I’m Just a Jelly Bean Bouncing Off the Walls

While this morning’s PB & SBR Overnight Oats were tasty and more filling than my Raspberry Mango Oats, I think this will be a once in awhile breakfast. Since the PB2 is expensive, I’d rather save it for when I want the peanut butter on toast, in a shake, or for dipping fruit into.

It kept me full for the entire morning, and I only stopped to snack on this monstrous Cortland apple before the gym. 

Pretty earrings, right? I thought so too. 🙂

The tangy taste immediately transported me to an apple orchard, which reminds me that I still need to pick apples and pumpkins! Mike and I have plans this Saturday for pumpkin picking, Halloween costume shopping (give me ideas!), and for a haunted hay ride/corn maze. Ekks, I don’t do well with scary things. Movies I can handle, haunted mazes, not so much.

My legs have started to become sore from yesterday’s P90X Pylometrics workout, and knowing that I would need a boost for my lunch time run, I popped a few of these beans for energy.

This was my first time trying them and holy moly were they good. A little sweet, but they easily reminded me of my favorite Easter candy, Brach’s Classic jelly beans. I like them big!

A handful of these magic beans and I was bouncing off the walls and ready to workout.

But not before my energy made me jump off locker room benches.

I got in a great 2 mile run and followed it up with 10 minutes on the elliptical, which was painful on both my thighs and arms. So much body burning. Somebody call 911! Lots of stretching took place after my death ride on the elliptical.

Today’s lunch is brought to you by my garbage. Boo ya baby, the notorious garbage scramble stole the show again.

One bite of this and you’ll want to keep me around forever.

My goal is to broaden my horizons for tomorrow and actually bring something different in for lunch. When I get on a kick, it typically lasts until my taste buds disappear. Actually I probably bore you guys with the same food everyday. I’ll do better, I swear.

Time to finish up the work day and brainstorm some new meals and Halloween ideas!

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One thought on “I’m Just a Jelly Bean Bouncing Off the Walls

  1. […] yet. Back to bed I went, and when that sucker did go off at 5:27, I took 2 hits, popped four of my Mexican jumping beans, and hit snooze for another 8 minutes. Jelly Belly Sport […]

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