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“I’m Such a Bad Mother”

Have you ever received a message from someone close to you, whether it is a family member or a friend, and it just didn’t seem like something they would say?

I received a text message from my Mom this afternoon that immediately worried me.

Around noon she said, “Oh my gosh Allie I am such a bad mother.”

I was confused and started wracking my brain trying to think if today marks a special anniversary or day for my brother or I. I came up with nothing, so I texted her, “huh?”

No reply. I called her. Straight to voicemail. I started worrying my ass off and called my Dad as I was so worried something happened to her. That was NOT a message she would send without an explanation.

While dialing my Dad, she called me back and acted completely normal.

Want to know why she’s such a bad mother? She said she forgot to give me my Halloween gift. Boyyyy did I want to slap her silly! She had me so worried and when I told her what she put me through (in those 5 minutes of no response), we both got a laugh out of it. I completely forgot that my Mom & Dad always give gifts to my brother and me on every holiday under the sun; Easter, Valentine’s Day (out of pity since I’m ALWAYS single), and Halloween.

I was so busy running errands before the 15 Trick-or-Treaters bombarded our house and doing my P90X workout that I didn’t even realize I didn’t get my annual gift.

That woman kills me!

But check out my swag! And I won $2 bucks on a scratchy. Boo-ya!

I was still riding high this afternoon from my awesome weigh-in results and wanted to keep the healthy habits going.

I completed the same lunch time workout that I did yesterday but flip-flopped the last 2 cardio sessions around. Gotta confuse the body in some way.

Afternoon Workout

  • 2 mile run
  • 10 minutes elliptical
  • 10 minutes spinning
  • *40 minutes of checking out the sexy Irish man doing kettle ball dips in front of my treadmill.. thanks for the show, Irish

Today has been one of those days where I’ve been more hungry than usual. Not really sure why since I had 2 bowls of cereal at 2 am last night. Ooops! Ya know, that’s me just living the dream.

My body was screaming for food so I happily dug into my 2-Ingredient crock pot chicken leftovers from last night.

Shredded chicken, mixed veggies, broccoli and brown rice. Perfect post-workout meal! I have the same meal prepared for tomorrow’s lunch but I am craving a pulled chicken sandwich. Plus, the brown rice is always a great add-in to my Chobani Strawberry Banana yogurt.

I’ve got a long to-do list in front of me so it’s time to get a crackin’!

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Terrific Thursday

Happy Terrific Thursday!

I’m so extremely excited to report that I’m down 1.7 pounds from last Thursday, and my jeans are feeling loser in the hips! Given the fact that my weigh-in day fell the morning after Halloween seriously freaked me out, so when I was expecting to see the numbers go up and instead they drastically fell, I nearly convulsed on the scale.

Thank you, thank you Tony Horton for kicking my ass into gear. It’s true what they say; you can’t expect to receive results if you continually do the same thing. By adding the P90X workouts to my running schedule, I’ve been able to not only get stronger and defined arms and shoulders, I also feel a lot better too!

I had been discouraged because I was sticking to the P90X schedule to a T (well, unless you forget about the fact that I don’t enjoy and refuse to do the yoga workout… hey no one’s perfect!) and wasn’t seeing results. I’m sure I was enjoying a few too many licks of peanut butter or “treating myself” for working out like a “beast” as I’ve been referred. So to see amazing results like that has put the biggest smile on my face. After rereading this, I remembered that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so your body won’t change overnight either.

Before I touch upon this morning’s workout and breakfast, I NEED to discuss this unbeknownst AMAZING piece of candy I tried last night for the first time.

Snickers Peanut Butter Squared. Excuse me? Oh my god.


Goodness I need to paint my nails!

I’m a big Snickers fan to begin with, but to throw in a smear of peanut butter in between the peanuty chocoately caramel goodness was too much… in a good way.

Move aside Almond Joy, Peanut Butter M&Ms, White Chocolate Kit Kat bars, there’s a new favorite in town.

I’m drooling over my computer, wishing that I had a bowl full of the Snickers PB Squared candies right now! Instead I’ll treat you to a bowl of my power breakfast.

If you missed last night’s post, you’ll know that we had only 15 trick-or-treaters. Total buzz kill. With a bowl full of candy leftovers, I forced them to leave the house. My coworkers had similar ideas too because when I walked into the kitchen at 8 this morning, there was a freezer bag full of Snickers & Reese’s PB Cups. Looks like someone else doesn’t have candy willpower.

By 10 am when I went in to grab my bowl of overnight oats, all of the Reese’s were gone. I knew the vultures were going to pick those suckers out quickly! Even the trick-or-treaters always always always go for the Reese’s. There are plenty of peanut butter lovers out there, I love it!

This morning’s workout was a toughy but a goodie. I was up until about 11:30 last night talking with Florida’s Most Eligible Bachelor, and I don’t think I fell asleep until around midnight, so 5 ½ hours instead of my typical 7 ½ hours of sleep kind of knocked me on my side.

Morning Workout
• 3.5 mile run
• 3 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 1 minute regular plank and :30 second plank holds on both sides
• 2 sets of 20 mountain climbers
• 100’s Abs
• 3 sets of 50 crunches; regular, left and right side
• 30 heaven touches… or toe touches if you don’t speak Allie
• Stretching

I’m feeeeeeeling good peanut butter babies. Plus it’s almost Friday!

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Bombarded with Trick-or-Treaters

Tonight I made a guess as to how many kids we’d get for Halloween. I guessed 25. After our first neighbors came by, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a tally. Since we are the 2nd house on the road entering the neighborhood we rarely get a large showing. I think one year we went through the ONE bag of candy we bought, freaked out, and went to get more. It doesn’t help that all the kids are growing up too.

So I guessed 25. We had a whopping FIFTEEN. 15 kids. What the heck, such a letdown!

I was finally able to meet our new neighbors, or at least the wife and daughter, as Lisa’s husband is on storm duty and working from 6 am-midnight until every house has power again. You want to know why I love Lisa?

She’s a runner! She also teaches Zumba on Monday and Wednesday nights, and invited us to come for a class. I’ve always wanted to try Zumba, and at $5 a class, I think I’ll try it! I can do it for free at Gold’s but I like the idea of taking Lisa’s class since she’s awesome, so I know it’d be a good time and I wouldn’t worry about looking like a jackass.

After talking with Lisa for about 10 minutes in the freezing cold about our previous races and future faces, I went back inside to finish my P90X Shoulders & Arms workout before making myself a “No Bake STUFT Protein Cookie,” aka a healthy peanut butter cookie that I snagged from Kristin.

Kristin’s recipe called for chocolate on top, but because I had already had a few pieces of Halloween candy earlier in the afternoon, I decided to skip the chocolate topping just this once.

This cookie was SO good and I’m excited to make it again and tweak it around a bit as it was a little too moist. I was impatient and didn’t let the peanut butter chill enough. I can’t contain myself around peanut butter. 😛

I grazed on my 2-ingredient crock pot chicken as well for a little extra protein, but the majority of the chicken will be used in tomorrows lunch.

To make this meal, all you have to do is place chicken breasts in chicken broth and let it cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours, shred it once it’s done and enjoy any way you prefer! This would be good mixed with BBQ sauce and put on sandwiches.

I cannot wait for lunch tomorrow!

Also, can we please just take a look at the decorations at Natural Market. I stopped in after work today to pick up another bag of chia seeds and got a good laugh at their mix of Fall and Christmas decorations.

I have to give them creative props though, they wrapped 2 poles in Christmas garland, the next 3 in fall decor and the next 2 in Christmas garland.

Here we go Christmas!

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