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Causing Trouble in Amish Country

Today was different. Extremely different. I’m talking Amish different.

While debating on what we wanted to do today, Chelsey recommended that we head to Lancaster to take a buggy tour of Amish Country.

We went to Aaron & Jessica’s Buggy Rides, where we took the “Amish Town Tour,” which was a 4 mile tour passing an Amish village, businesses, and an All Amish Farm area.

The tour was extremely fun, and it was such a culture shock to see how the Amish live. If you ever find yourself in an Amish country, or close to one, I highly suggest you visit the area. We stopped at one house and the husband brought out chocolate chip cookies, honey mustard pretzels and root beer, all of which were homemade. Each were $2, and we settled on the honey mustard pretzels and root beer.

I’m a die-hard honey mustard pretzel fan, but these were thick and chock-full of an excessive amount of honey mustard seasoning.

I found the golden ticket honey mustard pretzel! 🙂 I wish they were all that well seasoned, but regardless, a normal bag of these pretzels at the grocery store just won’t compete with these.

I might move to Amish Country just to have a life-time supply of these bad boys!

The Amish also make their own….. PEANUT BUTTER!

And then I found more….

I also came across an entire counter full of free samples of various types of homemade jams.

You can bet this girl immediately located the jar of Peanut Butter Schmier.

I ate roughly half of this jar before I found free samples of pretzels, caramel popcorn, nuts and raisin bread with globs of butter. And that there was my Saturday lunch.

Upon leaving with full bellies, we made it back to Ryan & Chelsey’s house and popped the champagne to celebrate their engagement. While I was in the other room, Ryan found my glasses and is now Harrisburg’s newest hipster.

Before we knew it 6:30 rolled around so we changed into nicer clothes and drove into Hershey for an engagement dinner at the Hershey Tavern.

We ordered a crab dip that was demolished within a matter of minutes.

My salad also came with lemon poppy-seed sweet bread, which came out BEFORE my salad did. Dessert before dinner? Yes please! Since I ate too many sweets and junk food today, I took 2 miniscule bites and gave the rest to Ryan.

When my salad came, I was in heaven. I chose the Grilled Chicken Cranberry Salad, which was full of craisins, blue cheese crumbles, pecans and a sliced pear. This was so good, I just wish I had more of an appetite for it.

We’re enjoying a lazy night in after a full day of eating unhealthy foods. We have a DVD of stand-up comedian Jeff Heffron playing while I’m going through the weekends’ pictures. This guy is funny, check him out!

I feel disgusting from this weekend of eating so I’m looking forward to getting home and eating clean again. My parents and I will be heading out around 10 tomorrow morning so I plan on waking around 7 for an intense run and workout by the river.

Hope everyone’s having a great Saturday night!


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