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Ugly Sweater Shopping and Christmas Tree Decorating… at Work

Phew, today was quite the busy day! My boss had me running around all morning and it was a welcome change from being at my desk all day.

Since the program that I use was being worked on by our IT Gods, there was literally nothing that I could do.

The first errand I was given was to pick up a $50 gift card for a trade show tomorrow. That was easy. The 2nd errand was extremely stressful.

I have one coworker, Tim, who is absolutely crazy. I’m sure everyone  has a coworker who is unexplainable. When my coworkers introduced me to him when I started at our firm, they pretty much kept saying, “it’s just Tim,” or “that’s Tim for ya.” I’ve realized that now I say the exact same phrases when I talk about him to family and friends. There’s no explanation, it’s just Tim!

At our firm’s holiday party, Tim always wears an incredible ugly Christmas sweater, so this year, my boss decided to hold the first annual Tim Audet Ugly Sweater Contest.

Errand #2 included me going to purchase an ugly sweater that would be awarded to the winner of the contest. Please, this had to have been one of the most stressful tasks I’ve had in a long time. I drove 20 miles between 2 towns and went to 7 different stores before I found a winner.


I was so flustered, stressed, sweating from the stress, and hungry, so I was ecstatic when I came across this gem in the SECOND Walmart I visited. This was the last store I was going to visit before giving up and hanging my head in my boss’s office. Instead, I got the stamp of approval from my boss and both Jen and Nichole, and was told that I did good.

After all of that stress I needed comfort food before the gym.


Half of a PB2 & banana sandwich. Delish! This sucker powered me through my “Total Body Workout” and a 1 mile run this afternoon, which I then enjoyed a free strawberry banana protein shake courtesy of our gym’s cafe.


It was creamy, filling and hit the spot! I had just enough time to shower before the girls and I set up the firm’s Christmas tree in the main lobby.


We also enjoyed the decorating with Pandora’s Christmas station, courtesy of me, and a dessert pizza from 900 Degrees, an awesome pizza restaurant across the street. My boss, who can be seen in the grey vest above, really wanted me to try some, and I have to admit, the fruit, whipped cream and nuts looked so good, so I scrapped the toppings off and ate that.


Seriously, though, not even the healthiest person could turn this down. I will admit that it did leave my tummy feeling off for the remainder of the day and evening. 😦

The tree came out beautifully, but since I never enter the office from the main entrance, I might just have to change my morning route.


Such a beautiful view for all of our clients and visitors before they enter our office.


I just love Christmas!

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Sweating Out the Bad Stuff

Last night’s date was a success! Jay and I met at one of my favorite pool bars, sadly not the swim up kind. We ended up grabbing a drink and playing 4 games of pool while talking and getting to know one another.

Jay was really sweet and a good guy, definitely not the outgoing and flirty types I’m used to, I’d say he was more so of the shy kind, but at the end of the night, I’m glad I went out. I’ll put it this way. If he were to ask me out again I’d say yes, but I’m not staring at my phone hoping to hear from him.

It was almost like a high school reunion at Jillian’s last night because I saw so many familiar faces, not necessarily from my class, but that I knew throughout my high school years. I even saw one of my best friends crushes, who was at the table 3 down from us.

Back in our early high school days, he used to have a crush on me and would run around their work yelling, “Alison Kendraaaa!” Really not sure how he ever found out my middle name, but I couldn’t help but to smile when that memory popped into my head. I had to text Jen right away and she wanted me to go up to him and say hi and that she said hi too. I had to pass, since I really didn’t want to look like a creep! Apparently she’s going to go up to him today and ask how pool was last night. Oh dear lord!


Breakfast this morning included a chocolate peanut butter protein shake and grapefruit.

The addition of REAL peanut butter and not my PB2 made this bad boy extra creamy and extra delicious! Tasted just like one of my brother’s famous protein shakes, which I’ll get to enjoy for an entire week starting on Christmas Eve! 🙂

Breakfast hit the spot after a sweaty morning run. I haven’t sweated that much on a run in I don’t even know how long. Maybe it was from the beer last night, or the bread with butter I ate when I got home. That’s a healthy dinner right? Just sweating out all the bad food I ate last night.

Today’s a new day and I’m actually very excited to have a free night so that I can have a proper dinner, get some blog work done (switch to a self-hosting site and contact a designer), and relax with a good book. Ahhhh is it 5 o’clock yet?!

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