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Guilty Pleasure Snacks

Let’s talk fun snacks. I’m not talking “healthy” snacks. I’m talking “guilty pleasure” snacks.

This snack actually happened last night and I knew I had to be accountable, so instead of turning it into a pessimistic post about what I ate, I figured I’d have a little fun with it. So what’s my favorite guilty pleasure snack?

Here she is:

Peanut butter and fluff spoons!

I actually like this combo a lot more than a plain peanut butter spoon.

Peanut Butter & Fluff Spoon Eating Directions:

1. Dip equal amounts of peanut butter and fluff onto a spoon
2. Eat small bites off a big spoonful. Usually I get 3 bites off one spoon.

I probably enjoy at least 3-4 of these spoonfuls for a snack. So delish!

It’s also good to dip a pb spoon into jam too. Get creative!

Some of my other guilty pleasure snacks include:
• Pretzels/Ritz Crackers drenched in peanut butter
• Doritos: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.. yes I’ve fought a 7 year-old boy over a bag of Ranch Doritos. No shame.
• Crushed Graham Crackers in milk – seriously GO try this. Ryan and I ate this for breakfast, lunch and dinner growing up. ADDICTING

What are some of your favorite “guilty pleasure” snacks you like to treat yourself with?

P.S Happy almost weekend! Only a few more hours until we can put our party pants on. Make sure to drop by this evening for a full recap of my Friday!

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