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Girls Causing Trouble

Whoever created the weekend had a good idea, but they forgot to add another day to it. As much as I would love having a 3 day weekend, I’d prefer the regular weekend with Wednesday off for a “refresher” day. Plus, think of all the trouble I could get myself into on Tuesday nights!

After yesterday, I could easily use Monday as another day off. Honestly though, I’d much rather soldier through a day tired and save my sick and paid time off for trips and long weekends away.


On Saturday I got up at the ass crack of dawn to keep my running streak alive. Saturday was spent in New York City with my college roommates, and since Lindsay was arriving at my house at 6:15, that meant I had to be showered and dressed by that time. That meant getting up at 5 am if I wanted to get a quick run in.


Such a rude awakening, but I couldn’t bear to break my streak. I was able to only fit in a mile run, but given the circumstances, it was enough to keep the streak hot.

Here’s a little break down so you realize why I hate breaking it.

  • I’ve run every day since 3/17/12, covering 972.75 miles in the past 218 days
  • In the past 566 days, I’ve  run 2,091.16 miles and have taken 23 days off from running.  13 of those days were due to a sprained groin, which I ran with for 7+ months. Stupid I know. 4 of those 23 days I willingly took off. 3 were due to road trips and driving in a car for 15 straight hours, and the other 3 are unaccountable for.

I don’t take days off. I can’t do it.

So when it came to choosing between an extra 10 minutes of sleep or keeping my streak going, the answer was easy.

Girls Day in New York City

After meeting up with Nicole in South Station, we grabbed seats on the Fung Wah bus and hit the road for the city. We all took turns snoozing and catching up, and were thrilled when we made it.

The subways are few and far between Downtown and near Canal Street so we had a little trouble finding one, but apparently I had on my New York City tour guide pants on and was able to guide us to the Wall Street entrance. After a mishap we finally made it to Grand Central where Michelle and Kate had been waiting for us.

Food was on my mind, and tequila on the girls, so we snuck into Tequilaville for the beginning of girls day. While the girls all ordered food that would have kept me in bathroom all day, I was pumped when I saw a shrimp and avocado salad on the menu. I’ve been craving avocado for quite a bit now.

Now THAT’S my Kind of Salad

With full bellies and buzzed heads, we took to Times Square, where Michelle had fun molesting all the Disney characters (reason #351 why she doesn’t have a boyfriend). We also had fun goofing off and taking pictures together. We’re a bunch of girls who love photos.

My only requirement of the day was to stop at M&M World, only my favorite store in the world!

After a fun day of shopping, catching up, and walking around just enjoying each others’ company, we said goodbye to Kate and Michelle at Grand Central. Linds, Nicole and I ventured off to find a Starbucks to grab some food but ended up getting hit on by a few young local boys. Nicole wasn’t pleased but I thought it was funny and flattering.

It was a LONG bus ride home, especially since my phone died at 5. 😦 Luckily I was able to charge it for 5 minutes in a Dunkin Donuts and another 3 at the rest area we stopped at, which gave my phone a little time to be able to talk with my crush, but eventually it died again.

When I got home, I was greeted by my long-awaited package from my crush, who was a complete sweetheart and stayed up until I opened it.


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