Happiness is in the Air

I don’t even know WHO to begin with on this post, but I suppose I should pick up from where I left off on the last one.

I might have let it slip that I have a crush, and I’ll do my best not to “embarrass” him in this post as he mentioned last night. He knows something will be written but he doesn’t know what. Crush, are you getting nervous and excited for what I’m going to say?

I’ve known my crush for a little over a week but it seems like I’ve known him for years. I made a “harmless” comment on a picture of him that was posted on my favorite blog, he tracked me down, and the rest is history. I could go in-depth on how it went down, but we plan on turning our story into a movie one day, so you’ll have to sit tight and wait it out. Plus, I’ve been known to jinx myself when I mention liking someone, so I’ll try to stop the blabbing since I would really like this movie to have a happy ending. He lives in Florida so I really wouldn’t mind  soaking up some sun with him on the beach. It gets cold up North… Brrrrrr!

Last Sunday I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a copy of P90X or Insanity to try. Guess who got me a copy? Yup, the lucky sucker did!

Not only did he give me a copy of P90X, but he bought a package in my favorite color, and bought a purple (another favorite) zip drive to put P90X on. It’s the little things that get me. Also in my package, I received several pairs of handmade earrings (yes, he made them with his beautiful daughter), and 2 little notes.

Crush, you impressed me. I’ve never even met you but you’re already treating me better than I’ve been treated in the past.

Ladies, good guys do still exist, I thought they all disappeared but I’ve been proven wrong.

PS., your thank you is coming in the mail. A girl knows how to mail things better than a man so expect it in a few days. 😉

On to even BIGGER news!

I’m getting a sister, and I’m going to be a bridesmaid!

My brother Ryan and his girlfriend of 7 years (in December) are FINALLY engaged. They got engaged yesterday but I found out today. The entire family has been giving him such a hard time for the past 4-5 years about not being engaged yet, and of course he tried calling me 5 times yesterday to break the news. Guess who had a dead phone? The ONE day my phone dies with no access to a charger is the day he decides to pop the question. Seriously Ry?!

This morning while on my run, he FaceTimed me, which I ignored since I figured he was just calling to discuss our Halloween outfits. A minute later he called me, which I answered and while running told him I’d call him back. 3 hours later while cleaning the bathroom he FaceTimed me again. Damn this boy is taking Halloween seriously!

Oh nope, while I was blabbing on about having a dead phone and being in NYC, they were so impatient that Chels threw her hand up and flashed her new bling.

The Proposal

Ryan had wanted to ask Chelsey’s father for her hand in marriage. The only issue was that her parents were on vacation so he had to ask over the phone. Her parents have been keeping it a secret for 2 weeks, but didn’t know when he’d ask the big question.

Ryan brought her back to her home in CT this weekend and schemed a plan that they had to be there for her father’s surprise party. Yesterday, they went on a hike and then he took her to their favorite spot in her hometown for a picnic.

The Spot!

At 4:44, Ryan looked at Chelsey and said, “Chels, it’s 4:44. Close your eyes and make a wish.” When she opened them, he was on his knee. I think she’s been making that wish for years now. Glad it finally came true!

He Put a Ring On It!

She said yes!

Engaged Kisses

I can’t even contain my excitement for the happy couple. I’ve been doing cartwheels and somersaults around the house to try and contain myself and keep myself busy while waiting for the “green light” to make the announcement.

So much happiness in the air, I hope I can sleep tonight!


8 thoughts on “Happiness is in the Air

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