New Hampshire is the New Arctic

Holy arctic temperatures New Hampshire! It’s only October 10th and it feels and smells like winter. I think I was on to something when I spent a few winter months in California the past two winters.

As you can tell from the gift my Dad gave me for Easter, I’ve been banned from living in California again, which is perfectly fine with me.


Yesterday I was talking with my friend about blogging and she commented on how her life isn’t exciting enough to blog about. Then I got to thinking this morning when I started off this post and I realized, geez, my life is boring to. I officially have writer’s block, and I’m blaming it all on my friend.

So far in my exciting Wednesday, I managed to successfully wake up 5 minutes earlier than normal. Last month I planned to set my alarm 2-3 minutes earlier each week in hopes that my body would adapt to waking up earlier, instead of an extreme wake up call. I put my big girl pjs on last night and decided to tackle the whopping extra 5 minutes and it worked. I was hoping with the extra 5 minutes that I’d be able to get a 4 mile run in, but I had some spinning and flu shot side effects. Aka my right arm throbbed and my ass was sore. The only thing I can think of is that I had a sleepover with Christian Grey last night.

Morning Workout

• 3.5 mile run
• 3 sets of 15 stair push-ups
• 2 sets of 20 rock climbers
• 30 second plank hold – regular and sides
• 100 jump ropes
• 2 sets of 13 deadlifts with upward row
• 2 sets of 13 dumbbell kickbacks
• Stretching

This morning I found out that it’s impossible to do planks while Luke Bryan’s Country Girl Shake it for Me is playing. All I wanted to do was shake my hips and wiggle wiggle wiggle.


Aint that the truth!

Breakfast was a spin on my raspberry mango OnO, but this time I replaced the mango with peach, as Target was wiped clear of their mango yogurt. The oats weren’t as sweet or moist (eww) as I like, so this will be one version I won’t be making in the future.

In exciting but scary news, I should be getting my copy of P90X this afternoon, and I’ve already started creating my schedule for it.


The dork that I am found the workout lengths, which will help in planning whether I’ll do the workouts before or after work.

Have any of you tried P90X? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

My cousin and her brother in-law are currently doing the workouts and love it. New family tradition? Don’t hold your breath!

Back to my exciting life. Laters baby.

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