there.

I predominately read chick flick novels, so this holiday season I’ve really been loving Christmas romance books. Ahhhhh so good! Today I picked up What Happens at Christmas by Victoria Alexander.

I had 15 extra minutes so instead of leaving the area the library is in, I continued on the opposite side of the development to check out a new neighborhood that is currently being developed.


I happened upon it last week and not only fell in love with the area, but also the houses. It was one of those moments where I knew in my heart and gut that this would be the area I’d live in the future. Since last time it was dark when I drove through, I enjoyed exploring the neighborhood in broad daylight. Needless to say, I’m even more in love with it then before!

Even though I’m single with no man in sight or kids for that matter (womp womp womp), I would still love to settle in here and bring my future family in with me, or Allie and Kris.



Since 80% of the lots are for sale, at this point I could pick a lot of my choice, choose between roughly 10 house styles, and basically pick my features. It might be out of the question price wise, but the development is also building condos and an apartment complex, which would probably be the best choice for me.


Or This One!

It’s in between my current house and Lindsay’s condo, is about 13 minutes from my parents, right across the street from a track/football/baseball field and the best, RIGHT next to the library. 🙂

I’m so excited about this and hope to be in a new place by the spring/summer of 2013! I’m hoping to get in touch with the realtors this week so that I can discuss all of my options for the future!

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