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Killer Workout and Killer Healthy Muffin

Last night my Aunt Judy, who hosts Christmas every year, sent out an email with what each family/individual brought to the feast and also highlighted special guests and fun activities we enjoyed. With the Christmas list generated, I am anxiously reading through blogs and browsing Pinterest in hopes of finding a delicious and creative dessert to bring. So that’s what my day has basically been comprised of. Oh and work too, but less of that and more of dessert browsing. Priorities people. 😉

Today’s awesomeness has been, well, purely awesome. Not only did I get a great workout in today, but I also have enjoyed quite a few yummy meals.

Before we get to the fun food, let’s talk about workouts.

Last Night’s Personal Training

Last night Heather put me through a bitching workout. In between dripping pounds of sweat on the gym floor and guzzling water, I made sure she knew how crazy she was. Just look at her nasty workout she put me through last night and tell me you wouldn’t be cursing her out too.

The one thing I love about this workout is that I can easily do it at my home gym in my basement. We have several different bars from when my brother lifted weights at home so I’m happy to report that this one will be done in the comforts of my home and not in front of my coworker. Yup, my ass was a foot in front of my coworkers face while I did those stupid burpees and he did some type of core work. Talk about awkward!

Today’s Workout

• 5 mile run
• 1 minute plank hold
• 50 crunches
…followed by this sucker!


My run was ridiculously easy, and by easy I mean I wasn’t huffing and puffing and swearing at my midg legs to keep me going. I’m not going to say anything so that I don’t jinx myself, but I might have blogged last week about my runs being more difficult due to the workouts from my trainer. Not sure what’s happening this week, but I love how toned my arms and back have become, and my legs are feeling much better as well. I’ll just blame the running improvements on my physical improvements.


This morning, even though I was pressed for time and running late, I decided I wanted to switch up my meals for the day.

I started my morning off with half of a grapefruit. I just love tangy sweetness to kick off my mornings, with half of a mini cup of applesauce, the rest was used for lunch, and a protein shake to go. This time, I only made my shake with milk. No frozen naners, ice or spinach. Wah.

I stayed true to my breakfast #2 of a Chobani strawberry power bowl, which included flax seed, chia seeds, raw oats and PB2. I CAN’T give that goodness up. Chobani will be included in my “last meal,” no doubt about that!

Lunch is where the big change came. I decided to leave my grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes for tomorrow and had the urge to try STUFT Mama’s Healthy Apple Microwave Muffin.

This had to have been one of the easiest and healthiest recipes for a quick meal or snack. I followed the recipe exactly, aside from subbing cinnamon for the nutmeg, and microwaved the muffin for 5 minutes exactly. Perfect timing.

I reheated it at work and topped it with the remnants of my PB2 and a tablespoon of Land o’ Lakes Cinnamon Sugar butter spread since I’ve been dying to try it for months and didn’t have enough PB2.

Kristin you are a genius and I love you forever. If I still lived in California I’d sure as hell be having muffin mug dates with you pretty much every single day.

You guys HAVE to try this! I can’t wait to try Kristin’s other variations on the muffin. I’m thinking my next one will have to be a moist chocolately version as a little nighttime dessert.

Time for the Christmas movies!

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Nothing Beats Surprise Deliveries!

Well, today has not been my day. I completed this post and went to add images and lost my entire post! Bah hum-bug!!

Last night was a night full of surprise deliveries, and if you’re like me, any delivery is a good one! It’s even better when you had absolutely no idea things were coming your way.

The 1st surprise was a free sample of Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread coffee!

Roughly a month or so ago I went to Dunkin’s website and signed up for a free sample of their holiday coffee. Now, I’m not a fan of coffee at all, but I figured to ease into the addiction, what better way then with a flavored Christmas coffee! I really don’t want to get sucked into the coffee addiction but I really want to try the holiday coffees.

The 2nd surprise came in the form of my Love with Food box for the month of December. I completely forgot that my credit card information was stored on their website, so I’m looking at my Christmas food box as a gift to myself. 😉

The chocolate covered Nutter Butter was quickly devoured after I rushed through taking several pictures. I’m sorry but it was just so tempting!

I also annihilated half of the caramel covered popcorn, a chocolate truffle which did NOT have a peppermint center and crushed candy cane on top like it stated, and a milk chocolate square. Maybeeee I pigged out a little but I was famished after Heather’s killer workout right before.

Love with Food December Christmas Box:

Honey Cinnamon Almonds from Nunes Farms: California-grown almonds roasted to crunchy perfection and lightly seasoned with honey and a hint of cinnamon.

Holidays Salt Water Taffy from Taffy Town: From Chocolate Rum Wreaths and Spearmint Snowmen to Cinnamon Rolls and Egg Nog, these creamy holiday flavors are a fun treat.

Belgian Milk Chocolate-Dipped Nutter Butter from the Big Chocolate Dipper: This classic cookie is dipped in rich Belgian chocolate and hand-decorated with toasted almonds.

Candy Cane Truffle from Kara Chocolates: Milk chocolate truffles with a peppermint center, topped with bits of candy cane.

Mocha Mint Cappuccino from Hills Brothers: Simply add hot water to enjoy a chocolately, minty cappuccino.

Gingerbread Boy from Nikki’s Cookies: A creamy layer of white chocolate coats the back of this all-natural cookie.

Chocolate Tasting Square from Madecasse: Winner of the Good Food Award, these silky chocolates are made from bean to bar in Madagascar.

Fleur de Sel Caramal Popcorn from 479 Popcorn: Organic air-popped corn coated with sweet, crunchy caramel and sprinkled with delicate flakes of French sea salt.

I’m thinking that tonight that little Gingerbread Boy is alllll mine!! Now that I think about it, since my plans fell through for tonight, I should whip up a batch of my own gingerbread cookies since I failed to this weekend!

Thanks for the loving Dunkin Donuts & Love with Food!

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