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Cat Food for Lunch

While some of you readers have the day off due to Veterans Day, I’m overtired in the office. If your boss was cool enough to give you the day off, please remember why you have the day off. I’m sure most of you had a relative or friend who has served to protect our freedom and it is especially important not to forget what they sacrificed for us.

I’m so thankful to both of my grandpas, my cousins and also friends who have served our country. I currently have a great college friend who is currently in Afghanistan and am anxious to have him back in 21 days!

Thank you to all of our heroes!

This morning started off with a meowing cat jamming his head into mine while I attempted to wash my face and “wake up” before my run. That boy seriously needs to wait his turn. He likes to lick the faucet and play in the water-filled sink, which is pretty weird since he used to hate getting even a drop of water on his fur. That boy is high-maintenance.

My morning run felt good, and I was pleased to bust out a good 4-miler. After my run I did roughly 10 minutes of core work, and I even beat Friday’s plank time trial. I went from a 1:35 plank hold to a 1:50 plank hold this morning. That’s the best improvement I’ve had since starting Tina’s 4-Week Plank Challenge.

Gotta celebrate those gains!

Morning Workout

• 4 mile run
• 4 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 1:50 plank hold
• 100s Abs
• 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
• 50 crunches X 3: regular, left and right
• 50 heel touches

Breakfast was a no-brainer. It felt strange eating my overnight oats for lunch yesterday instead of breakfast, so it was greeted with a warm welcome back this morning.

I was slightly stupid when it came to my lunch time workout. The past week and a half, give or take, it’s been in the mid to low 40s. Today it was a whopping 65 degrees when I went to the gym. It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect out. The sun sat nice on my shoulders and there was a faint breeze that felt oh so good. This is my “perfect” non-summer weather, and my favorite to run in.

Since I had already covered 4 miles this morning, I only wanted to run 1 additional mile and get in 20 minutes on the vertical elliptical since I have Back & Biceps for tonight’s P90X workout.

A run outdoors would have been so enjoyable, but I made sure to head out of the gym a few minutes early so that I could make my walk back to work a little bit longer. So glad I did, I feel like such a happier person for those minutes outside!


You might want to close your eyes for this. Lunch certainly looks like vomit, but I promise you that it’s delicious and full of flavors.

Before I show you my lunch, I’m giving you another chance to look away. Below you will find a mix of tuna, salsa and a slightly browned avocado. You’ve been warned.

I swear it’s not Jakes’ cat food! The flavors actually reminded me of my Mom’s addicting pasta salad. So good!

Tonight I’ll be heading to Allie & Kris’ to hang out for the night. I haven’t seen those two in a week and a half so it’ll be good to see the girls again!

Oh, and be sure to come back for my next post which will reveal a before and after photo for P90X. Today marks Day 30 of P90X which means that progress pictures are due. I’m THRILLED with my results so far!

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