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Don’t Smash Your Face

3 days of P90X are complete and I’m already feeling cleaner, healthier and more fit. If this is how I feel after a few days, I’m looking forward to how I’ll feel when I get deeper into the program.

This morning I was apparently roaring and ready to go at 4 am, as I woke right up, took 1 hit of my inhaler, and before I went for the 2nd hit, I remembered that my alarm didn’t go off. I glanced at my phone and realized it wasn’t 5:27 yet. Back to bed I went, and when that sucker did go off at 5:27, I took 2 hits, popped four of my Mexican jumping beans, and hit snooze for another 8 minutes.

Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Not sure if I went flying for 4 miles or running for 4 miles this morning. I was THAT quick. I hammered out an easy 4 miles while bee bopping along to my Simple Plan playlist. That run brought me back to my youth when my brother and I used to jam out to their first CD during our morning drives to high school. I felt so old whenever songs from their first album came on.

After my run I had enough time to do the Ab Ripper X workout. I love Tony Horton. True love. I knew he was my soulmate when he said, “like a pterodactyl backing out of trouble,” and my favorite, “don’t smash your face.”

Did you guys know he has a line on OpenSky? I’m putting this on my Christmas list.

That shirt belongs on me.

I also threw in a 1 minute plank hold. Like a boss!

You already know what I had for breakfast.

Happy hump day everyone. Now go get your hump on!

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It’s That Time.. Bulu Box Time!

3 packages in 4 days, I’m a lucky girl! Saturday I received a personal package, Monday I received my PB2, and today I received my Bulu Box for the month of October.

There’s just something exciting about receiving items in the mail, as long as they’re not bills.

This months Bulu Box has me excited about several of the samples.

October Swag!

Bulu Box Samples:

  1. Natural Vitality Calm: Restores a healthy magnesium level and balances your calcium intake – resulting in a natural stress relief
  2. About Tim 100%: All Natural Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter: Delivers all the benefits of pure whey protein. No carbs. No fat. No aftertaste.
  3. ANS Performance DILATE: Keeps you pumped and hydrated to ensure that ample oxygen and nutrients can reach your muscle fibers and ensure maximum output while working out.
  4. ONGO Energy Shot:  Two-ounce energy shot is packed with the smoothest flavor profile and plenty of energy.
  5. Lean 180: Offers a natural, effective supplement to a dieting plan. Increase metabolism, burn more calories, and detoxify your digestive system.
  6. Eco-Dent Toothpowder and Dental Gym: Effervescent action leaves your mouth clean and fresh, your teeth polished and smooth, and does this with less abrasively, protecting your delicate tooth enamel.

Chocolate peanut butter protein powder? YES PLEASE!

I’m also excited to try the Performance DILATE and Lean 180 tomorrow.

Lean 180 reminds me of The Matrix. Red pill blue pill.

In other news, while enjoying my snack of pretzels and peanut butter…

We got hit by a 4.6 magnitude earthquake! We thought a group of semis flew by the house. Instead, it was just the Earth acting up again.

My neighbor didn’t feel it, but was convinced that it was just the effects of her youngest daughter having a bowel movement. Quite an image. Thanks Tracey.

On that note, sweet dreams.

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