The Dreaded First Date

With all of this strength training and kick-ass workouts that Heather is putting me through, do you know what I have come to look forward to? Cardio days. It’s like Christmas morning to me, seriously. I used to get so bored of my cardio routines on my lunch breaks, but now with my strength workouts, the rare “cardio only” day is something that I have really begun to look forward to.

It felt good to plug away on the cardio machines today, but it also made me miss my strength workouts. Funny how things work, huh?

Afternoon Workout

  • 15 minute run
  • 15 minutes vertical elliptical
  • 1 set of 13 tricep press with 15 lb dumbbell
  • 13 lumberjack chops with 15 lb dumbbell, each side

Can you tell I was missing my weights today? I HAD to do something dumbbell related, and the last exercise also worked my core so it was a double whammy! 🙂



After my workout I enjoyed a bowl of brown rice, ground turkey, broccoli slaw, mushrooms and tomatoes. I LOVE this meal because it’s so easy to make and deliciously healthy too!

Tonight I have a date! <– That exclamation point is only there because I’m trying to sound excited. I’m tired of continually going on first dates, it gets tiring after a bit, but I know that if I want a relationship then I’m going to have to suck it up and go on those dreaded first dates.

He seems pretty normal and just bought Christmas scented Yankee Candles so he’s already good in my books. He’s coming up from Lowell, which is about 40 minutes away, and we’re going to get a drink and play pool at one of my favorite places in Manchester.

Hopefully this goes well, since he seems extremely cute in photos and sounds like a good guy so far. Let’s just hope I don’t end up on Catfish with this one!


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