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Fake Blood & Free Samples

I’m not a fan of how quick weekends fly by. It seems like only minutes ago I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctors reading Seventeen Magazine and reading dating tips for teenagers.

I was actually excited to see this in the waiting room, usually I’m left to choose between a sports magazine or an “I’m Pregnant” type of magazine. Plus, Seventeen magazine used to be my jam when I was growing up!

Luckily this girl didn’t have water in her ear, instead, I had an ear infection! The side effects for my meds include diarrhea and messing up birth control for a month. So pretty much I’ll be shitting out a baby. Safe to report neither have happened yet.


I woke up feeling like a new woman who could hear again. Actually, a woman with hearing who got hit by a semi truck is more like it. Holy shit. Planko X was Friday night’s P90X video, and while it was extremely fun, both Saturday and Sunday I’ve woken up with an extremely sore body.

I vegged on the couch watching CSI:NY when I woke up before going for a 4 mile run. I wish I had time for more of a workout, but Mike was coming up from Boston for the day to hang out, so getting in a solid workout was the least of my worries.

We ended up going Halloween shopping, and while he didn’t have any lucky at all, besides figuring out what his next watch would be (which is almost $3,000– geez, gay men), we did find me a top for my Halloween outfit.

Even though neither of us have costumes that require blood, I still managed to play around with it. What? It’s so tempting!

We also wandered into The Gourmet Chef, where Mike shopped for a new glass dishware and I  filled my belly at all of the free sample booths.

I’m all about the free samples, and would actually love to work a stand one day when I’m old and gray. My booth would revolve around peanut butter and my favorite pb dippings. I’d have a wide assortment of red grapes, carrots, Ritz crackers and spoons. Who am I kidding, I’d probably clear house before anyone could sample them!

Following our afternoon shopping trip, we headed over to his cousins’ house warming party where I was able to meet part of his family. He’s kept me sheltered from them for a solid 8 years, and while are very different from both sides of my family, I truly enjoyed spending time with them, and they were happy to finally meet me.

We then headed back to relax, eat, and brainstorm more Halloween ideas for him. No luck, but we did have fun taking pictures!

I’m lucky to have a best friend who allows me to be my weird ass self. Free spirit! I love this boy.


After a goodnight’s sleep, I’m off to the gym to work out! This afternoon Lindsay and I are going to put on our Depends and go see Paranormal Activity 4. We’re SO excited!!

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