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Gnawing My Arm Off. SOS

I’m writing this post to keep from eating my arm off due to hunger. This stomach is a bottomless pit. I think the demon from Paranormal Activity 4 got me because even little children look tasty right now. Okay, that’s stretching it just a little, but given the fact that I just devoured half of a Larabar, an egg & veggie scramble, AND a banana, you’d think I’d be full.

Lucky for me, Ryan, my Army buddy and college classmate (not to be confused with my brother Ryan), said he’d still like me if I were a paraplegic, just not AS much. Thanks Ry!

Brother Ryan & Army Ryan

Thing 1 & Thing 2. Confusing everyone.

Usually Ryan and I get to talk every couple of days when he’s not on assignment in Afghanistan, and I’ve been blessed to have him safe both yesterday and today. He’s usually gone for 3 days at a time so it’s never fun knowing he’s in the danger zone. At least when I’m talking to him I know he’s safe. It’s crazy how times have changed. Years ago, you’d have to mail a letter and wait weeks for a response, and now, I get to instant message him via Facebook. Counting down the days until December 10th when he returns!

Back to those eats.

Jen picked up rowing this past summer and since she’s become such an addict, her and her husband Marc went down to Boston on Saturday for the Head of the Charles, which is the world’s largest 2-day rowing event which brings the best rowers in the world to compete. While Jen and Marc enjoyed the HOTC, they stopped at many booths and grabbed free samples. Marc kept turning down the samples but Jen, who knows my love for samples forced him to collect the freebies for me.

Check out the swag I got… Talk about a happy Monday!

Swag Bag:

  • Aero Shot Energy
  • Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap
  • Cascadian Farm Organic Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bar
  • Cascadian Farm Organic Oats and Honey Granola
  • 2 mini Larabars: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (which is in my stomach)
  • A box of sweeteners


Jackpot baby!

Lunch also consisted of an egg & veggie scramble which included 2 eggs and 1 egg white, broccoli and spinach.

I wish I had pb toast to go with this, or a bottle of ketchup to dose that meal in.

It’s gorgeous out with a slight breeze, which is perfect outdoor running weather since I have to prepare for several river runs in Harrisburg this weekend! Catch you guys after my evening workout!

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Scary Movies & Killer Workouts

It’s that time of the month, the official Halloween countdown has begun, which means 13 Nights of Halloween has started! As much as I look forward to watching the nightly movies that ABC Family shows, I truly miss walking into the movie store and browsing the Halloween selection that would be modeled on the main wall.

Do you guys have a favorite Halloween movie?


Mine is easily Hocus Pocus! I have it set up on my DVR and am looking forward to watching it this week. I might have to buckle down and buy it at Target as well. I’m the type of person who loves watching Christmas movies during the summer, so I can easily see myself watching Hocus Pocus come spring time.

As mature as I am, I prefer the kid Halloween movies as opposed to the freaky poop your pants movies. Brian and I used to watch a scary movie almost every night when we were roommates in Los Angeles, and it was a little tradition of ours that I miss a lot! I can only imagine the shit he would put me through as the countdown to Halloween winds down. I’m sure he would have booby trapped the house all too well. I’m thankful I’m not there for that!


Yesterday afternoon Lindsay and I put on our big girl pants and went to the matinee showing of Paranormal Activity 4… Hey, we didn’t want to drive home in the dark after a horror movie! We were both extremely excited and nervous for what we got ourselves into, and boy were we scared little girls! I looked over multiple times and found Linds watching through slits in her hoodie, and she glanced over at me multiple times and found me lying across the seats scared shitless. Even though I’ve read a lot of reviews for PA4 saying it was terrible, I think it was one of the best ones yet. I screamed, I swore and I said “Lord” way too many times. A majority of the movie was spent looking through a small crack that I formed with my hoodie. The terror was worth it! Frickin’ Robbie is a heart attack child. After seeing that movie, we decided that Robbie, Wyatt and Hunter are NEVER to be used as kids names.

When Linds dropped me off, I walked into my dark garage, head down, and out of nowhere, my Dad said “Hi,” and as I looked up, I saw him just standing there in the dark. If you weren’t sure whether this white girl could jump, well, she can, and she did. My Dad thought he was hilarious, as I ran out of the garage screaming to Linds. Apparently my Dad was cleaning out my cat’s litter box, and was just walking out of the house when I came in, and I quote the man, “I didn’t want to scare you with a litter box on my shoulder.” Well, you did!

After calming down and feeding my hungry belly a snack of pretzel sticks dipped in peanut butter, I completed my scheduled P90X workout; Chest & Shoulders and Ab Ripper X, which I followed up with a 1.1 mile run. I ran 4 miles that morning so I wanted to round it off.


Today has been one of those mornings where I woke up and believed that I had another 3 hours left until my alarm would go off. Not the case. I had 13 minutes, and I was TIRED! I was restless last night, and while I had the lights out at 9 when I began to get tired, I couldn’t sleep, and ended up finishing the latest edition of my Women’s Health magazine. The only benefit is that I’ve whittled my stack of magazines down. I still have 3 to go so I better get crackin’ since I’ll have another round coming in a week and a half.

Morning Workout

• 4 mile run
• 30 second plank holds, regular and both sides
• 50 crunches and 50 side-to-side crunches
•40 mountain climbers

That workout felt good


You know what it was!


Happy Monday everyone!

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