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Happy Election Day…Running to Vote!

Last night I didn’t end up getting home until after 12:30, so I had planned accordingly with my boss prior and decided that I’d come in several hours late so that I could get some sleep and also vote. No way in heavens was I going to stand in the long voting lines at 5:30 tonight.

I hope you guys have voted or plan to later in the day. It’s your RIGHT and you should take advantage of that. That being said, after sleeping until 7:30, I laced up my sneakers and got ready for my run.

Our polls are located at the middle school, which is connected to my neighborhood by a bike path. My original plan was to run outside and near the end of my run, take the bike path to the middle school. I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone. Workout and voting completed together.

I warmed up with a 2.5 mile run on my treadmill before layering up with my Nike Dri-Fit long sleeve shirt.

I should have rethought my outfit. My little legs were freezing, my fingers claimed victim to frostbite, and my ears were burning red. Okay, so there was no frostbite, but it would have been wise to look at the weather forecast BEFORE I went running and not after.

Every few steps I was sniffing snot and realized that by the time I made it to the polls, I’d probably have to stand outside in my inadequate clothing. At that point, I ran home and completed a 1.6 mile run, bringing my total to 4.1. A straight shot from my house to the school, via the path, would have been about 1 mile, and I wish I had sucked it up because in my town there were barely any lines!

After doing a little core work, I showered and downed a chocolate peanut butter banana protein shake before I packed up my work bag and headed to vote. I was in and out within 30 minutes! Lines my ass!

Originally I wanted dippy eggs and toast for breakfast, but because of my little running miscalculation, I was low on time so had to enjoy the above smoothie. Instead, my prepared breakfast was enjoyed as my lunch. Mixing it up a bit with those oats. 😉

And you guys thought I could go a day without oats. That’s almost as silly as me going a day without peanut butter!

Got my vote in, workout done and oats consumed. It’s gonna be a good day.


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I Love Me Some Overnight Oats

It’s a no brainer that I am obsessed, addicted, and completely devoted to overnight oats. In the past I had always seen blogger after blogger talking only good things about overnight oats, but there were just 2 things holding me back before I caved into the madness.

The biggest factor was that I didn’t have chia seeds, and every store that I visited, was sold out. I read that the chia seeds were the all-star in the oats, giving it not only the perfect texture and consistency, but also packing a healthy punch in every bite, so I refused to try the oats until I had my own bag of chia seeds. In fact, chia seeds are so popular that the demand has increased by 200% as of late.

Chia Seeds are holy for so many reasons, including:

  • Powerhouse food
  • High in protein, fiber & omega-3
  • Increase energy, improve digestion, tone muscles, aid in better sleep and better your complexion

The 2nd factor was the look of it. It looked like a bowl of pure mush and I honestly was weary as to how oatmeal would taste cold. I mean, I never enjoyed when my warm bowl of banana bread oatmeal got a little too cold, so how was I going to enjoy mushy cold oatmeal?

I finally found the seeds, whipped up a bowl, and the next morning I was head over heels in love. Love at first bite. Sounds so very Edward Cullen!

There are still so many different variations of the oats that I am excited to try but for now, I’m hooked on my Raspberry Mango Overnight Oats and my PB and J Overnight Oats.

Overnight Oats have to be one of the easiest meals to throw together. It typically takes me about 3 minutes to prepare.

PB & J Overnight Oats


1. In a bowl mix together:

  • ½ cup oats
  • ½ cup almond milk
  • PB2 – as much as you want
  • 1 container Chobani Strawberry Banana
  • 2 tbsp (or as much as you prefer) Chia Seeds

2. Cover the bowl and let the oats sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, stir the oats and top with sliced bananas and raspberries.

I find that the texture of Greek yogurt yields the best results, and obviously Chobani is the no-brainer, I mean, if they had a cult I’d be one of their top members.



Mix it all up and throw in the toppings of your choice. To complete my Peanut Butter and Jam Overnight Oats bowl I tossed in banana slices and raspberries.

Grab a spoon and join my cult!

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Single and Swiping

In the online dating world, Tinder is considered especially heinous. In Boston, the hopeful females who swipe through these profiles are members of an elite squad known as "Single and Swiping". These are their stories.


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