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Turkey Avocado Wraps & a Survey!

Todays lunch was to die for. Turkey and avocado roll-ups with veggies.

This was so fulfilling. The creamyness of the avocado in between the turkey slices were the perfect afternoon combo.

After leaving work when it was pitch black out (wahhhh!), I headed home to complete today’s P90X Core Synergistics workout before heading to my neighbors to watch 2 of their 3 kids while the parents and oldest daughter went to the Romney rally (boooo!)

We watched Spongebob and also played Mario Party. They weren’t amused when I suggested we watch Full House. Such a sad day. That was MY show when I was their age.


Ever since the days of MySpace I’ve been a sucker for surveys. They are seriously so much fun, so when I saw both Julie and Janetha post the same survey this weekend, I knew this was one I HAD to do.

So here we go!

Last food you ate?

A bowl of candy bar ice cream. Oppps! The kids suckered me into it. 🙂

2. Last beverage you drank?

Lipton Diet Green Tea. Asides from almond milk that I use in smoothies and water, this is the only other beverage I drink.

3. Last workout?

1 mile run and P90X Core Synergistics

4. Last thing you pinned?



That’s what I’m working towards!

5. Last text message you sent?


We’re proud Obama lovers!

6. Last blog you visited?

Peanut Butter Fingers. Everyone has that one person who they would love nothing more than to be best friends with. Julie’s that girl for me. That sounded stalkerish romantic! 😉

7. Last tweet you sent?

“I haven’t even left work yet and it’s dark out #depressing”…. Ugh I hate this time of year! Give me the sun!!!!

8. Last place you visited?

I went down to Harrisburg, PA during the last weekend in October to spend time with my brother and his girlfriend. We went to a Halloween party and visited Amish Country!

9. Last time you did ab work?

This evening after work thanks to the Core Synergistics P90X workout.

10. Last show you watched?

Spongebob Squarepants – hey, I’m babysitting two kiddos right now.. I will admit that I do enjoy this show

11. Last thing you baked?

Carrot chips! Better than sweet potato fries!

Hit By a Bus.. And a Train.. And a Plane

Since Saturday evening I’ve had that “hit by a bus” feeling. My body is drained, my appetite is weird, and I have headaches galore. Simply put, I feel terrible. Coincidentally it’s Recovery Week in P90X. There we go, that explains it.


After several attempts at having a productive Sunday, it turned into the ultimate lazy day.

I woke up at 7, which was technically 8, but I wish I had gotten the memo to sleep in! After a little couponing, I somehow ran 4 miles, but it wasn’t impressive. I was surprised my body even allowed me to go that far. I could tell it wanted to snap in half. At 3.8 miles I thought I was going to collapse and face plant on the treadmill.

After my defeated run, I skipped any other form of exercise. No strength training, no core work, not even the P90X workout that was scheduled. My body told me no more and I listened.

Instead, I went over to the Barking Dog to watch my Dad compete in an agility competition with Kip. It was so entertaining and priceless to watch dogs and their owners compete in the agility course.

Most of the dogs are young and are in the agility classes that the Barking Dog offers, so by no means were these dogs ready for the BIG competitions.

I had plans to spend the rest of the afternoon at Barnes & Noble working on the blog and also tackling additional work that I really cannot disclose upon on here, but after 45 minutes I could barely concentrate and just wanted a nap. It didn’t help that it smelled like a litter box in the area I was sitting in! Or the man that would ask me every 10 minutes to keep an eye on his books so he could use the bathroom.

I packed it up and called it a day after successfully posting pictures on Facebook, oops, and finding several projects of interest on the internet. See, it wasn’t a complete fail!

I spent the rest of my afternoon and evening finishing Gone Girl and cuddling on the couch with Kip while we drooled over Gary Sinise in CSI:NY. Well, Kip drooled over Sela Ward and left Gary to me.

The highlight of my evening were the Baked Carrot Chips that I successfully made after a somewhat less successful attempt last week.

These babies are addicting and the entire batch was gone within the hour.

Baked Carrot Chips


• 1 Bag of Carrot Chips
• Olive Oil


1.) Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil – A dish could also work
2.) Toss the carrot chips in the desired amount of olive oil, but enough to cover the carrots fully
3.) Sprinkle with desired seasonings
4.) Spread on the cookie sheet and bake for roughly 40 minutes. If you bake these at a higher heat you’ll have to adjust the timing as well.

I didn’t even keep track of the time on these, I simply just checked on them every now and then until they were nice and crispy.


Let’s not talk about today. I feel even worse than yesterday, although I felt pretty fantastic during this mornings workout.

Morning Workout

• 3.5 mile run
• 2 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 1:13 plank hold
• 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
• 30 toe touches
• 20 Minutes of Core Synergetics (P90X – the rest of the scheduled workout will be done after work)
• Stretching

My appetite hasn’t showed up today but still forced myself to eat the bowl of overnight oats that I brought to work. Okay, I didn’t have to force myself at all; it was the best batch yet! Not sure what it was, but boy was that bowl good!

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