First Snowfall of the Winter Season

It was SO nice to be back at the gym during my lunch hour. Monday I couldn’t due to babysitting and yesterday I came in late after voting, so today was my first day back in the gym since Saturday. I missed Gold’s! There’s just something about working out at a gym with other like-minded individuals. Sure beats a treadmill run in your basement or sweating your face off in your living room with Tony Horton!

During my gym visit I ran 1.5 miles before jumping on the vertical elliptical to bust out a 17 minute interval session. I played around with the inclines: 5, 10 and 20 and had fun mixing the order up. I honestly don’t know where my time went but I feel like several months ago I was getting a lot more finished during my lunch time workouts.

My appetite has been through the roof today so I was anxious to complete my workout and shower up so I could eat a healthy lunch.

Last week I mentioned that when it comes to home-made salads, the dressing makes or breaks it. When I dine out, the salads are extremely appetizing and that’s usually my go-to order, especially if fruit and nuts are included. I find that preparing my own salad at home lacks excitement. On a scale of 1-10 it doesn’t even earn a 1, so when I found a winning salad dressing in my fridge last weekend, the at-home salad excitement scale went up dramatically.

This salad was big and crunchy, and you can bet your peanut butter hearts that I demolished the entire container. Into the bowl went a bag of Veggie Lovers salad mix, diced cherry tomatoes, diced cucumbers and shredded Sara Lee Low Sodium Turkey slices. I tossed it in an Italian dressing and called it a meal!

Today is supposed to be the first official snow fall of the winter. Ugh. Go away winter! My phone alerted me around 4 that we were in a winter storm advisory, as we’ll be getting 1-3 inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain tonight.

Why can’t the first snowfall be pretty? The only times I enjoy snow is the first snow and also on Christmas Eve and Christmas, other than that, it can go away.

Are you guys a fan of snow?

I’ve lived in New England for 24 years and have only gone snowboarding once! Growing up between New Hampshire and Vermont you’d think I’d have gotten bit by the skiing bug, but it never happened. As a kid of course I loved building forts and igloos, having snow ball fights with my friends, and going sledding, but as I’ve grown up, those activities just don’t happen anymore and I find myself cursing snow.

I think this winter I’ll change that and bring back the little kid in me! 🙂

With all this snow talk I’m becoming excited for the holidays and Christmas. I think it’s completely necessary to start my Christmas movie watching tonight with my favorite, The Christmas Card!

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