Sunday Christmas Shopping with the Daddio

Yesterday I woke up earlier than I had wanted because I had a fun day planned. Fun is a loose term, but it’s been an annual special day that my Dad and I “enjoy” together every holiday season. It typically happens a lot closer to Christmas, but I’d say 8 shopping days was late enough.

Every year my Dad always needs help with Christmas shopping for my Mom, and since I’m the master shopper with an eye for the best deals, he always enlists my help. So after a quick 3 mile run, I showered, downed my new favorite strawberry banana protein shake, and hit the road for a little father/daughter Christmas shopping fun!

Our first stop was the mall, where we bee-bopped into a handful of stores and walked the mall twice before we left. My favorite and funnest part of our mall trip was when my Dad mentioned he wanted to check out Le Gourmet Chef. Well, you know me and my love for free samples, especially with the chocolatey and holiday dips. Well, we ended up hitting almost every free sample tray at least 3 times. We are definitely related, and laughed when we exited the store with full bellies. I just love my ol’ man. 🙂


Some of my favorite finds during our trip included this snuggly little Christmas guy, who I just want to cuddle all night long.


Then I came across my favorite scent on a man and felt it was necessary to spray it on me. If you know any single male who uses Acqua Di Gio, please send him my way. Thanks in advance! 😉

My Dad also came across a fun and cute wood sign shop with fun sayings, so we stopped in there for a few minutes. I came across this awesome quote about “stumbling” in life.


When you stumble, make it part of the dance. Those words are absolutely true, and I believe that every time we stumble and take a step back, we let it ruin our mood and our perception on our progress. This quote reminded me that we can’t do that. Life isn’t perfect, we aren’t perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe we say words we don’t mean, or we eat more than we should, or just make a poor decision. Instead of getting down on ourselves, we must acknowledge it and let it be part of our journey and learn from it.

Yesterday afternoon after getting home from Target with a bag of chocolate and candy for holiday baking, I might have enjoyed several handfuls of M&M’s. I didn’t feel healthy after it, but instead of getting down on myself, I headed to the gym because: I had the time, I wanted to get a good workout in yesterday, I knew it would make me feel better, and I really wanted to go in the sauna.


I didn’t look down on eating the M&M’s, I mean, please, they were holiday colored and so much fun! I had a blast with my Dad yesterday and learned a thing or two from a wooden sign in a small mall store. Sometimes lessons are found in the strangest places, but I believe those are the most memorable lessons learned.

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