When Someone Questions Your Lifestyle

Happy Friday everybody! Is it just me or did this week feel like it flew by? With it being the first FULL week of work after a long holiday weekend, I was completely expecting it to drag, but with a training session with Heather, fro-yo with Linds, and a little Christmas shopping, the week was a blur!

I did hit a little bump in the road on Wednesday evening when I received a text message from a male acquaintance. His text message really bothered me and while I originally wasn’t going to discuss it on my blog, after taking a day to think it over, I felt it was a good topic to discuss.

If you’re a healthy living blogger, then it’s a given that you are going to discuss and post pictures of workouts and healthy meals, and I can guarantee that a majority of us enjoy using Instagram to take pictures of our food, animals and our pretty mug shots. 😉

That being said, this male who will remain nameless (because I’m honestly not trying to throw him under the bus), texted me this short and sweet message:

Do you think you’re fat or something?

Yup. My day was great, thanks for asking bucko. While I have since deleted the conversation from my phone, I do believe that was exactly what he said, word for word. My response was short, sweet, and truthful.

Not at all, I love my body. Why would you think that?

Once again, since I no longer have the conversation in my phone, the responses are as accurate as I can recall. His reasoning for thinking that I have the mindset that I’m fat is because of the tone of my posts and that my Instagram is basically a food diary. I’m not sure if my “posts” relate to what I say with the pictures or on this blog, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been THAT hard on myself and badgering myself with such negative thoughts like that.

I’ve never written something like, “I’m eating this yogurt/omelet/turkey sandwich because I’m fat and chunky!” I’d probably say something like, “healthy lunch/snack because I treated myself prior”, or because “I don’t feel my best and this will get me back on track.”

I was taken back and shocked by his reasoning, but I didn’t flip out on him. I tried to explain what I do and why I do in as nice as way as possible while still trying to set him right.

What I told him was basically that I’m real and say what I mean. That I love my body and am comfortable in my own skin but I’m not perfect and some days I won’t feel my best but it by no means translates into me thinking I’m fat. I informed him that I love to put healthy foods into my body and that it makes me feel good and energized, and that I connect with other like-minded individuals on Instagram by posting healthy foods so that we can find new ways to make unhealthy foods healthy.

He wasn’t mad or defensive at all about my response, in fact I think and I hope that it gave him a glimpse into what I’m truly passionate about.

Coming Together

I’m sure it’s not just me who gets harped on for the way we eat and the healthy choices we make. Healthy food tastes great to me and I love the way I feel when I choose a healthy meal over a piece of pizza or cake. Trust me, I enjoy bites of the pizza and cake, but I don’t make a meal out of it because I know my body won’t feel good consuming it.

People think I’m on a diet because I enjoy lean meats, yogurt, oatmeal, fruit, veggies, and other healthier options, but no, I’m not dieting. This is what I like to eat, simple as that. I enjoy and crave these foods.

No matter where you go or the people you meet, there is always going to be someone who has a different point of view, mindset and understanding of things.

The best advice I can give you is to realize that there will be haters and people who try and bring you down, but when someone doesn’t truly grasp what it is you’re passionate about (eating healthy, working out, etc.), don’t go bat crazy and verbally attack them. Breathe and collect yourself. THEN explain to them why you love your lifestyle.

Open their eyes to the world you love and hopefully they will respect your decisions and have a new understanding to the healthy living world. If they don’t, well then there’s nothing you can do expect live your life the way you want to.

Every single one of us is beautiful no matter what our size, shape and mindset, and remember, the only thing that matters is how YOU feel about yourself and that YOU love yourself. Take care of yourself first and the right people will come into your life.

Has someone ever have you a hard time for the healthy foods you eat and your determination to live a healthy life? If so, how did you overcome their opinions?

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2 thoughts on “When Someone Questions Your Lifestyle

  1. artificiallybalanced says:

    Loooove this post and relate to it so so much! after years now of eating healthy and LOVING it, i just dont care what other people think. I break it down like, who hates on people who are living a healthy lifestyle?! makes no sense to me! Keep it going girl, you rock 🙂

  2. Shane says:

    Great post! In many cases, the people that question so fiercely your lifestyle are people that “want” to make lifestyle changes themselves but for whatever reason are not ready yet. You have a great attitude about it, don’t let the haters get to you.

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