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College Reunion and Invading Guy’s Night


After Ryan and I stopped playing house tag, we finally were able to have a little sibling bonding for his short, one evening stay.

His best friends were coming over that night to kick off their guy’s weekend, as Viss and his wife are moving to San Diego in several weeks. Since the guys were coming here for dinner so that I could say goodbye to Viss, Ryan and I went to Shaw’s to prepare.

Don’t worry, that jalapeno isn’t for some sick and twisted drinking game, it was for Ryan’s homemade burgers!

That’s one big burger! That’s something you’d expect to see eaten on Man vs. Food. While Ryan was in charge of making the burgers, I had veggie duty.

While the boys drank beer with my Dad while he grilled, my Mom and I were inside setting the table and getting everything ready. Such good teamwork. 🙂

Like always, my Dad outdid himself and prepared an amazing meal of steak, chicken and burgers. This meal put me into that food coma that I managed to avoid on Thanksgiving. Guess I didn’t luck out this year!

After cleaning up, the boys put their best shirts on and goofed off a bit before hitting the bars. Since it was a guy’s night and I was in a full on coma, I was more than happy to chauffeur the boys to the bar.

Squished in the back of my car were Cheddah, KZac and Viss… also known to non-friends as Tom, Ryan and Jay. Brother Ryan was quick and called shotgun, so he was laughing happily while the boys were cramped up.

By the time I got home it was roughly quarter of 11, so I changed into my pj’s and curled into bed and read The Happiness Project.


This morning I enjoyed a laughter filled breakfast with the boys, while they enjoyed their bagels and fruit, and I went for a Chobani power bowl.

On the side I also enjoyed half of my Aunt’s famous pumpkin bread that she gives out when we leave Thanksgiving night. This breakfast was light but filling and fueled me through my 4 mile run this morning.

Now, after cleaning the bathrooms (so glamorous), I’m all showered and ready to finish up my Christmas shopping!

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