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Decorating the Christmas Tree!

To all of my 121,300 4 followers, I hope you have kept extremely busy this weekend and haven’t missed my lack of blogging this weekend. I have to admit that it felt nice to step away from my computer yesterday. Some times you just need an electronic free day, especially during the holiday season.

Yesterday I started my day with a 4 mile run before running a few Christmas errands and picking out our family Christmas tree.


Secret Santa gift right there! Now that I think about it, I WANT that hat too!


My family has never been into fake Christmas trees or “tagging” our trees. In the Lewis family, our tradition is to pile into the truck and drive around all afternoon to the various landscaping companies and browse their selection.


For the past 2 years, I’ve picked out the winning tree at our first stop and within a handful of minutes.


After getting home, I ate a quick bowl of Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal before heading over to Lindsay’s for a girls night. We enjoyed wine, talked about our guy troubles, reminisced all our old college memories, and played with her little boy, Jackson.


Jackson had a blast strangling me by attacking my sweatshirt strings. I even found him halfway up the Christmas tree. That boy is the cutest devil ever!


Today has flown by, even though I feel like I haven’t done too much. I woke up around 9:30 and went for a quick 3 mile run before heading out for a movie date with my momma to drool over Gerard Butler and James Tupper in Playing for Keeps.

Oh my goodness, so much deliciousness in that movie! My Mom and I were both and heaven and loved every minute of the movie.

I had to. I'm not sorry.

I had to. I’m not sorry.

If you’re a hopeless romantic and love Gerard Butler, his body and his accent, you’ll love this one! And you can drag your man to it because the beautiful Jessica Biel Timberlake is in it too!

After the movie, My Mom and I came back to decorate the Christmas tree and laugh over our favorite ornaments.

Since my Dad set the tree up and put the lights on, he left the decorating to us. The angel will go up when Ryan arrives home on Christmas Eve. That’s his job, and don’t worry, it always results in a ridiculous photo shoot.

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments that have been hung for years and years:


Evan, my childhood best friend made this one for me when we were growing up. I was a cute chunker, eh?!


This one is for my best friend, Goldie who I had for 14 1/2 years. He was gold, how original with his name right? I miss that little boy!


When I was growing up in Vermont, I used to take craft classes after school, and during the holiday season I made both of these!


This might be my ultimate favorite ornament. The gingerbread brother and sister!


And lastly, this ornament should give you a hint at to what my favorite Christmas movie is. 🙂


Now that the tree is up, it’s truly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Now it’s time to drag my butt to the gym and complete my Total Body Workout before hunkering down on the couch for the evening with Christmas Gerard Butler movies. 😉

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