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Pen Pal and Ice Cream Cake

Just as I published my morning post, my inbox pinged with a message from my favorite Army guy, Ryan, and my mood lifted like a hot air balloon in the Vermont sky. Right now, Ryan and I are catching up on everything over the past year, and there’s a lot to talk about! We keep joking about how we have two conversations going in our emails.

Our messages have quickly turned into novels, as we refer to them as, and the second part of our emails consist of shooting the shit and just talking about random things. Since he’s 8 hours ahead, he usually writes a novel during my morning or his evening, I’ll send my novel back and sometimes he’ll write the next page in our novel that night or we’ll just talk that night and he sends the next page in the morning. It’s really cute and I’m having an amazing time talking with him and learning about how we’ve changed since college.

This was Ryan and I the first night we met back in December of 2009. I don’t even know how we ended up getting so comfortable with each other so quickly, but I’m glad we did. Although we had a little falling out throughout the next semester, we always remained close after that college year, my sophomore year and his junior year.

I was feeling much better and less weighed down as the day went on, and boy was I ready for my lunch hour workout! I completed an easy 2 mile run, and debated on just running and running like Forest Gump, but since I hadn’t done any other form of cardio since last week, I hopped off and went on the mystery machine for a good 15 minutes.

Lunch Time Workout

  • 2 mile run
  • 15 minutes on the mystery cardio machine
  • 2 sets of 25 medicine ball sit-ups
  • 20 medicine ball side-to-side sit-ups
  • Stretching

I was famished after my workout and annihilated my go-to turkey, ham, spinach and mustard wrap. I completed the meal with a side of cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas and my favorite green tea.

After work, I visited Target to try to find a birthday gift for my brother. I didn’t come close to finding him anything, and I didn’t even buy a card. I was too hungry to go through the card picking process.

Instead, I drooled over these Halloween cookies.

And then I bought myself these 2 mini ice creams, since I’ve been craving sweets.

Holy shit, the Friendly’s Ice Cream Cake Sundae in a bowl was freakin’ amazing. Amazing is an understatement. Holy shit, holy mother shit. Nom, nom, nom. My Mom hovered over me like a dog waiting for a dropped piece of meat. She got one bite and that’s all I was willing to part with. Ice cream cake is my jam!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have some very good dreams tonight, and I sure hope they involve me eating a trashcan full of ice cream cake, you know, like Preston did in the Blank Check.

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Gypsy Weekend with the College Girls

Like I said earlier, this weekend has been cray cray. My former college roomies came up to NH this weekend for our Gypsy Weekend, and it was quite the event! It was so good seeing those girls. Lindsay lives the next town over from me so we’re always together, but I hadn’t seen Michelle since October, and Nicole since last June!

Michelle came Friday night, but because I was in RI seeing Chris, Linds and Michelle went out, and I headed to Lindsay’s Saturday after my 4.2 mile run.

We ended up going to the Merrimack Outlets, which just opened up several months ago, to buy some cute new clothes. We all made out with some very cute purchase, which I’m excited about! I was good with my money and only bought one shirt from J.Crew. I SO could have spent hundreds there, but since I’m so good with my money, I simply treated myself to one top, which I’m IN LOVE with.

J. Crew Button Down

After that, we hit up the grocery store where we bought ingredients to bake Nicole birthday cupcakes. Her birthday is Tuesday! Upon getting back to Lindsay’s condo, we started baking up a storm and thought it’d be fun to experiment with food coloring to make pretty frosting.

Linds and Michelle Posing Mid Baking

We then had fun with some sprinkles!

Who Doesn’t Love Sprinkles?!

After baking, we all showered and got dolled up before heading downtown for a couple of beers at my favorite bar, Murphy’s. There, we met a couple of guys, talked, had a blast, and we ran into the boy I had my first kiss with. What a small world!


My Girls

Today, Nicole came up, as she was busy Saturday and couldn’t make it, so once she arrived, we went out for a yummy lunch at The Puritan (the girls wanted their famous mudslides), and we caught up for a long time before heading back to Lindsay’s. We then devoured the cupcakes (after making Nicole blow out her candles first), and continued to catch up before the girls had to start their drives home to Boston and CT.

Birthday Cupcakes

Time for me to catch up on laundry, my messes around the house and editing several pictures from Friday night. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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