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In Love with New Food Finds!

Last night after fro-yo I mentioned that I stopped into the grocery store to pick up a few items. While wandering through the yogurt cooler, I was intrigued by a new to me product that looked so good!


Alpina Revive Honey greek yogurt with granola and pistachios!


Holy lord this was so good, although when I first opened the yogurt, I was worried when it looked like soup.


With a little stirring, the yogurt turned into the desired yogurt texture, and I just left it to pretending it was like the peanut butter that you have to stir the oil into.


My only wish was that they put more than 4 pistachios in the granola, but the bites that I enjoyed sure did add a lot of flavor and punch to each bite.

There was even a brief story on the back of the container which gave a brief glimpse into the speciality of the yogurt.

“Married to Zeus, and defender of marriages, Hera always had a lot on her plate. Luckily, being Queen of the Gods had its perks: her helpers brought her combinations of chai spices with ginger, cloves, honey and cardamom to soothe and relax her.”

I could definitely taste the chai spices in the yogurt and I think because of that, this would be a great night-time treat! After browsing their site, I’m extremely excited to try their other flavors, and if you can find this product in your store, print out this coupon for a “buy one, get one free” deal!

Another new discovery came tonight at Target when I happened upon a new flavor of almonds.


All I can say is holy shit, go buy these right now. I made a pretty large dent in the jar and I have no shame. It’s flavors like this that make almonds so god damn delicious!

Have you guys come across any new products or flavors that you’re addicted to?

I always love trying new versions and flavors of products I already love, my wallet however doesn’t like that! 😉

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