Chocolate Peanut Butter Care Package

Last week I told you guys that I bought a lot of random peanut buttery goodies for a project I had in the works. That special project was all part of my thank you to a handsome Floridian for sending me P90X and pretty earrings.

Since he received his package, I’m now allowed to share with you the treat that I made for him.

Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cup Pretzel Bites and Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cup Pretzel Sandwiches… Talk about a tongue twister!

Reese’s PB Cup Pretzel Bites and Pretzel Sandwiches

My best friend Lisha made these for our group of girlfriends for Christmas, and since I knew the hunk loves peanut butter, I thought this would be a great treat.

First preheat your oven to 350 degrees and line a cooking tray with wax paper and place your pretzels on top. I chose the square pretzels but the regular pretzels could work too. I love the look of the circular chocolate on the pretzel square. Next, I placed a mini Reese’s PB cup on each pretzel. I also put Pumpkin Hershey kisses on the pretzels too, but I ended up eating all of those since I wasn’t sure how he felt about pumpkin.

Ready for the Heat!

When the oven has reached 350 degrees, place your tray in the oven for 1-2 minutes, or until the chocolates have melted a little bit. You don’t want them to melt too much or you’ll have a chocolate peanut butter swamp to work with.

Almost Ready!

When you feel that they’re ready to be taken out, let them cool for a minute while you grab your candy pieces to be placed on top. You can put M&M’s on top, flavor of your choice, but I decided to go with the peanut butter theme and placed Reese’s Pieces on half of the mix, and placed a pretzel square on the other half of the batch.


After you’ve finished your pretzel bites, you can either let them cool on a rack or put the tray in the fridge to harden. When they’ve harden, dig in! I might have stolen a few pretzel bites! I cannot resist chocolate and peanut butter. Oopps! 🙂

Also into the mix went a bag full of Peanut M&M’s that I grabbed from the M&M store in New York City. I filled it with the hunk’s favorite colors, red and blue, and threw in my favorite color, purple too. I included a postcard too that the girls helped me pick out.

Care Package!

I hope he liked his thank you. And I also help it didn’t all melt in the Florida heat! I’d include the picture he sent of himself with his goodies, but I think I’m going to be selfish and keep it to myself don’t want to embarrass him.

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One thought on “Chocolate Peanut Butter Care Package

  1. […] last night) and also sugar cookies. All the decorating will be done tomorrow, but I already have chocolate pretzel bites already portioned out for my neighbors and Kip’s […]

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