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Juicy and Cheesy Meals

Today I enjoyed some of the best meals ever. They weren’t elaborate, but they were twists on the way I typically make these. Before I get to the goods, I just have to dish about how awesome my new Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor watch is! It was amazing how much wearing this watch pushed me to work harder during my workout and also kept me in check with my heart rate. Love it!!


This bad boy arrived last night and I was anxious to try it out first thing this morning. I ended up planning on going into work several hours later today, and was able to get in an awesome workout this morning. I ran a total of 4 miles and took breaks in the run and threw in this strength workout throughout the run. By the end of my workout I had burned 900 calories. I love this thing!

Do you guys use a heart rate monitor or use this Polar watch?

After my workout I was ravenous and enjoyed the juiciest bowl of grapefruit before slurping down a blueberry banana protein shake.


I was all out of frozen strawberries and wasn’t into the raspberries that I used yesterday, so I used up the rest of my frozen bluebs.


This sucker was so good and filled me up until 2ish when I was ready for lunch. Breakfast for lunch is more like it. 😉


I typically make an egg sandwich with an english muffin, but I was drawn to the Thomas Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins that we had in our pantry and used that as my inspiration.


With a slice of American cheese in between both eggs, this baby was oozing with deliciousness!


Runny eggs, cheese and a cinnamon raisin bagel made the PERFECT sandwich!


I’m thinking this little guy is going to make another appearance tomorrow, maybe this time for breakfast.


When I got home tonight from work, I went into bake mode. I’ve been baking non-stop since Sunday, and tonight called for gingerbread men (which the dough was prepared last night) and also sugar cookies. All the decorating will be done tomorrow, but I already have chocolate pretzel bites already portioned out for my neighbors and Kip’s sitter.

I just love the holiday season and putting together cookie tins for my neighbors and plan to put together a post of its own to document the cookie baking. 🙂

Now it’s time to snuggle up on the couch and watch a little TV!


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Good Things Come in 3’s

After yesterday morning’s post, I decided to join in the day of silence to remember those lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Nothing I would have blogged about would have been more important than remembering the heroes and babies that lost their lives, so I welcomed the moment of silence.


Last night I enjoyed a great upper body workout with Heather, my trainer, which also focused on my back and arms, while simultaneously doing lunges and squats.


When I got home, I anxiously jumped on board of the Quest protein bar wagon. Holy smokes are these babies good!


Last night I nuked a Strawberry Cheesecake Quest bar in the microwave for 20 seconds, put several spoonfuls of coconut milk in, and topped it with a scoop of peanut butter and dug in!

Taken from Quest’s website,

“Quest Bars are the only truly low carb bar on the market that’s made with real food ingredients. Quest Bars will also curb your hunger more effectively than most foods. Because they are packed with fiber, you’ll find that they are very filling. The natural fats and proteins will further keep your appetite satisfied for hours – making sure that you can easily stay away from eating higher calorie, less nutritious fare. Quest Bars help you get in the protein you need while keeping the calories down. And by almost eliminating carb calories – we help ensure that the pounds you do put on are muscle – not fat.”

Check out the different flavors, the nutritional facts, the story behind Quest Bars, and then buy a butt load! I will say that they are definitely better warmed up, which is something I found to be true, and which was also always recommended by all Quest Bar addicts on Instragram.

After enjoying my dinner that tasted more like dessert, I was then introduced to a new snack, vegetable sticks.


Why have I NOT tried these before? Remember when we were little kids and we used to eat potato sticks from the tins? These reminded me exactly of those, but 10 times better.


These were crunchy, salty and delicious, and I’d easily choose these over potato chips, french fries, or any other type of cracker. If you haven’t tried these yet, go buy a bag today, you honestly won’t be disappointed, but if you don’t like them, just send your bag to me. 🙂

Since good things come in three, check out what arrived a day early yesterday.


My Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch, that’s what!


The majority of people I follow on Instagram are clean eaters, beasts in the gym, and healthy living bloggers, so after seeing numerous people posting pictures of their watch and their workouts every morning and night, I did a little research to see what the hype was all about. The watch typically sells from anywhere between $80 to $100, but after finding it on Amazon for $62 with free shipping, I couldn’t say no.

Now that I’ve incorporated more weights into my workouts, I’m anxious to see how much I’m actually burning with each workout, and I’m excited to get into the fat burning zone. I’ll be trying this out for my morning workout and look forward to seeing the results!

Talk about a great Monday! 🙂

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