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“Don’t Break Your Vagina!”

This afternoon I attended my first spinning class since the Fall of 2009, when I used to go junior year of college with my roommates. I was so excited that I skipped my lunch and left an hour early so I could make the 4:30 class. On my way out of the office, Jen called to me, “Don’t Break Your Vagina!” Thanks Jen, thanks.

When I got to the gym, I picked up my spinning tag, claimed a bike in the back row, and went for a quick 1.3 mile run before class began. When I got in there, I of course chose a bike with a broken adjuster so I looked like a tiny fool trying to adjust my seat. Luckily only three other girls were in there at the time. Before the instructor started, I talked with her and told her how I hadn’t gone spinning in years and asked her to make sure my seat adjustments were correct and for any pointers.

Work Those Legs, Girls!

Let me just tell you the class was amazing! There were several times I made myself slow down and not go all out the first time, as two instructors gave me the “take it easy the first few sessions” advice. I worked up a great sweat, and so did the man at the end, who proceeded to discard his shirt. Thank you buddy!

After spinning, Eve led the 5 of us who stayed through several core exercises. We did side planks, regular plank, hip dips during a plank, and several other exercises I can’t even begin to describe.

After a quick shower and a delicious protein shake, I headed over to my neighbors and hung out with Guenther. We played a little basketball, well I did while he coached me.

My Neighbors Have an AMAZING Basketball Court!

Can we just talk about how kick ass their basketball court is? My dream has come true… well for the week at least.

Off to go prepare tomorrows meal and dive into my book!

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